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The Fire Nation bar patron's friend was a citizen of the Fire Nation who visited a Fire Nation bar during the summer of 100 AG.[1]


One day, this man decided to go to a bar with his friend, who had decided to use the mechanical komodo rhino located at the back of the bar. He assisted his friend in dismounting from the rhino, the ride having imparted a dizzying effect onto the patron.

As she was standing nearby, Katara decided to use the rhino in order to prove her "toughness" to Toph. Unable to keep herself steady on the machine, Katara flew off the rhino and onto the Fire Nation bar patron's friend. Angered, he snapped at Katara, who nearly started a fight with him. He and his friend blatantly displayed their enjoyment when Toph pulled Katara away.[1]


Avatar comics

Book Three: Fire (火)


  • The Fire Nation bar patron's friend was one of the few people that Team Avatar did not manage to convert to their side when they hid in several Fire Nation villages.[1]


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