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Zuko is the Prince of the Fire Nation, the son of Ursa and Ozai, and the older brother of Azula. He was banished from his homeland after speaking out against a general in a war meeting and failing to stand up to his father in an Agni Kai, and not allowed to return home until he finds the long lost Avatar.


A young Zuko was in the fields of his home in the palace with his uncle Iroh pretending to be the Blue Spirit, when Iroh tasked him with playing a game. He had to scare at least five of the guards in the palace and not be suspected. After scaring the guards, he discovered his uncle must go to a meeting. After pleading to be allowed inside, he goes in and sits down.

While listening, Zuko became enraged by how a general wanted to sacrifice an inexperienced division of soldiers so that a more experienced division can flank them and take their land. His father was disappointed with his son and so declared that Zuko take part in an Agni Kai.

When it came to the day of the duel, Zuko realized he had to face his father. Not wanting to face him, he surrendered. While weeping, his father burnt his left eye and sentenced him to find the long lost Avatar as punishment; he could not return until he did so.

A few years later, Zuko, in his state room, talked about how he would find the Avatar. While studying some maps, his uncle Iroh came in to tell him it was time for some training. He went on the deck of the ship to be trained in the ways of the swords against some stuffed dummies.

Once defeating these, the prince searches through the ship for some more hidden dummies that his uncle has hidden. While doing so, he came across two Fire Nation soldiers on the other side of a wall. He heard them criticize him for forcing them on a hopeless voyage and how it was a waste of time because the Avatar was dead. He soon returned to the deck where Iroh was waiting for him. After being gifted chi energy to improve his skills in battle, he proclaimed that he would find the Avatar.

Not long later, he noticed a huge beaming light and ordered his men to go toward it, suspecting it to be the source of the great and powerful Avatar. Upon reaching the source of the light, which turned out to be from the Southern Water Tribe, he raided the small village and found the Avatar; to his surprise, he is just a thirteen-year-old boy.

After capturing the boy, who is named Aang, Zuko took Aang's glider as a prized gift, leaving it in his stateroom. The firebender later returns to see the Avatar escaping. In a valiant effort, he leaped out the doors and onto Aang, who tried to fly outside, only for them both to fall on the deck. Zuko began a battle with the young airbender. He conjured a ring of fire around him so Aang was unable to use his airbending against him, and used fireballs to attack. Despite this, Aang used his initiative to make Zuko destroy three separate chains, which caused several barrels to fall on the prince, leaving him unconscious and allowing the Avatar to escape.

Unsatisfied that the young airbender had bested him, Zuko persuaded his uncle to teach him to use his swords more efficiently. Iroh obliged and took him to learn under a sword and firebending master. After learning how to scale walls and jump from them, he partook in two training courses: one for agility and one for speed. For each one, he had to either finish the course in a certain time limit or connect enough chi balls. Once done, he was permitted to challenge the courses again but made harder in order to archive the rank of master. Once satisfied, he left with Iroh.

A while later, he learned that the Avatar was being held in a prison at the Northern Air Temple. In order to make sure he was able to go home and restore his honor, he traveled to and invaded the prison under the persona or the Blue Spirit. To make sure he was not discovered, he wore a mask and refrained from using firebending.

Zuko found the Avatar and freed him. He did not talk while around Aang so as to not give away his identity. When they were cornered trying to escape the prison, he held the Avatar at sword point, forcing the soldiers to let them escape. Once a safe distance. an archer struck him down, knocking him unconscious. When he awoke, he found Aang had saved him. Unable to accept this, he launched a fireball at him, only for Aang to flee, leaving Zuko on his own.

Sometime later, Zuko learned that Zhao was planning to attack the Northern Water Tribe in the hope of killing the Moon Spirit. Despite his protests, his ship's crew is taken from him for the attack, leaving just him and Iroh. When Iroh went out for a walk, Zuko was almost assassinated in a bomb blast planned by Zhao in an attempt to kill him.

Out for revenge, Zuko was sneaked aboard Zhao's ship by Iroh to go with them to find and capture the Avatar, who they learned was training there. Iroh pretended to want to join the invasion as a front for his true motive to get Zuko aboard.

After the first day of attack, Zuko traveled into the city to find Aang. After using everything he had learned on his quest, he managed to evade and defeat many Water Tribe guards. He found Aang meditating in an oasis. In an attempt to get the boy, he was attacked by Katara, whom had developed into a master waterbender. Despite defeating her, Aang regained consciousness, leading to the pair defeating him.

To his surprise, the airbender lowered the ice from his face so he could breathe. He managed to escape thanks to his uncle, but sought out Zhao for revenge for trying to kill him. He found the commander and began to battle him. He realized his firebending was no match for the enraged Zhao, leading him to do what Aang had taught him when they had first battled, to use his surroundings. He used Zhao's anger against him, making his opponent commit mistakes, such as firing a fireball at Zuko which the prince could redirect and increase its power, destroying pillars nearby which fall on him, defeating him.

Zuko was about to finish Zhao off, only for the Ocean Spirit to do it for him to avenge its twin. Zuko and Iroh escaped the tribe and went into hiding, to which Zuko proclaimed he would find the Avatar.

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