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Film - Northern Air Temple

The Northern Air Temple.

The Northern Air Temple was one of the four temples of the Air Nomads, and one of two temples that exclusively housed male airbenders, with the other being the Southern Air Temple. It is located in the northernmost Earth Kingdom. Its population, however, was wiped out at the beginning of the Hundred Year War during the Air Nomad Genocide.


As was the fate of all air temples, the Northern Air Temple was laid siege by Sozin's armies during the last passing of Sozin's Comet. The aggressive attack caused tremendous losses, wiping out the entire Air Nomad population residing there. The architectural structures suffered damages as well, and the surviving buildings decayed due to years of neglect.

One hundred years later, Avatar Aang returned there in search of any surviving Air Nomads. He did not find any evidence to show that his people were still alive, however, he was surprised to discover an old man, who wanted to show him something. The man led him to a room filled with statues of Aang's past lives. The man pointed out Avatar Roku's statue, prompting Aang to further examination. However, the distraction allowed the hidden Fire Nation soldiers to surround him, successfully executing their ambush. The old man apologized, and ran off, leaving the Avatar alone with the enemy.

The captured Avatar was detained at the temple by Zhao, though the premises was infiltrated by the Blue Spirit, who managed to free Aang. The two were discovered, however, before they could sneak out, and a massive battle ensued. The Blue Spirit managed to keep the guards at bay with his sword fighting skills, while Aang employed an ancient Air Nomad training tool, among other things, to fend of his opponents. Eventually, the duo managed to escape.


  • The Northern Air Temple in the film seems to replace Pohuai Stronghold from the show.
  • In the series, the inner sanctuary with the Avatar statues was part of the Southern Air Temple.
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