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Mr. Feng is the owner of a pet shop in Republic City.


In 167 AG,[2] Mr. Feng's pet shop was visited by Mako and Bolin, who were trying to collect bets for the upcoming pro-bending match. One animal, a fire ferret, attempted to escape and ran to Bolin, but Feng emerged and pulled the ferret back by its tail, thanking the earthbender for rescuing him and telling the brothers that he had intended to feed it to his new pythonaconda. Bolin, wanting to save the ferret, asked Feng if he could buy it, for which the owner offered him the price of five yuans. Mako declined the offer, however, as the brothers could not afford "another mouth to feed". The firebender reposed the original question, and Feng gave him his bet for the match that night.[1]


Republic City Hustle


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