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The Fire Nation circus was a group of traveling performers that gave demonstrations in various Fire Nation colonies and the Fire Nation. The circus entertained Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom families alike by hosting acts from rope walkers, acrobats, and plate jugglers. It also featured a large collection of rare and exotic animals, including a lion vulture and, at one point, a "wind buffalo".


Azula and a confident Shuzumu viewed Ty Lee's performance.

After the surrender of Omashu, Princess Azula visited the circus, searching for her childhood friend Ty Lee, who had been employed there as a tightrope walker. After Ty Lee declined Azula's invitation to join her mission to capture Zuko and Iroh, the princess asked to see one of her performances. The circus hosted a private show in her honor, featuring an acrobatic performance by Ty Lee, who walked the tightrope while, under Azula's orders, the net was set aflame and the circus' entire menagerie ran loose. After this terrifying experience, Ty Lee decided to resign from the circus and join Azula on her quest.[2]

Sometime later, the circus obtained Appa, who had been kidnapped by sandbenders in the Si Wong Desert and traded to some beetle-headed merchants. Shuzumu ordered the circus trainer to tame Appa. The bison performed only once on stage as the "wind buffalo", as he later escaped during the same performance.[3]

Even after the Hundred Year War, the circus remained in business. To replace Ty Lee's acrobatic routine, Shuzumu hired her six identical sisters, who performed as the "Flying Ty Sisters". In 102 AG, the circus performed near the Fire Nation Capital and Toph took Ty Lee back there to catch a show. As they were back on their way out, the two warriors noticed two men who threatened to burn down the main tent after Shuzumu refused to do business with them. While Toph took down the firebender, it took all seven Ty sisters to incapacitate the other man and save the circus from disaster.[1]

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