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The Adventures of Toph Beifong
This series takes place in an alternate timeline
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Adventures of Toph Beifong is a fanon story based on the American animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender from Nickelodeon. This fanon has a what if? plot that focuses on Toph Beifong traveling around the world without Team Avatar.


When the Dai Li have placed a bounty on her head for 60.000 Gold pieces, Toph runs away in order to protect her parents and to be a great Earthbender. Meanwhile, she encounters some villains, like Hama, and agents of the Dai Li. She teams up with Ty Lee, a girl from the Fire Nation and a flying boar to help guide her on her journeys. 


Good guys

  • Toph Beifong - a young blind earthbender and the main protagonist of the story.
  • Ty Lee - a young girl from the Fire Nation who uses a special technique that temporarily disables a person's bending abilities.  
  • Boary - a flying boar that is the symbol of the Beifong family. Toph and Ty Lee came across one and kept it as a pet.
  • Poma - a 12-year-old girl who bends waters.

Bad guys

  • Dai Li - a group of corrupt earthbenders and the head security of Ba Sing Se. They are of service to Long Feng.
  • Long Feng - the head of the Dai Li and a royal advisor to the Earth King. 
  • Hama - a woman from the Southern Water Tribe who can control water in the body of any living thing.


Season 1 episodes
Tiles Episode No. Episode plot
The Fun Begins 1 Toph must protect a village from a group of bandits.
Ty Lee, the Chi Blocker 2 When Toph gets captured by the Dai Li, Ty Lee comes to her rescue.
The Trap 3

The Dai Li sent Hama to capture Toph and Ty Lee with her bloodbending.

Toph and the Rhythm 4 Toph and Ty Lee meet a strange man who uses music to control the movement of humans.

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