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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Southern Air Temple in its glory
When Air Nomads Walked the Earth
They have no idea what's coming...
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March 11, 2011 to unknown date


The Ultimate Waterbender


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When Air Nomads Walked the Earth is a fanon story written by The Ultimate Waterbender. The tale revolves around the lives of two adolescents living in a world secretly on the verge of warfare.


It is the Summer of 0 AG, a time when the four nations are at peace with each other or so it seemed. Syra, an eleven-year-old Air Nomad girl, is leading a peaceful life at her home, the Eastern Air Temple of the Telukin Mountain Range. With summer having arrived, school days have turned from lessons in the classroom to Airbending practices outdoors. Being one of the top Airbenders in her class and having friends from all around the world, all seems perfect for her until that fateful day when everything would change...

At the same time, a twelve-year-old Fire Nation boy, named Siro, is living in the small town of Sen Go not too far from the Fire Nation Capital. His father is one of the advisers to the head of the town and therefore, is very keen on all current events happening; his older brother is training at a local military school. All in the world seems glorious until Siro hears word of Fire Lord Sozin planning to start a war with the other nations...

Main Characters

Air Nomad Characters

  • Syra: She is an eleven-year-old girl with a sweet yet strong headed personality. Being kind hearted and one of the best Airbenders in her class, she is well liked by her friends and teachers, but is often bullied by other girls in school.
  • Pala: A seven-year-old sky bison, Pala is Syra's lifelong companion and main use of transportation.
  • Min: She is Syra's guardian and a kindly middle-aged woman. A compassionate person, she is a famous baker of Fruit Pies.
  • Sister Iio: The Superior of the Eastern Air Temple, she is particularly fond of Syra and has taken notice to her Airbending skill.
  • Tyla: She is one of Syra's best friends and supports her whenever Jia and Mika get nasty with Syra. Although she struggles a bit with Airbending training, she is lovable and fun loving.
  • Master Yangsu: She is a gentle, wise middle-aged woman who serves as an Airbending instructor and a teacher in academics to students of the Eastern Air Temple.
  • Jia: A conceited, bossy student at the Air Nomad school, she and her best friend, Mika, love nothing better than to humiliate other students - especially Syra.
  • Mika: She is Jia's accomplice and aids her in degrading other people's reputations.

Fire Nation Characters

  • Siro: This twelve year-old boy is quite knowledgeable, despite not being the best Firebender in school. He is somewhat fiery, quick to act, but also sensitive and has a strong sense of loyalty to his friends.
  • Zorin: The older brother of Siro, he is training to become a Fire Nation soldier one day. He often brings home news of the secret plans of Sozin's plan to launch a full-scale invasion of the world.
  • Lee Wang: He is the father of Siro and the adviser to the town's leader which means he also picks up new information about the word of oncoming warfare. Although a tough, rigid man, he loves his family dearly.
  • Zala: She is Siro's mother, a maker of fine pottery and an expert Pai Sho player. A loving mother, she often becomes worried for her family's safety especially when she hears of the plans.
  • Jengso: He is a goofy, fun loving kid, Siro's best friend and always there to support him. Although sometimes a little naïve, he is gentle and amiable.
  • Master Shyo: He is a rigid, harsh teacher at the school in Sen Go. Firm and authoritative, he expects nothing less than excellent from his students.


Written Chapters

Upcoming Chapters

  • Chapter 12: The Sound of Laughter
  • Chapter 13: Thrilling Revelations
  • Chapter 14: The Unwanted Truth
  • Chapter 15: Eve of the Red Sky
  • Chapter 16: Dragons Over the Horizon
  • Chapter 17: The Blazing Earth
  • Chapter 18: Ashes, Ashes... We All Fall Down
  • Chapter 19: And Then There Were None
  • Epilogue: When Night Falls

Note: Some of these are working titles, so they may change.


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"Ultimate has crafted a masterpiece. Her writing is phenomenal, even better than some books I've read. The characters are full of depth and you actually learn to care about them. And the plot itself is great and interesting. It has everything that makes a great story."
"It's really, really addictive. I'm sad that there will only be nineteen chapters. :/ It's extremely riveting, and I absolutely cannot wait for the next chapter."
"I don't think I've ever been pulled into a fanon this fast with only the prologue..."

Guarantee: These comments have not been "fluffed up" in any way.

Author's Notes

This is my first fanon story, so I really hope people enjoy it. Due to the limited amount of information about the Air Nomads, some of the content in this story will be speculation. I also advise that you read the character pages I created as a way to better understand and familiarize yourself with the main characters in this fanon.

I would like to thank any readers, reviewers and commentors. I would like to specially thank Skybender101, Aang20791 and Renatabls for being my editors and template designers! I hope this fanon story is a success!

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