The Big Day
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March 12, 2017

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"Alright, Korra, you can do this," she said to herself while looking in the mirror. Her hair had been neatly styled into a long braid over her shoulder. Asami had always said it would look good on her, and dammit, it did. How she knew ahead of time was a mystery.

-"You ready, kid?" Tonraq popped up, sticking his head around the door.

Korra took a deep breath. "I think so. Never been quite this scared in my life, but I think I am ready."

Her father let out a hearty laugh. "How is it that you won't hesitate to jump into a fight with a dozen men, and yet getting married to the woman you love most has your knees shaking?"

"Because at least I then know exactly what I'm in for!" This only made him laugh harder as he pulled her into a hug. "Dad! This isn't funny!"

-"It's very funny," he countered and then pulled back a little to look his daughter in the eyes. "Listen to me, Korra. You two have been doing great for the past four years. I can't recall a time before you met Asami when you looked this happy. And now you're going to take the next step, show your love for her to the world. That's all that matters."

Korra sighed. "Do you really mean that?"

-"I do. Trust me, I was far worse when I married your mother, and we're still together. You can do this."

It actually made her chuckle. "Thanks, Dad." She took one last deep breath as she looked at herself in the mirror. Tuxes really were her thing. "Alright, let's do this."

Soon enough, she was standing at the altar, with Tenzin officiating the ceremony. Practically everyone she knew was in the hall, including quite a few people she didn't know. It wasn't every day that the Avatar got married.

This really was it. Any moment now, Asami was going to walk through those doors, and then they would be joined for life.

Of course, the thought had Korra's head spinning and not in a good way. She really did feel light-headed, but that would pass soon enough, her father had assured her.

And then Asami really did walk in. Spirits, did she looked beautiful. She was wearing a strapless white dress, accentuated with a red belt to bring out the red in the betrothal necklace Korra had made for her. She knew blue was more traditional but had still gone for red, because that was Asami's color. Her hair was rolled up in a perfect bun, and that made Korra realize that really was the word. Perfect.

Korra's grin couldn't be much wider as Tonraq handed Asami over to his daughter. Of course, Asami did get a little emotional when she realized that Hiroshi wasn't going to be walking her down the aisle, but Korra had managed to console her by assuring her that Tonraq was as much Asami's family as he was Korra's.

"You look beautiful," Korra whispered.

Asami smiled. "Thanks. Tux looks really good on you," she said with an appreciative smirk.

They held hands, and Korra turned to Tenzin. "Are you ready?" he asked, a smile on his face as well.

-"Yes," Asami decisively said.

But Korra wasn't. She really could feel herself get dizzy, and even though she heard that Tenzin started addressing the audience, she couldn't make out a word he was saying. The lightness in her head got incrementally worse, and Asami soon noticed. She let go of Korra's hand and instead put it on her shoulder to steady her. "Korra, are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm..." But she never finished that line, because then everything went black.

When Korra came to again, she found that she was lying on the ground with a slow breeze over her face, which felt surprisingly sore, like she just took a rock to it. More importantly than that, she found Asami's bright green eyes staring right into her own, and they were worried.

"Oww..." Korra groaned. "What happened?"

-"You fainted and landed on your face," Asami said, clearly trying to suppress a chuckle.

Korra actually did snicker. "That explains the sore nose."

She tried to sit up, but her not-quite-wife-yet pushed her back down. "You need to take a minute, get some blood back into your head, because it clearly wasn't there."

Korra laughed again and finally took a look around. It turned out to be Jinora who was slowly bending some cool air over her face, which was nice. The feeling of three hundred people trying to contain their laughter, however, wasn't. "This is fairly embarrassing."

This made Asami chuckle. "You are such a dork, that you are worried about that."

"Come on, I'm feeling better," Korra said, trying to keep her blushing to a minimum. "Then I'll officially be your dork."

Asami smiled. "Sounds perfect."

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