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This patron was a customer of the Fire Nation bar, along with his friend. After Katara insulted his friend, he nearly got into a fight with her, but the conflict was ended by Toph.[1]


One summer day, this man decided to stop at a Fire Nation bar with his friend, where he attempted to ride the mechanical komodo rhino. He was left disoriented, however, rendering him in need of assistance from his friend in order to dismount. He subsequently watched as Katara, disguised as a boy, attempted to ride it and warned her to hold on with both hands, but she did not listen and was thrown off the rhino as well.

Katara was thrown into his friend, who yelled at her in anger. Katara called his friend a "toothpick", angering the Fire Nation bar patron. Katara nearly began a fight with him and his friend, but was dragged off by Toph, much to his and his friend's enjoyment.[1]


Avatar comics

Book Three: Fire (火)


  • The Fire Nation bar patron appeared to be a friendly individual unless one of his friends was insulted or threatened.[1]


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