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The Weatherbenders
Oh, the weather outside is frightful...
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18 (Including prologue + epilogue)



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22 October 2011 - 11 February 2012




Avatar: The Last Airbender


The Legend of Korra

The Weatherbenders is a new story written about two years after the War, in which a subart of the four Bending Arts, believed to have been lost for two and a half millennia, returns to the world, creating disturbing results. It is up to Team Avatar to bring the world out of chaos once again.


One summer day, while clearly under the influence of drugs, and likely alcohol, either all that or delusional from a 100 °F day, the idea came to mind while the author was writing Engagements and starting Asami's Story. The author was a meteorology student as his current university, and has been interested in weather since he was a young boy. He gathered the idea of combining the weather with Avatar, and thus came the concept of "Weatherbending". Then came the story idea, a new uprising against Team Avatar using this art, and also connecting it to the protagonists. Thus, the planning began, and soon came the story.


Twenty-two months have passed since the end of the War, and all seems at peace. The road to recovery continues throughout the world, with Earth King Kuei having returned to power over a year ago, and him returning to control after the Dai Li were banished. Fire Lord Zuko is re-uniting the Fire Nation, and re-construction of the Southern Water Tribe is progressing smoothly.

However, starting in the late summer of 102 AG, bizarre changes in weather patterns begin to be reported worldwide, with severe deviations from average. It is later discovered that a mysterious, ancient bending art has been revived, and Team Avatar figures out it is the art of Weatherbending. Members of the Gaang begin to learn that they are capable of this art, and will have to work together to try and bring down the force which has revived it.


Team Avatar

Primary members

Secondary members

  • Suki -- The leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, master warrior, still lives on Kyoshi Island
  • Mai -- Expert in weaponry, current girlfriend of Fire Lord Zuko, believed to be the eventual Fire Lady
  • Ty Lee -- Only Fire Nation native to become part of the Kyoshi Warriors, well-versed in chi blocking


  • Avatar Zentai -- Avatar three millennia ago, the first Avatar to learn Weatherbending
  • Pokai -- Former Southern Waterbender, first ever mortal to learn Weatherbending, lived three thousand years ago
  • Algaion -- Northern Airbender, former head of the Council of Elders, first Airbender to learn Weatherbending, lived in Pokai's and Zentai's time


The Meteorologists, a group who rediscovered Weatherbending in 101 AG, they are comprised of:

  • Zorro -- A disgruntled Fire Army general, who wishes to restore the world to the state it was in under Ozai and his ancestors
  • Kianna -- From the Northern Water Tribe, a disgruntled Waterbender who is jealous of Katara and desires to kill her
  • Baktan -- Waterbender also versed in swordsmanship, brother of Kianna's husband
  • Ezan -- Zorro's best friend, has similar intentions like Zorro, replaced Reeaki when he deserted the group

Other characters

Fire Nation Rebel Army, a group led by former Zuko advisers who will prepare a rebellion to overthrow Zorro. The main faces are:

  • Tizou -- The former top adviser to Zuko and main leader of the mission, master Firebender
  • Bujing -- The most experienced general that made up Zuko's former staff, despite conflicts with him in the past. Also a master Firebender, second in Rebel command
  • Azai -- Third in Rebel Army command, mostly a reserved general, still effective



Delivery to Eternal Rest

Where We Fell For Each Other -- Co-authored with The Ultimate Waterbender

Reeaki Returns Home


All shippings from canon (Kataang, Maiko, Sukka) continue into the start of the series. Will they last? What will change within them? It's up to you to see...


"Your writing is excellent, PSU*...the plot looks amazing. I can't wait for more."
— Theavatardemotivator, author of A Bird Could Love a Fish, on chapter one

Mill's Review: 9.4/10

OR's review: 9.4/10

Character Reeaki claimed the best supporting male character in the Third Fanon Awards ceremony.

Chapter Fifteen successfully captured featured fanon article for April of 2012! Thank you to all supporters!

On 12 June 2012, The Weatherbenders successfully earned the first level of Fanonbending. Again, thank you to all supporters!

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