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The Fire Nation bazaar is a large, open-air market, suitable for selling or purchasing a variety of top-quality Fire Nation trinkets including top-knot rings, headgear, eye-patches, jewelry, and food, among other wares.[1]


Before Aang was informed of his identity as the Avatar, he had visited the bazaar as a child to play with his friend Kuzon. Kuzon taught Aang local lexicon, most notably the phrase "Flameo, Hotman", which actually meant "Hello".

One hundred years later, Aang and his friends ventured to the bazaar to purchase new accessories to complement their Fire Nation outfits and get something to eat. While the others ate, Aang waited outside the restaurant, since it did not provide anything to suit his vegetarian diet. He was caught by the local authorities, who had mistaken him for a truant student due to his clothing, and was taken to the Fire Nation school.[2]


The Fire Nation bazaar is situated on a small island in the far east of the Fire Nation. It is located along two steep mountainsides, which culminate at a narrow valley marked by a paved avenue. Multiple stores and restaurants are located on either side of the avenue. The buildings have slanted, red rooves and a white stone facade. Most of the structures are one or two stories high, though some are taller and more temple-like in appearance.

Stairways scale the mountainside and provide access to buildings that are further up the ledge. These structures are taller and have many windows that face directly toward the opposite mountainside. Several buildings to one side of the avenue have smokestacks, making them more industrial in appearance than the rest of the bazaar.[2]


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