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Notable members

Massak, Bagguk, Cannaq, Urrana, Hallaq, Hoddo (first Paladins)

The Paladins, partially formed during the Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG, area group of six individuals who spiritually embody parts of the human mind. Like Avatar Korra, each Paladins merged with a spirit during the Harmonic Convergence, each of whom now embody a universal emotion shared between humans and spirits. Through the usage of energybending by their Earth Kingdom captives, all six Paladins gained the ancient abilities of lightbending and darkbending.

By 248 AG, the first Paladins had all died, and were all reincarnated, beginning a new Paladin cycle. The first Paladins founded an organization named the Blue Lotus, focused on finding every Energybender and "recruiting" them to their cause. After their deaths, the Paladins were reincarnated into six others, beginning the Paladin Cycle.


During the Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG, six friends in the Southern Water Tribe were being chased by dark spirits through the frozen tundra. They eventually found the spirit portal, but were too weak to fight back the dark spirits who were after them. Just as the spirits were about to kill the group, Unalaq permanently fused with Vaatu. The spirits accidentally fused with the twelve, leaving them in a coma for days.

Along the years, the Paladins were slowly driven insane by unstable spirits inside them. They also began capturing energybenders around the Earth Kingdom, forcing them to train in order to fix their condition. Eventually, the Paladins fused completely with the twelve spirits, gaining power on par to that of the Avatar. They also forced the captives to grant them the ancient arts of lightbending and darkbending. The fancied themselves gods, founding a secret society for themselves that eventually became known as the Blue Lotus.

By the time of the second Paladin cycle, the Blue Lotus had grown into an army of newly made benders, leading an attack against the Northern Water Tribe.

Paladin cycle

As there are sixth Paladins instead of only one like the Avatar, the next Paladin cycle cannot begin until each one has died.

Paladin State

Like the Avatar, each Paladin has their own version of this powerful state.

Known Paladins

First Paladins

  • Bagguk, fused with Fann, the spirit of anger.
  • Massak, fused with Ogon, the spirit of fear.
  • Cannaq, fused with Shah, the spirit of sadness.
  • Urrana, fused with Aia, the spirit of happiness.
  • Hallaq, fused with Kua, the spirit of love.
  • Hoddo, fused with Annan, the spirit of hope.

Second Paladins

  • Huong, successor of Bagguk
  • Jinhui, successor of Massak

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