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This article is about the character in The Last Airbender. For the character in Avatar: The Last Airbender, see Momo.

Momo is Avatar Aang's winged lemur and the only known member of his species to have survived the Air Nomad Genocide.


Momo was discovered by Aang in the Southern Air Temple. Katara, Sokka, and Aang decided to adopt the lonely lemur. Momo accompanied the young Avatar and his friends across the Earth Kingdom and to the Northern Water Tribe.


  • Momo is shown in The Last Airbender as a fully CGI-rendered creature.[1]
  • Momo is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who also voiced Momo in the TV series.
  • The name "Momo" is only mentioned once in the whole film, by Aang at the Spirit Oasis.
  • A mistake in the film occurs when Aang is petting Momo after the lemur jumps on his shoulder. Aang's hands do not seem to actually touch the creature, appearing instead to hover about an inch or so above him.[2]
  • Momo's appearance in the film, except for his ears and tail, is similar to that of a real-world lemur species known as the Coquerel's sifaka.
  • Momo has a number of differences to his television counterpart:
    • In the film, Momo's tail has several stripes, as opposed to only two in the series.
    • The wings Momo has in the film are orange, while they were white in the series.
    • Momo has small, yellow eyes in the film, though big, green ones in the series.


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