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The Fire Nation company leader was a soldier who trained a company of recruits, including a disguised Sokka. He was a strict trainer who was watchful of the member of Team Avatar during his time as a Fire Nation soldier.[1]


The company leader quickly targeted Sokka after his fake beard fell off, saying that he was "going to watch him like an eagle-hawk". He ordered him to demonstrate riding a komodo rhino and became disgusted upon witnessing Sokka fail miserably.

When this officer handed out the uniforms to the recruits, Sokka was given a uniform that was too large. When Sokka commented on that, the leader remarked that "maybe [Sokka was] just too small". When Sokka stumbled, he ripped off the leader's sash displaying his badges, causing him to grow angry. He forced Sokka to run with a moo-sow while following him on a komodo rhino, do push-ups in the rain with the moo-sow on his back, and clean the restroom and the stalls of the hybrid pigs.

The next day, he went to the barracks and noticed that Sokka had disappeared. Following an unsuccessful camp-wide search, he declared Sokka a criminal, and he and his company went after him.

He came upon the cave where Sokka, Katara, Aang, Appa, and Toph were hiding out. Sokka emerged from the cave and noticed the leader and several soldiers, along with two rhinos. The leader dragged Sokka out of the cave to face justice; however, before this could be done, Sokka claimed that he had discovered earthbending and waterbending spies attempting to infiltrate the Fire Nation, and whom he had tracked to the cave. The leader was initially skeptical, but was soon convinced upon witnessing Toph, Aang, and Katara bending. He allowed Sokka to go into the cave and confront the benders, calling him a brave soldier.

The leader subsequently heard Sokka being "attacked", which was in actuality a ruse by the other three. When the cave eventually collapsed, he believed that Sokka had died and referred to him as "a true Fire Nation soldier", subsequently honoring him at the base with a memorial, to ensure his memory lived on.[1]


Avatar comics

Book Three: Fire (火)


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