Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Sozin's Blood in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Sozin's Blood
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French Froglegs


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Sozin's Blood is a fanon, written by French Froglegs, which tells the story of Iroh's and eventual Fire Lord Ozai's life, from Ozai's very birth to his coronation and the scarring of Zuko. However, it will not cover Iroh's journeys between the death of Lu Ten and his eventual return to the Fire Nation, as the author thinks there's enough material to create another fanon. "Sozin's Blood" will be a tragic tale. Its main focus is to create a relevant story on the events that shaped the two brothers into the characters there are today, based on the few facts we know of Iroh and Ozai before the events of "Avatar : The Last Airbender".

Why this fanon?

French Froglegs had always been a big fan of Iroh and Azula. After a conversation with fellow user Kaizuh about the tragedy of Azula's life, how she had been manipulated by Ozai to become a monster, I thought of telling a story of how Ozai himself came to be a cruel power-hungry man. After all, as we saw in "Sozin's Comet" with the painting of him when he was two years old, he was, at a time, a sweet little kid.

However, I didn't want us to feel too sorry for Ozai, with readers saying : "It's Azulon's fault." (because it will mostly be). Although a bad education is responsible of many traumas, it is not the only thing that made Ozai ... Ozai. Don't blame the parents. The best-known example of a son who manages to fight the tyranny of his father and escapes the clutches of Evil is of course Zuko. My goal is to show that, in the end, the sole person that can be blamed for turning the Fire Nation Prince into a heartless dictator is Ozai himself.

So I wanted to add another protagonist, raised in the same conditions that Ozai but who still succeeds in being a good (but not perfect) person.

Of course Iroh came to my mind.

Now, making Iroh into one of my main characters was a tough decision to make, as he simply fills a room by his mere presence, both metaphorically and physically. But I couldn't resist the temptation of doing a young Iroh.

The author also wanted to improve his writer skills, although writing in a foreign language might not be the best way to do so.

Books and chapters

The number of chapters is yet undecided, and it is unknown if the "book" structure will stay. But as for now, Sozin's Blood is organized in the followings :

Book One : Sparks

  1. The Second Prince
  2. A Typical Day
  3. The Twenty-First Day of the Eighth Month
  4. To Live
  5. The Beach - Part 1
  6. The Beach - Part 2
  7. Inconsistencies - followed by Interlude : Cixi Alone
  8. Southwards
  9. Birth of Fire


Main characters

Secondary characters

Minor characters


This timeline is meant to help readers follow the action and not get lost in dates, events, etc. ... and to provide the author's faulty memory some solid base to help him avoid inconsistencies (spoiler ! spoiler !).

News and updates

Latest chapter : Chapter 8 - Southwards

Amount written: 100%

Next chapter : Chapter 9 - Birth of Fire

It will part one of two ... I will try to make it shorter than before and to keep the quality up ... Oh the pressure ...

Basically, we'll have Iroh trying to enter the Ice Citadel ... But lots of people don't want that to happen. Starring as antagonists the Ultimate Waterbender, Nanook and the Doombringer. Them, and lotsa others. ^^"

Amount written: 0% (starting today)

If you have an intelligent thought to convey (e.g. : "STOP WRITING !!"), a criticism to give, a way you think I could better my writing or if you just want to express your enthusiasm for the series, leave a comment. I value all your thoughts. :)

Be sure to also check Fanon:Legend of Mei Lien written by my rabidest fan. (Although I love deeply Eyes of Katara, there's no need to advertise it, since it's widely popular).

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