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This hospital is a small medical clinic located in a farming village of the western Earth Kingdom.


The expanding farming village required more than just a medical practice and had long since outgrown the custom of solely relying on herbalists. Expansion and a need to provide treatment for a prosperous, though perhaps accident-prone, farming community that was ready for modernization led to the construction of this institution. Due to its location, bringing travelers by road and river, the hospital was an ideal boost to the economy. For a small community, it was beneficial to provide such a facility.

In 100 AG, Song treated Iroh in the hospital when he had a self-inflicted rash, which he contracted after making tea out of a plant which he thought was the delicious white dragon, but was actually the poisonous white jade, both of which looked strikingly similar.[1]


The hospital was one building that consisted of many floors and rooms, mainly two single story wings on either side with a two story section in the middle, while inside there was ample space for a triage, plus a general treatment area and further patient facilities. In the large treatment room, there were multi-drawer cupboards for the storage of herbs and other medicinal supplies, open cupboard units for various medical apparatus, treatment tables for patients to sit and lie down, and benches for waiting. There were many windows providing plenty of working light, along with creating an ambient atmosphere for patients. Song was the only known medical practitioner and nurse in the hospital.[1]


  • The sign over the door to the hospital reads "", meaning "doctor" or "medicine".


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