Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Bendi in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Bendi
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


In 2103, Earth stands abandoned. Every single human has left Earth for space stations, leaving Earth with its living forests and abandoned homes. However, four children, sick of all the high technology and lack of parental attention, come to stay on Earth and live the life people lived a hundred years ago.

Things never go the way they appear to, especially when you're the only inhabitants of an entire planet. An example is when you discover a parallel dimension, where many humans can manipulate the elements, and you're their only hope.

The Hundred Year War isn't over. Aang may have used energybending to strip Fire Lord Ozai of his Firebending, but he also gave Ozai the medium between human and spirits that the Avatar possesses, allowing him to reincarnate, only with his full age, power, body, and memories.

The spirits finally decide that their only way to destroy a spirit would be to fight it with its exact opposite. Humans. Not benders from the Bendo world, but with humans from the material world. The same exact world which we live in.

They try to send energy through the plain of existence to enter our world, only to send energy into it. Not just energy, but some sort of energy symbiote that even spirits from the beginning of time, like Raava and Vaatu, are not familiar with. They permanently fuse with the only four sentient species on the planet, granting them Bending and responsibility over and entire world.

Through all this, the newly formed Bendi (say Bend-ai) must master their bending to save the world from Ozai while living their life and hiding their bending from probes and other humans (not a problem since there aren't any other humans and their home is a spot where all version of surveillance are rendered useless).


Agua - a waterbender mentored by Pakku. A level-headed, calm, and often overprotective leader of the Bendi. He utilizes both styles of waterbending along with the unorthodox Bendi Style.

Mole - an earthbender mentored by Bumi. A stable, stubborn, and versatile weapon of the Bendi. He uses traditional earthbending along with the Bendi Style.

Pyro - a firebender mentored by Jeong Jeong. Has a good leash over his temper for a firebender and brawn of the Bendi. He uses the true form of firebending along with the Bendi Style.

Matrix - an airbender mentored by Gyatso. A calm, controlled, and pacifistic brain of the Bendi. He utilizes traditional airbending which incorporates with the Bendi Style better than any other traditional form of bending.



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