Isaac Jin Solstein is a Korean-American actor who played the earthbending boy in the film The Last Airbender.

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Solstein, the son of Eric Solstein and Hee Jeon Choi, currently resides in Bethel, New York.[1]


Solstein is the 2008 US National Karate champion, having studied karate since he was four. He started with Tang Soo Do at Hong's Karate School in Monticello, before moving on to Soo Bahk Do under Master Joe Poppo in Liberty, New York.[1] He also spent several years at the Homestead School in Glen Spey, New York.

While The Last Airbender was Isaac's first role in a feature film, he does have previous acting experience in theater, having held roles as Tam in Miss Saigon and Prince Chulalongkorn in The King and I.[2]


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