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The term "Fire Ferrets cosplayers" has not been confirmed by official sources.
This article is about the group of Pro-bending fans. For other similar uses, see Fire ferret (disambiguation).

The Fire Ferrets cosplayers are passionate supporters of the Fire Ferrets. They dress up like the team's members and cheer for them at pro-bending matches.[1]


During the Pro-bending Championship Tournament finals, this group of dedicated Fire Ferrets fans was in the stands dressed as Bolin, Korra, and Mako, cheering for the team. The group booed and made negative gestures when the White Falls Wolfbats entered the arena. When Korra defeated Tahno in the round two tiebreaker face-off, her last strike knocked his helmet off, causing it to fly into the crowd and land in the arms of the stunned Korra cosplayer.[1]


The Legend of Korra[]

Book One: Air (气)[]


  • The motions made by the Korra cosplayer when the Fire Ferrets were introduced are reminiscent of the foaming mouth guy. This is because her design was originally to be used as the "foaming mouth girl", one of Amon's most fanatical supporters. After the idea was scrapped, she was recycled as one of the cosplayers.[2] The character is still present at the rally, but does not act on any impulse.[3]
  • The Korra cosplayer strongly resembles the firebender who took Mako's place after he and Korra left pro-bending.