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Monroe Jackson Rathbone V is an American actor and musician who played Sokka in The Last Airbender. He has guest starred in various TV shows such as The O.C., Close to Home, and The War at Home, and is known for playing a supporting role in the ABC Family drama Beautiful People. He also played the role of Jasper Hale in The Twilight Saga.

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Early Life

Rathbone was born in Singapore and has lived in places ranging from Indonesia to Midland, Texas. He started out in local theater in Midland, Texas, with the youth actors program The Pickwick Players, initially doing musical theater. For his junior and senior years of high school, Rathbone attended the Interlochen Arts Academy, a private school for the arts in Michigan, where he majored in acting. After graduation, he had planned to go to the Royal Scottish Academy, but instead went to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film.


Rathbone did extensive work for Disney 411, interviewing up-and-coming personalities like Hilary Duff. His movie roles include work in Molding Clay, Pray for Morning, and Travis and Henry. In 2008, he played the character of Jasper Hale in the movies Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse.

Personal life

When not busy pursuing a TV/film career, Rathbone also enjoys music, writing, singing and producing. He performs in a band called 100 Monkeys with two friends that he met in high school at Interlochen Arts Academy. He left the band on March 4th 2012.[1]


  • 2011: Won a Razzie Award for The Last Airbender (Worst Supporting Actor)
  • 2011: Won a Razzie Award for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Worst Supporting Actor)


  • While shooting The Last Airbender, he and the 100 Monkeys band members stayed in a house. Jackson recalled that they would "jam in the kitchen, eating cheesesteaks and playing beer pong. It was kinda like a musician frat house."[2]
  • He studied martial arts as a kid and demonstrated some Kung Fu and Krav Maga on The Last Airbender.[3]


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