Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Road that Never Ends in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Road that Never Ends
"We'll just keep going. Why should we stop?"
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Drama, Action/Adventure






Twelve released, 50+ planned (discontinued)



Original run

August 29, 2011 – January 8, 2012


A few minutes? Ten at most, it will probably vary.


Who needs a director for a written work?!







Important news/updates

Well... This is gonna have to go inactive for a little while. Between the scholarship tests, research papers, and surprisingly hard eighth grade tests that I've actually had to study for (I've never had to do that until this year), I've had a little time for writing in my small slots of free time, but barely any at all for typing anything up. I've been typing chapter thirteen for over a month now and haven't even gotten through half of it yet. I may (however unlikely the chances are of that happening) be able to get one up next week, but because I probably can't I figured I might as well put the template up now. Sorry!



When I first discovered this Wiki in... August? I think it was August. When I stumbled upon this Wiki last August I basically looked around on the main, canon side of it, trying to learn what I'd missed from the show. Somehow, at sometime in that August, I found myself on the Fanon Portal, where I browsed the fanfictions of the billions of users on the Avatar Wiki. While I did find some atrociously badly written fanons, there were some that surprised me with their quality. All anyone ever hears about fanfictions is that they're the disgusting pornographic fantasies of a wild fangirl, but the ones on this Wiki were exceptional. Mind you, I never actually read past the first chapter of any of them, but they were stunning nonetheless. That's when I had the inkling. Many inklings.

I had a few ideas for a fanon, but after a while I came up with the story of a boy who lives in the time just before a war began. He has a brother who loves him very much and will always protect him. The brother hatches a plan to kidnap the child from their homeland. That homeland was (not what you expected) the Earth Kingdom. The boys' mother had recently died and their father was deathly ill. The older brother thought that their only chance was to find a richer, more healthy life in the wealthy land of the Fire Nation. Obviously, the The Road that Never Ends changed dramatically before the final cut, but this is what it became.


This story begins in 0 AG. It is about a boy named Mako taken from his homeland, the Fire Nation, by his brother, Lee. Lee believes that something horrible will soon occur, and by the hand of his own country. More and more colonies have been introduced to the Earth Kingdom, and Lee's father has told him that their nation will be making a devastating blow to the world sometime in autumn. His father neglected to say what that blow would be, but Lee could tell that all it would cause was destruction. Mako thinks that whatever the Fire Nation is up to, the only reason they're doing it is to "extend their good fortune to the world." For that reason, Lee kidnapped his brother to keep him away from Fire Lord propaganda, and to teach him the horrible effects of tyranny, violence, and possibly war.



Main article: Mako (The Road that Never Ends)

Mako is an eleven-year-old Firebender from the Fire Nation mainland, and the younger brother of Lee.


Main article: Lee (The Road that Never Ends)

Lee is a seventeen-year-old non-bender from the Fire Nation mainland, and the older brother of Mako.


Main article: Yin (The Road that Never Ends)

Yin is an eighteen-year-old master Airbender from the Western Air Temple.



Kato is a seemingly well-trained Waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe. He is the former chief-of-police of Saimyo Village. Other components of his background have yet to be revealed.


Kato is six foot four inches with brown hair tied into a warrior's wolf knot and dark Water Tribe skin. He wears a sleeveless blue shirt (similar to Sokka's Book 2 outfit, but a darker blue) and fluffy parka-like pants.



Rana is a twelve-year-old non-bender from the Fire Nation mainland. Her parents were killed on the same night, her mother by Kato and her father by an unidentified assailant. She is one of the few people outside of the Fire Nation military who knows every major component of her country's most devastating plan.


Rana is four foot six inches with black hair that is combed to look shaggy but somehow regal. She wears a simple red silk dress that goes down to her ankles and much ornate golden jewelry, including charm bracelets around both wrists and multiple necklaces.


"The Road that Never Ends by Krazykid51 was just amazing [...] I really like it... REALLY!"

Bahjy1 reviewing the first five chapters

Fanon Review Squad and Loyal Fans

As seen in the above quotes, The Road that Never Ends, while it is mostly undiscovered, is a well-received fanon. The story has been called original and creative by BlueDagger, the Fanon Review Squad's Millennia2, and Bahjy1, and the speaking and thought sequences between Mako and Lee have been called believable, real, and generally "well done".

The fanon's creativity has been especially lauded by the FRS, winning the Creativity Award in the First Annual Fanon Review Squad Review of the Year

Krazykid51 has also been called "a quite excellent author" by Millenia2 and the story has been called "amazingly written fanon" by BlackMonkey (9.3 and 9.4 being the writing grades for the reviews, respectively). Character development was called "very good" by Bahjy1, echoed by Millennia2 and BlackMonkey in their own reviews. The action was also praised by BlackMonkey as "pretty intense" in his review of TRTNE, giving it a 9/10. Of all the Fanon Review Squad's reviews of TRTNE, the overall scores have been very high, with 8.8, 8.9, and 9.1 by Bahjy1, Millennia2, and BlackMonkey, respectively.

Reviews haven't been universally positive, however. Millennia2 commented in his review of TRTNE that he "had a very hard time when it came to continuing the story. The beginning, while setting you up with an interesting premise, tends to drawl a bit...". He went on to say that Krazykid51 should try to create more filler, echoing BlueDagger's and Bahjy1's similar requests. BlackMonkey also said that Krazykid51 "had occasional errors [and] confusions...". The confusion seems to have been more centered on the beginning chapters, specifically the first five, which all occurred on the same day in the story; the first review, lowest scored, mostly talked about this aspect of confusion; the second review made less of a point toward the confusion (and more at how he was a little bored with the first chapters); the final review, highest scored, said almost nothing about confusion (and more about lengthening chapters).

Other reviews

Little else of note has been said about TRTNE by anyone besides the Fanon Review Squad and weekly readers. LHD has said "Great job!!" on a number of chapters, and Lightningthief9 has called the first chapter "pretty good". Also, Bahjy1 called Together in Death, Part 1 a "Short, but good chapter".


Each chapter of TRTNE is usually formulated over one to two weeks. I already have every single detail of this fanon planned out, but all chapters are written individually.


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