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The Day The Guy With The Boomerang Died
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August 24, 2013




Avatar: The Last Airbender

Even though he lies on his bed awake and alive, he feels as if he's asleep and dead.

He may feel weak, but his spirit still shines through.

He speaks with pain in his voice, but the humor is still heard within his words.

The warrior inside of him is roaring for his spirit to fall into eternal rest, but he cannot hear it inside of him.

His Warrior's Wolf Tail is undone and his shiny, gray hair almost touches his buff, curvy shoulders.

His big, ocean blue eyes, now fading with his age, as if the ocean is losing its color.

The smile that's usually on his face is now a blank expression.

His hands now shake and the veins on the inside are more visible than ever before.

The midnight blue blanket covering him up to his neck gives him comfort and warmth makes him feel safe and sound.

The full moon shining on him through the window, is nothing more than a reminder of the emotional pain he felt when he couldn't save the life of the person who is now the spirit of it.

But it is also makes him feel that she is watching him now, hoping she's not weeping of his current condition.

And he himself, tries not to weep too.

He hears footsteps coming closer to his bedroom and only moves his eyes to the right as his door opens. There enters a woman his age. Gray hair in loops, dressed in tradition Water Tribe clothing, eyes the same color as his, and a cup of water in her hand. She looks concerned as she approaches him, setting the cup of water down and reaches under his covers to touch his hand. The second their hands make contact, he opens his eyes a little wider and weakly says that her hand is cold.

"I know, I'm trying to see how you respond to temperature," Katara says with a half smile.

He nods at her, staring into her eyes making her half smile disappear. Without hesitation, she reaches under his back at tries to get him to sit up. While trying, he grunts and makes pained expressions. She grabs for the cup of water and tells him to take a sip. As she holds the cup for him, he sips on the cold water, feeling it as it travels down his throat to his stomach. She puts the cup back down on the nightstand, pleased with her older brother and she helps him lay back down.

"You seem to be doing a little better today," Katara says regaining her half smile.

He looks at her again, staring into her eyes, and opens his mouth to speak again.

"I feel better today," says Sokka weakly. "I feel more like me."

This makes her half smile into the biggest smile she's had since her brother fell ill four days ago. She feared for all this time that her brother was going to die, but him saying that he feels like him gives her hope that he'll make it through. The two of them have been through so much. From when they were children throwing snowballs at each other, to losing their mom, to finding the Avatar and going on many journeys with him, and all the moments lead to this. This could be the day. The day where she could lose her older sibling. The thought of losing someone she's been so close to kills her, it's like losing Aang all over again, because she loves both of them very much. She still misses Aang terribly, her brother dying will only make her feel more lonely. At the same time, she can see in his face that he's not the same goofy, sarcastic guy she's grown up and grown old with. He's becoming weaker and his personality is slowly fading. She can see clouds forming in his eyes.

"I think it's time," Katara says.

He looks at his younger sister confused. He raises his left eyebrow up and stares at her puzzled.

"Time for what? A midnight snack?" Sokka asks jokingly.

Even though his voice sounds delicate, she can hear the joking tone in his words and can't help, but chuckle. However, her cackling stops and she looks more seriously at him, putting her hand on his shoulder, kneeling down at the side of his bed.

"No, Sokka. You know what I mean."

Even though he knew what she meant, he didn't want to hear it. He still feels alive and happy even if he has a hard time showing it. He feels like he could live another ten years at most, fifteen maybe. But he also knows that she is right. Despite thinking that he could live longer, he knows it's better to go now. The thought of it being right here right now makes him look away, avoiding eye contact with her. She looks over at him, her hand still on his shoulder. Watching as he tries to hold back his tears.

"It's time for you to close your eyes and rest in peace...forever," Katara says with a sad expression.

Suddenly, she closes her eyes and water forms across her eyelashes. Tears begin to stream down her face one by one and she starts heavily sighing. He turns around, noticing her crying, which only makes his heart drop. He's never liked seeing his sister cry and he's always tried to be there to comfort her when she does, which only makes him want to die less. Without Aang or him, who will be there for her when she needs comforting? No one can do it like him or Aang when he was still alive. All he can do is bid her a farewell, which hurts him more because he wishes he could stay alive longer.

"Please don't cry," Sokka says. "I'll be fine. I'll be with Aang."

She continues to cry for a few more seconds, before finally opening her eyes, which are now bloodshot, looking at her brother. He lifts his arm out of the covers and wipes away the tears on her face with his thumb softly.

"Will you say 'hi' to him for me?" Katara asks.

After days of being emotionless, he finally smiles at his sister warmly. He looks at her happily, knowing this is the last chance he has to say anything to her in person.

"I'll do better than that," Sokka says. "I'll tell him you love him."

His smile forms wider across his face as his sister begins to cry again. This time he can tell they're tears of joy from his words. She grabs the hand he used to wipe away her tears and holds it, trying to hold back her tears.

"I love you, Sokka," Katara says sadly.

Now it is him that starts to cry and feels the cool tears rushing down his face. Knowing these lasts breaths will be his last and these moments he's spending with his sister will be no more. All he'll be able to do is watch over her as she weeps over the loss of not just Aang anymore, but him as well.

"I love you too, Katara," Sokka replies.

He rolls over, still hand in hand with her. She takes his hand and places it over his chest where his still beating heart is. His eyes, now closed, trying to sleep in peace for good. She stays on the floor, kneeled down before him, watching him inhale and exhale until his body gives out. She puts her hand on his chest to double check if he really is gone and indeed he is. Tears form in her eyes again and she cries. She buries her head into her arm and sobs quietly to herself. She never left her now dead brothers side all night and never slept for a second.

Days go by before his funeral is held. All of the family and friends show up. When family members and friends go up to say a few words, she goes up first and tells short stories of how he was always there for her and how she, in return was always there for him. She said she couldn't have asked for a better older brother and how she was thankful for all the time she spent with him throughout her life. After her speech, she began to cry again, both happy and sad. She looked up at the sky, knowing that somewhere in a spiritual land, he and Aang were watching her and that was all she needed to know to get through the day.

Other family and friends said kind words in honor of him. They spoke about his big heart, sarcastic jokes, wonderful personality, bravery, smarts, and more. Everyone gave hugs to each other after the speeches and many more tears were shed. They all gathered around his lifeless body, and she walked up towards him with his boomerang in her hands. She opened up one of his hands and placed the boomerang in his deceased grip.

They got his body buried in no time, under the snow, his favorite form of water, where he can be visited and remembered forever.

Even though he is now dead, he feels like he is still around alive.

He was always brave, even when he didn't feel like he was.

He stood up for what he believed in.

He always held onto hope even in the darkest times.

He was always there to cheer someone up when needed.

His courage and strength got him through thick and thin.

He never gave up without a fight.

Even though he couldn't bend, he used his own strength.

After You Read: Oh my gosh everyone. I cannot believe I did this. I never pictured myself writing a fanfiction of Sokka's death. I didn't want him to die by being killed or something, I wanted him to have a peaceful death just like Aang did in my fanfiction of his death, Rest in Peace Avatar Aang. I think I wrote this pretty well. One reason being that I think I'm improving on my writing (if I'm not, please tell me), and two, I'm very passionate about Sokka's character, him being my all-time favorite. The last few sentences in italics were basically my opinion about him, and it really tugged at my heart strings when I found out he was dead in The Legend of Korra. Especially that last sentence I typed, where he uses his own strength. I think that makes him as strong as the members of the Gaang that can bend because he doesn't mope around and think of himself as worthless (well, in Sokka's Master he did feel left out), but he didn't continue to feel bad for himself. He went to learn how to be a sword fighter and that really helped him with character development. Oh, and not to mention that I may or may not also be a fangirl of him can have Zuko, Jet, Aang, or whoever you want, but Sokka is mine! I could go on and on for the many reasons why over the years I've fallen for "the Sokka charm" as it's called, but I won't. Lastly, I totally almost tearbended at some parts and I have no idea if I'll do one for Toph or not...maybe somewhere in the future, no promises. Well, I guess that's it people! Thanks for reading! :)

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