Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Red Spirits in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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The Red Spirits
You can run but you can't hide. Punishment is upon you
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15 released, first book completed. I planned all the chapters of the second book and the third one is in pre-pre-PRE-production.



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The 11th of January 2015 - the 30th of January 2015, the 3rd of February 2015 - the 2nd of June 2015


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CombustionNation, everyone who thinks there are mistakes in the chapters






The Legend of Korra

The front cover is made by DaiLaiHeping. Make sure to check her profile out!! She makes illustrations on request.

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Book 1

It is one year after Korra defeated Kuvira in the battle of Republic City and everyone is doing great. But a new threat appears as Triple Threat Triads get their butts kicked by three people with red spirit masks on. What do they want and why the Triple Threats? Will Korra, Mako and Bolin stop these masked people or will they fall to them too? Find out in The Red Spirits!

Book 2

Asami Sato has returned to Republic City from a business trip, and meets The Red Spirits for the first time. Korra still struggles with her loving problem, which becomes worse when Asami returns to the city. Will Korra, Mako and Bolin stop the Red Spirits once again or will they infect Asami? Will Korra sort out her loving problem? What will happen once the Red Spirits and the Krew clash again? Keep waiting for Book 2 of The Red Spirits!


Book 1 Characters

New characters:

Book 2 Characters

Returning characters:

  • Korra
  • Mako
  • Bolin
  • Lin Beifong
  • The leader of the Red Spirits
  • The waterbender of the Red Spirits
  • The earthbender of the Red Spirits

New characters:


Book 1: Riddles in the Dark

Book 2: Swords and Secrets


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I started this fanon as an idea that popped into my head one evening and since then I developed the story in my head. I think it goes well now, but I still have some thinking issues about the rest of the story. If you want to suggest something, like characters I should introduce or specific character development, shoot me a message!


I've decided to put the writing of this fanon on hold, because I'm a co-writer of a new fanon that's in production right now. I'm going to write a fanon with Supergoddad. I will update the last chapter, The Hunt, but I'm not going to release any new chapters.

When the front page is up, I will add a link here.


Hey guys, yes I'm back with a new chapter. The writing with Destiny of Two is still in progress, and I had nothing to do, so I thought why not write a chapter. It is kind of short but I hope you will enjoy it!

Take care,



Hello guys, I have withdrawn my writer and editor status on the DoT, the reason being that I feel Supergoddad doesn't need my help on writing this fanon. I think he has it all in control, and I think that he can write better for that fanon than me. Therefore, I retract my status. My support, however, will still be there. I'm more focused on this fanon now, and I plan to punch out chapters ASAP!

That's all and take care,



What up people,

What would you know, I just wrapped up Book 1 around my finger xD No seriously, I finished Book 1 today. I hope you all enjoyed this book so far. I know I had pleasure in writing, especially with deciding what I should and shouldn't reveal! I will return soon with Book 2, so hang on to your computers for that!

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Guess who's back, back again. I am back, tell a friend!

Yes it is true! The Red Spirits is back on track! With the first chapter of Book 2 releashed, I am planning to punch out chapters as soon as possible! I cannot promise anything, sadly. :'( But no worries! I have to do some school stuff but I will come back here with new content!

Take care and until next time,



Due to my... location change and the fact that I promised to finish another thing for someone else, this fanon will be on hold, but only for an unknown amount of time. I'm not sure when to continue with this fanon, but when I do, my subscribers will be the first one to know.


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Interview for the FFF

Some time ago I did an interview with ATLALOK about this fanon for the Fanon Fact Finders, check it out here!


  • The author was inspired by the film The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring when making the title of Book 1.
  • The author wanted to use a proverb title thing, but it wasn't thought through and it failed. Oops!
  • The title of chapter eight is inspired by the song "Boom Boom Pow" by the The Black Eyed Peas.
  • The title of chapter fifteen is inspired by a phrase from YouTube videos by Vanossgaming

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