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"Discover your bending powers."
— Official tagline.

The Last Airbender is a video game for the Wii and Nintendo DS based on the film of the same name. It was released on June 29, 2010 in North America, August 6, 2010 in Europe and September 2010 in Australia. Like the previous Avatar games, it was developed by THQ Studio Australia and published by THQ.

Game story overview[]

DS version[]

The game opens with the character playing as Zuko on his ship in his state room talking about finding the Avatar. Uncle Iroh appears to tell Zuko it is time for some training and to meet him on the deck. Iroh has Zuko practice using his swords on stuffed dummies. Once done, he sends Zuko around the ship to find five dummies he has hidden to test his seeking skills. After that task, Zuko proclaims that he will find the Avatar.

The scene shifts to the Southern Water Tribe where two teenagers, Sokka and Katara, have just found a young thirteen-year old airbender named Aang. After wondering if they could trust the boy, they agree to let him take them back to their village. Aang tries to use his flying bison to fly them there, but the bison is still recovering from being frozen in the iceberg and is unable to do so. The trio walks back where Aang is introduced to the villagers and Sokka and Katara's grandmother. When asked how he is here, as the airbenders supposedly died out years ago, Aang begins to tell them how he became trapped in the iceberg.

Through a flashback, Aang is seen competing in a glider competition, in which a fellow airbender challenges him to beat his record time of thirty seconds. Once done, another airbender challenges him to do the course in twenty-five seconds. Once the challenges are completed, Aang is given a lesson with his fellow students and excels in the lesson, and is the first to complete the challenge course to practice the new airball technique.

When the lesson is over, Aang goes to feed his bison, Appa, as no one else can go near him when he is hungry. Aang is called into a meeting shortly after to be told he is the Avatar. Unable to cope with the pressure of defending the world at such a young age, he flies away on Appa and is soon frozen in an iceberg.

Back in the present, Aang says how he regrets running away and that he will make up for it by returning to his training. Katara says they will go with him on his journey.

However, Zuko noticed the light that appeared before when Aang awoke and by now had reached the village. Aang surrendered to Zuko so long as he didn't harm the villagers. After being left alone and his staff having been taken away, Aang made his escape from his guards despite their spike traps. He makes his way to Zuko's state room where his staff is. After retrieving the staff, he attempts to fly away, only for Zuko to jump on him, forcing them into a battle. Despite Zuko using some impressive fireball attacks to gain the upper hand, Aang uses it against him to destroy chains holding up some supply crates which fall on Zuko, knocking him unconscious. Katara and Sokka arrive on Appa, who has recovered from being frozen, and they fly away together.

Some time passes, but they eventually reach the Southern Air Temple. While searching around for the airbenders, Katara realizes Aang's people are dead, but before she can tell him, he wanders off to chase a lemur. The lemur uses his ability to fly to get across a chasm in a long room to escape the young Avatar. After increasing the air current in the room, Aang is able to use his glider to fly across the room safely to catch the lemur. When he does catch up, Aang finds the corpse of his dead father figure, Gyatso. Overcome with bitter sadness and rage, he enters the Avatar State, only to be calmed down by Katara.

The lemur decides to go with the teenagers; Aang names him Momo. Unable to continue his airbending training, Aang decides to find a waterbending master for him and Katara to learn from.

Unsatisfied that he was unable to defeat Aang, Zuko asks his uncle to be taught in the way of the swords more efficiently. Iroh agrees and takes him to train under a master swordsman and firebender. After learning the basics such as scaling up walls and jumping off them, the master pits him to try two courses, one for agility, and one for speed. If able to complete them, Zuko can do the courses a second time, but it is made harder, either by having to do the course quicker or finding more chi balls. Once satisfied that he has learned and mastered enough skills, Zuko and Iroh leave to continue their pursuit for Aang.

In the Earth Kingdom, Aang and his friends come across a boy who is being arrested by Fire Nation soldiers for earthbending. Katara attempts to use waterbending to stop them but ends up freezing Sokka, leading to all four of them being taken to a prison. While there, Katara and Sokka stage an argument to keep the guards busy while Aang tries to figure a way out. When Aang uses airbending to move a boulder, the soldiers accuse him of earthbending and confine him to be locked away in a dark metal cell for a few hours. While in there, Aang learns from a fellow prisoner in a container opposite him that the prison is inescapable.

Once out, Aang attempts to find the young boy from before who is attempting to find his father. Just as he reaches the boy, a firebender attempts to attack him, only to be stopped by the man who was in the container; he turns out to be the boy's father. A prison riot begins, eventually leaving Aang to defeat the remaining guards and the commander. Once complete, Katara returns to help Aang out of the locked prison and they all escape.

On Zuko's ship, Iroh notices some of the crew talking about Zuko. Iroh tries to explain to them why Zuko is the way he is. The general tells of a time when Zuko had been scaring guards by pretending to be the Blue Spirit by sneaking up on them and jumping at them. It was only when Iroh had to go into a meeting that Zuko, keen to go in and take part, convinced Iroh to let him.

Inside, Zuko becomes enraged when he overhears a general proposing that they sacrifice an inexperienced division of soldiers against a powerful Earth Kingdom Army to allow a more seasoned division to flank them and defeat them. Zuko shouts out against the proposal prompting his father to make him take part in an Agni Kai as punishment.

The day of the battle, Zuko learns he must face his father. Not wanting to do so he surrenders, but his father punishes him regardless by burning his left eye and banishing him from the Fire Nation until he finds the long lost Avatar. After explaining this, the soldiers feel more sympathy toward Zuko shown by how they speak more formerly and respectfully to him when he comes on deck telling them it is time to ship out from the docks again.

A while later, Aang and his friends come quite close to the Northern Air Temple. Intrigued to see if any of his people are still there, he goes there alone, only to be captured by Fire Nation soldiers. Zuko finds out about this and travels there, taking on the persona of the Blue Spirit, so no one finds out his real identity. To ensure he is not discovered, he restrains from using firebending.

Once finding and saving Aang, Zuko assists in getting him out of the prison, only to promptly take him as his own prisoner to escape unharmed when they lose the advantage of surprise. However, he is shot down by an archer, leading Aang to find out who he really is. Despite knowing that the prince was going to capture him, Aang assists and saves Zuko's life while the young prince was unconscious. Zuko does not accept this when he regains consciousness, and attacks the Avatar, only for Aang to flee, leaving Zuko on his own.

Aang and his friends finally reach the Northern Water Tribe. After being invited through a feast with the tribes-people, Aang and Katara start their waterbending training by learning basic techniques such as simply moving the water from bowls and melting small blocks of ice.

Meanwhile, Zuko is discovered as the Blue Spirit by Zhao, leading the firebender to take Zuko's entire crew for an invasion of the Northern Water Tribe. That night, while Iroh is out walking, Zhao has pirates assassinate Prince Zuko, which they believe worked after blowing up his ship while he was inside. However, the prince survives, and he and Iroh devise a plan to go with Zhao to capture Aang. Iroh gets himself aboard by taking up the admiral's offer to go the tribe to support him, while sneaking Zuko aboard under the guise of a soldier.

The tribe is soon attacked, leading to Aang fighting against the invading forces. After a long day of battling, Aang realizes he still is not strong enough, so he decides to seek help from the Dragon Spirit. While meditating in the Avatar State with Katara protecting him, Zuko sneaks into the tribe and uses all of his sword and firebending skills to push through the guards and find Aang.

The prince locates them at the oasis, but Katara stands in his path, leading to the two to battle. Despite Katara now being a master waterbender and having the advantage of it being nighttime, the prince still defeats her and goes to Aang, only for the monk to come put of the Avatar State, and for the duo to defeat him together by freezing him. The Avatar, however, allows Zuko to breathe by lowering part of the ice.

Aang and his friends watch helplessly as Zhao kills the Moon Spirit and Iroh becoming enraged, defeating the four guards and forcing Zhao to flee. After failing to convince Yue not to sacrifice herself, Sokka watches on as the princess dies and becomes the Moon Spirit. Aang realizes he must stop this and fights his way to the front of the city to face the armada.

Meanwhile, Zuko has freed himself and has found Zhao. The two battle each other. Despite Zuko using all the skills he has gained, he is still unable to surpass Zhao until he does something Aang did: using his surroundings. He tricks Zhao into damaging several towers of water by reflecting fireballs back at the enraged admiral, allowing Zuko to win. His uncle, however, prevents him from killing Zhao, allowing the enraged Ocean Spirit to do it instead. The pair subsequently flees the tribe.

Aang uses what the spirit taught him and successfully enters and controls the Avatar State, defeats the armada, and proclaims he will master the four elements and bring peace. A baffled Zuko watches from a raft, proclaiming he will find the Avatar.


Aang airbending in The Last Airbender game

Aang prepares an airbending attack.

The Last Airbender video game is told from the unique perspective of the antagonist Zuko, exiled prince of the Fire Nation, who embarks on a personal quest to capture the Avatar, a young boy named Aang, in order to regain his father Ozai's honor.

Players are able to embody three playable characters – Aang, Zuko and the Blue Spirit – and participate in battles, hand-to-hand combat and various intense challenges throughout the game. Utilizing the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, players will discover and master their bending powers by performing special hand movements that are specific to their character's abilities. The interactive, action adventure game, will allow players to learn how to manipulate air and fire, creating destructive forces such as air vortexes, tornadoes, fire balls, and fire bombs, to take down their enemies and progress through the game in order to fulfill their destiny.

On the DS version, the player can tap the enemy or object they want to attack, whilst pressing the X button will initiate a special attack. One can find scrolls and special items to learn new techniques or improve their health.


  • Become Aang, Zuko & the Blue Spirit – As Zuko, players can use destructive firebending bombs, blasts, and more to battle for power. As Aang, players can use airbending powers such as air vortexes and tornadoes, and later on able to move pools of water, to manipulate the environment and control the elements. As the Blue Spirit, Zuko's ninja alter ego, players can defeat their foes using stealth maneuvers, smoke bombs and unique weapons such as swords yet have no bending at their disposal.
  • Discover Your Bending Powers – Players utilize the Nintendo Wii Remote & Nunchuck to bend fire and air as they combat, destroy, battle and maneuver through the mystical universe in single or 2 Player Coop mode.
  • The Movie Experience Plus More – Brand-new, ground-breaking Wii physics and particle systems bring the movie experience to life like never before. A telekinesis system allows players to manipulate the environment as well as combat enemies to a new level of depth and control that has not been experienced before. To add further depth and uniqueness, the player experiences environments such as underground caves and cities that are exclusive to the game.

Critical reception[]

The game was not reviewed by many outlets but among the few who did review it, it received a mixed reception.

Review scores[]

Publication Score
Cheat Code Central DS: 3.8 out of 5[1]
Good Game Wii: 4.5 and 4 out of 10[2]
The Guardian Wii: 3 out of 5[3]



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