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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Rise of a Avatar
'A young boy just trying to find his place in the world'
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Rise of the Avatar

Rise of the Avatar is a new fanon written by the user Carloso. It tells the tragic story of Shinn Fey, a young boy wandering the world alone. Not knowing he is Avatar, Shinn travels to the Earth Kingdom to escape his corrupt homeland. However, as his birthright is revealed, he must fight for his life while coming to terms with the fact the world now rests on his shoulders. Will Shinn prevail or fail?


As the setting could be confusing to some here it is in a more simple form. Rise of an Avatar takes place in 918 BG (That's before Aang). You will find that not a lot of the characters from the A:TLA will be mentioned as they don't exist yet.


Book 1 Beginnings:

  • Chapter 1: A New Land Shinn arrives at the Earth Kingdom where he discovers life is as hard as the Fire Nation.
  • Chapter 2: Tensions Shinn finds himself in the farm of the Shao's and is forced to defend it when it comes under attack.
  • Chapter 3: The Prince In the Fire Nation the 'Avatar' trains with Xu Ki.
  • Chapter 4: Revalations Xu Ki arrives in the Earth Kingdom and a major battle ensues.
  • Chapter 5: A Dark Past Shinn's past is finally revealed as Xu's involment is discovered.
  • Chapter 6: Allies in the Earth Shinn meets with Ren Xu and learns of a chance at vengeance.
  • Chapter 7: The Assassin A Series of murders in the city of Isu sparks Shinn's attention but who is behind the attacks?
  • Chapter 8: Duel on the Plains The Assassin reappears and, using a mysterious power, gives Shinn the most intense fight of his life!
  • Chapter 9: The Unleashing (I would put a preview here but I'm going to be cruel by not give anything away! Ha Ha!).
  • Chapter 10: Decisions (Better read it, because I can't preview it without spoiling it)

Book 2:Disturbance

  • Chapter 1: Ambush at Patola Shinn travels to the Patola mountain range in an attempt to find the Southern Air Temple; however, a new foe enters the playing field...
  • Chapter 2: The Airbender Shinn arrives to a 'warm' welcome at the temple while Xu fights for his life!
  • Chapter 3: Trouble is Never Far Away

Major Characters

More will be added soon as this fanon is still in production.


"I'll let you know, right now, that you have a reader."
The avatar, of The Phoenix Chronicles

"A very good fanon that is an awesome addition to this wiki..."
Evatar114, of Avatar: Choices

"In my opinion, RoA is one of the best new fanons on the wikia"
The malefic, of Avatar: Bridge to Infinity

Rise of an Avatar has been welcomed with open arms by the fanon community of the fanon wiki with positive reviews. Fans of the series include those listed above and others like ShadowEden96, Dragon of the West and SSJ-Trunks. Rise's success has been shown as it received an honorable recognition at the September Fanon Awards and has won Featured Fanon for November 2010!


  • Honourable Mention 2nd Fanon Awards
  • Featured Fanon November 2010



Images of Shinn: The Character Shinn Asuka from the anime series Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED: Destiny. Also 1 Image from a Cao Pi fan artwork.

Images of Xu Ki: The Character Nom Anor from the sci-fi series Star Wars (Expanded Universe). Also Nobunaga Oda (KOEI Design) (Unmasked)

Images of Prince Zukai: Lu Xun (KOEI Dynasty Warriors 6 Design and Artwork)

Images of Fire Lord Zuang: Shingen Takeda (KOEI Design).

Images of Ren Xu: Ma Chao (KOEI Dynasty Warriors various designs).

Images of Fuma: Hanzo Hattori (KOEI Design and Artwork)

Images of Kor: Marik Ishtar (Yu-Gi-Oh)

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