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9 Circles of Hell
General information

Shen Long

Notable members

Shana, Rina, Maya, Elscud, Hideo, Jin, Kazama, Hanna


Shen Long






"Black God Resurrection"

9 Circles of Hell is an assassin organization consisting of 9 bending members which have been removed or has left their respective land. Each members has their own goal but their main goal is to find the long lost bending arts and use them against the Fire Nation known as the "Fire Nation Genocide" or the "Black God Resurrection".

The Group is composed of 9 members including their leader, each one is given a particular mission which mostly involves assassination. Each member carries their own goal and are always sent to a sub-mission in twos, there is no date limit of the mission as long as they will accomplish it. The only one who works alone is Shen who concentrates on the group's main goal and would only accept a sub-mission as long as it interest him.

The location of their headquarters is unknown but there are speculations of its location beneath the Earth Kingdom, at the Eastern Air Temple and somewhere in the Fire Nation, all the information are considered fake due to the lack of evidence.


Main Goal

The group has two main goals, locate bender with unique bending arts and the total destruction the Fire Nation.

Their first goal was the start of their ultimate plan, they saw that Firebenders has fought with the other three elements, air, water and earth. So in order for his plan to fully be accomplished, he saw that they would never stand a chance against those who are the masters of other long lost bending arts.

Their ultimate goal was the total destruction of the Fire Nation. A plan that started with Shen who vowed the Fire Nation will be destroyed and create a new nation in which there is not hate. Also, with each member of the group carrying hatred towards the nation, they carry no hesitation in following such goal.


Shen Long

Shen Long is a lightning bender and also a master of the demon arts. He is the oldest child of Fire Lord Ozai and Fire Lady Ursa who was banished due to the lack of his ability to perform Firebending. He is the founder and leader of the group.


Shana is a Woodbender which considers as a dangerous bending in the forest. Considered as a master of the forest and was the first person to join Shen. She is known for her tracking abilities and her spy network which is spread around the world.


Rina is a Shadowbender who is known to who has witnessed her bending as the Lady of the Night. She was the 2nd to join and carried infatuation towards Shen, she is also known for her incredible strength able to lift a man with one hand.


Maya is a Metalbender who uses monomolecular wires that are attached to her entire arm and manipulate them to either ensnare her opponents or even injure them. She hides her ability to bend metal and uses the wire to fight to make sure that her opponents would never know. She is the 3rd person to join.


Elscud is a chibender which is also known as Yin Yangbending. He carries one of the highest numbers of missions and known for his ability to cancel bending. His control of the Yin Yang makes him most useful even against hundreds of benders. He is also good in hand-to-hand combat and carries vast knowledge of human anatomy. He is the 4th person to join.


Hideo is a Lavabender who is considered a master of such an art. Hideo is a living map as he has memorized the entire geography of the 4 nations and could easily find a place within seconds. He is the 5th person to join and was also the hardest to locate.


Jin is a Sandbender which he the only one has mastered it without he need of Earthbending. Jin is known as the master of the desert and also could detect anyone who is in his terrain. Cold-blooded and silent, he is a serious assassin who eliminates his targets quickly. He is the 6th person to joint he group.


Kazama is a Stormbender who has lived high in the mountains where he had lived within the clouds. He has knowledge about the Air Nomads along with the Water Tribe since he mastered his bending after learning how they bend. He is both brutal and sadistic and is known to the group as their interrogation member. He is the 7th to join.


Hanna is a Crystalbender who could bend and change the form of a crystal and even the smallest of all crystals could be bend by her. Her domain is underground and could bend crystal as if it was earth. She is the 8th and final member to join.


Maya and Hanna

For being both benders with the bending that came from the earth, both are good in land battles and has always been the one who did the most damages in an area. They are considered the most destructive group and the one who finishes their jobs with little effort.

Shana and Hideo

Known as the fastest group to locate their enemy, thanks to their combination as being a tracker and one having knowledge of the world, they could easily locate their target in a fast rate. Although their bending if ever engaged would cause problems, the two works quite well.

Kazama and Jin

A group which is known as the land and sky combo. Both benders are able to combine their bending to perform such feats and would always know when one is going to perform an attacks. Both of them cooperate very well and always respect and follow their peers decision, their group is the most trusted in all very important and secretive missions.

Rina and Elscud

A team that functions always in hand-to-hand combat and rarely uses their bending. Both of them each carry incredible physical strength and good in hand-to-hand combat. Their mission always takes very a very long time to be accomplished but is surely to be finished without any problems.

Found Long Lost Bending Arts

A list of Long Lost bending arts and also the person who found them

Lightningbending (Shen Long)

Woodbending (Shana)

Shadowbending (Rina)

Metalbending (Maya)

Chibending/Yin Yangbending (Elscud)

Lavabending (Hideo)

Sandbending (Jin)

Stormbending (Kazama)

Crystalbending (Hanna)

Known Clients

A list of known clients

-Lao Being Fong


-Long Feng




Inspired by the criminal organization Akatsuki from Naruto

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