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Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Polybender Saga in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Roku bending the four elements
Polybender Saga
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Duke of Skibbington


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Duke of Skibbington




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This fanfiction has been discontinued and is going to face a total rewrite under a different name. I don't really like the direction of the plot. Air, water, earth and fire. It has long been believed that mastering more than one element is impossible. Even the Avatar is but a Jack of all trades. That assumption has been challenged by men not from the Fire Nation or anything of the sort, nor from the Spirit World; rather, from a new world altogether.

These people call themselves the Polybenders, some can bend two or even three elements, but only one person can bend all four. Who are these people? With international tensions rising, what can they mean for the Avatar?


Much of the characters have been retained from The Legend of Korra and have only aged a few years. However, their significance is rather diminished.


  • Korra - the Avatar, keeper of balance.
  • Asami - CEO of Future Industries and girlfriend of the Avatar.
  • Mako - captain in the United Forces.
  • Tenzin - son of Avatar Aang, master airbender and leader of the Air Nation.
  • Jinora - daughter of Tenzin, a keen scholar and master airbender.
  • Kuvira - former leader of the Earth Empire. The Great Uniter.


  • Philip Hellene - master polybender, King of Hellas. War leader and philosopher.
  • Nikkolas - polybender who bends fire, water and earth. Admiral of the Royal Hellenic Navy.
  • Constatine - Prime Academic of Hellas.
  • Ephialtes - master polybender. Philip's rival.



This is my first version of the Polybender Saga. I decided I didn't like it and it needed a total rewrite, but rather than delete them, I thought I should leave them here. They have been deleted from FFN and AO3.

Book 1

Book 2


These pages are information pages for the background and so on and so forth. They are mainly for the history and character information.


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  • Originally, the Polybender Saga was called The Fire Nation Civil War; it had no chapters and was written from a wiki point of view.
  • The Kingdom of Hellas was originally intended to inhabit Whale Tail Island.
  • The fanon was at first inspired by the fan concept of Ty Lee and other characters being descended from surviving Air Nomads.

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