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Fanon Award for Outstanding Fanon Series

WinnersNominee List
Avatar: Better World (2009) - Avatar: Better World (2010) - Avatar: Energy Saga (2011) - Heiress of the Nile (2012)
Silent Hero in Emerald (2013) - Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes (2015)
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Fanon Award for Outstanding Romance Series

WinnersNominee List
A Bird Could Love a Fish (2011) - Silent Hero in Emerald (2013) - A Minute (2015)
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Silent Hero in Emerald
The one who looked past the brim of his pointed hat
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Ba Sing Se is kept balanced by the Dai Li. Under the strict eye of Long Feng, talk of war and even the slightest whisper of rebellion are silenced immediately by the elite earthbenders. Brainwashing, imprisonment, execution, and anything else is fair game to maintain order. Disruptors of the peace must be eliminated at once.


Yuhan, a highly talented converter (brainwasher) of rebels, has never found issue with the Dai Li's politics. Without much of a social life beneath Lake Laogai anyway, he's become one of the best controllers of balance and lives to preserve the clueless city. Everything changes when a childhood friendship reunites him with his past - and blooms into love. Suddenly, life can be more than brainwashing and terrorism.

It wouldn't have been so bad if the Dai Li hadn't deemed her a disruptor of peace.

About the Art

Illustrations in this fanon (including the main image) are possible because of the epically talented artists there are at and the remarkable generosity they've shown towards me, so I'll take a moment to glorify them first on this page. You'll also see some less attractive drawings that appear as captions from time to time, but those are just my own doodle attempts xP

Thanks and Tributes

  • I have to give a shoutout to Lady Lostris and Bos for helping me with the canon logic in this story. Thanks guys! Lostris in particular saved this story from being tossed (I was in a canon-conflict crisis, forgive me :P)
  • Mageddon725 was this story's first reader and remains the most dear fan to me. I am so thankful to him and regret being unable to finish SHiE during his time. Mage, I'll make sure to see this through to the end! It'll be a grand finale that you wouldn't have been able to say a single thing badly about ;) Now onto the story you loved...

Major Characters

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Fanon Award for Best Main Character (Male)

WinnersNominee List
Nero (2009) - Chen (2010) - Tengu (2011) - Yuhan (2012) - Wake (2013) - Lu Ten (2015)
Agent Yuhan Tsen

He's one of Long Feng's favorite brainwashers, and the Dai Li make great use of his talents by sending him off to work on 2 to 3 hours of sleep. He's modest and doesn't complain, more of an observer with a freakishly sharp perception of others. His analytic skills helped shape his earthbending into something formidable even by the Dai Li's standards, and you couldn't ask for more in an agent. Among the things you don't really ask for, though, is social awkwardness outside the job, a tendency to get anything fancy ruined, and death threats at random objects; a sleep-deprived mind is never predictable. Yuhan is as weird a Dai Li agent as he is a super-agent, a precarious contradiction that doesn't escape Long Feng's notice.

NOTABLE NOTE: The "-han" in "Yuhan" is pronounced like Han Solo! Some readers have misinterpreted it as the A sound in "pan," so just a heads up.

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Fanon Award for Best Supporting Character (Female)

WinnersNominee List
Lady Sa (2010) - Hotaru (2011) - Ursa (2012) - Riya (2013) - Moro Kenshi (2015)

An orphan born of the Lower Ring. She grew up in the company of her immigrant neighborhood and has made herself plenty of family in her tight-knit community, seemingly unfazed by a life of poverty. Having witnessed her birth parents fall to the plague and her foster parents disappear before she even turned 13, she respects the need to keep to oneself and does not pry. Shy and soft-spoken, Riya extends a kind, gentle hand to others in light of her lonely past. However, she fiercely believes in the authority of her city and won't hesitate to stand up to anything she considers an injustice. This makes her a pretty favorable citizen as far as Dai Li agents are concerned. For now.

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Fanon Award for Best Supporting Character (Male)

WinnersNominee List
Sokka (2010) - Reeaki (2011) - Gaidan (2012) - Hiroshu (2013) - Meren (2015)
Agent Hiroshu Leung

Yuhan's assigned patrol partner and annoying friend (though he knows that Yuhan just won't admit they're besties). He'll take any chances to avoid duties and do the absolute minimum, but he doesn't fall short of Long Feng's expectations. His fellow agents consider him a pretty chill 'Hitman,' more approachable than Yuhan but ominous in his own, disturbingly cheerful way. Hiroshu balances life in the Dai Li with the fun of everything else (particularly food) and seems to be enjoying himself. He doesn't like taking anything too seriously, but he's still a pretty dependable companion overall...only when it's needed, of course.

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Fanon Award for Outstanding Writing in a Fanon Series

WinnersNominee List
Henhouse (2009) - Dragon of The West - (2010) - Millennia2 (2011) - MibuWolf (2012) - Minnichi (2013) - Omashu Rocks (2015)
v - e Silent Hero in Emerald
1: The Peace Orator2: Old Friends and Old Trends3: Tea House Scuffles4: Recognition5: Her Only Family
6: Friendly Conversations7: The Favor8: Subtle Messages9: Enemies of the State10: Peasant Meets Royalty
11: Agent Greets Royalty12: Shattered Eyes13: Unspoken Wounds14: Judgment15: City of Twists and Lies16: Foolproof
17: Fire and Earth18: Those Left Behind19: The Crossroads of Destiny20: Consequence21: Voices22: From Darkness to Light
23: Mourning Son24: The Blues25: Earth Kingdom It Is26: Brightest in the Dark27: Road Rage28: A War at Ba Sing Se (TBA)
Story Artwork
Professional Illustrations - Minnichi's Drawings - All SHiE Art
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For those of you interested, here's the full list in HD resolution of all the professional artwork this story's been blessed with. My friends continually blow me away with their talents and crazy generosity, and I encourage you to check out the rest of their work on

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"Something tells me I'm not the only protagonist here..."
- Agent Yuhan Tsen


Fanonbending and Features

Fanon Awards

2012 (Fourth Awards)

  • Best Male Main Character (Yuhan)
  • Outstanding New Author

2013 (Fifth Awards)

  • Best Male Supporting Character (Hiroshu)
  • Best Female Supporting Character (Riya)
  • Outstanding Author
  • Outstanding Fanon Series
  • Outstanding Romance Series
  • Outstanding Writing in a Fanon Series (Chapter 20)

SHiE patrol partners

"This fanon is one of the best on the wiki, no joke. From the start, Minnichi pulled me into the story, and I found myself wanting to continue reading. This incredibly well-crafted tale pulls you in and doesn't let up, and that's exactly what good writing should do."
"Minnichi's writing is beautiful, simply put. Her descriptions are beautiful and she's mastered just about every literary device."
Omashu Rocks
"Wow, amazing writing, Minnichi. The description and the vividness of the scenes made them feel real. Yuhan is quite an interesting character!"
"I HAVE to say this, please, please, please, please, PLEASE give Hiroshu a girlfriend."
XxRin-sanxX of, who likes Hiroshu.
XxRin-sanxX of after it was suggested that Hiroshu could have a love interest.
"Dear Yuhan, I iz dead. LULz JK. Love, Riya xoxo"
— An anonymous valentine sent to Yuhan
"SHiE is easily one of the best ongoing -and otherwise- fanons on this wiki. Minnichi is a very talented author who knows how to write and to keep her readers interested. Her eye for detail, for description, for dialogue, and for overall splendid writing is off the charts. "
Lady Lostris
"Well, this is the best fanon I've ever read on the Wiki. It's so well thought out, and so well-written. Overall, it's a heart-wrenching story, one that captures the reader from the beginning. "
"Did I just read that correctly... You really know how to move your readers because this chapter made me burst into tears from this...unfairness. T.T"
— An anonymous reviewer, wonderfully summarizing what you should beware of.
"You fill in the blanks left by canon very well."
A Heritical Bacchant of, bringing tears to the author's eyes because it's almost like Yuhan is canon.
"I should be sleeping right now, but I can't. I can't because I am so enchained by "Silent Hero in Emerald". Your story is by far the best thing I have ever came across at 2:55 AM. The way you are writing is absolutely amazing! "
Kyasol, a gracious Dai Li enthusiast who stays up as late as Yuhan.

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  • I like the Dai Li...a little too much. I mean, come on!!! Secret ultimate earthbending ninja police who can make people believe whatever they want? Seriously! Ahem. My need for a story actually started when I saw a work on deviantart that reminded me that these guys are human beings with personalities, too.
  • Why romance? Well - first, I just thought it was such a bizarre yet awesome element to combine with the Dai Li, who are the complete opposite of romance with their cold, emotioness ways. Anyone who's ensnared by The One in that organization will surely have lots of issues. But you should know that this story is truly about Yuhan, whose world does not suddenly revolve around love but whose world sort of changes perspectives and struggles when love comes along. SHiE will kill your soul if you're a mushy, fluffy reader who wants nothing to go wrong or traumatic with the relationship ;)
  • I had never actually attempted writing romance or fanfiction of any kind before this story. It just came to me.
  • My writing style was influenced particularly by Pureauthor and MasterFirebender84 of
  • Hiroshu Leung was created before Hiroshi Sato and the rest of LoK came along. Respect the "-u"! Mine is better. *Blows raspberry* (And my OC is also better-looking)
  • The illustrators of SHiE (listed above) can often be found among other fanons here, so be sure to check it out!
  • During Minnichi's entire first year on Avatar Wiki, SHiE updated a total of 4 times. Yeahhhh, I just have so much time on my hands, I know :P

Record Update Time

To date, the longest ever update in this story took place from:

August 2017 to April 2019 (Chapter 27)

I apologize in advance for these delays. To be a reader of this story is to suffer the consequences of 12+ months waiting for the next chapter :X I try my best not to disappoint, though! Thank you to all who have been willing to endure it. Note that chapters are rewritten constantly between updates, too, so read them again from time to time for refreshers - you might see something new!

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