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My Own Savior
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My Own Savior focuses on Tengu's backstory, a character from Twilitlink's "Avatar: Wanted" story, written by Dragon of The West.


My Own Savior is a dark drama series which is a spinoff/subseries of Twilitlink's Avatar: Wanted story. The series occurs during the final years of The Great War.

The series attempts to cover Tengu's story from his early childhood years as an Earth Kingdom colonial, through his troubled teenage years in Gaoling, his tenure with the Black Lotus, and finally, his joining of the New Airbender Nomads.

Main Characters

Supporting Characters


  1. Colonial Childhood
  2. The Tailor of Gaoling
  3. Jailbird
  4. Ember Island
  5. The Contract
  6. Corporal Lu Ten
  7. General Iroh
  8. The Wall, Part 1: Daedalus
  9. The Wall, Part 2: Icarus
  10. The Wall, Part 3: Apollo
  11. The Wall, Part 4: Minos
  12. The Lady Of Death
  13. The Last Airbender
  14. The Pursuit Of Peace (Surprise Guest Writer)
  15. Stengah
  16. The Northern Air Temple, Part 1: Arrival
  17. The Northern Air Temple, Part 2: Rebirth
  18. Pride
  19. Prejudice
  20. Freedom

Tone and Themes

The overall tone and style for this series is darker and more dramatic, with less action and plot twists than the original Wanted series. This work, however, intends to be a complement to the original series, rather than a verbatim extension. The story explores topics and situations similar to those of the canon and Wanted series: moral conflict, redemption, and the ubiquitous theme of honor. Tengu is a man with a troubled and difficult past, whose actions and choices almost destroyed him at one time. Only when he touches bottom, does he decide to clean the slate and make a fresh start.


  • Twilitlink is the author of the original Wanted series. It is his wonderful work that has inspired me to undertake this effort. I appreciate his trust and input.
  • The Bos is the author of the hit fanon series, Guardian. He has become a valued collaborator, critic and tech savior.
  • AcrobatFan is the author of the fanon series The Darkness Within. He is the first person in this wiki to think I was good enough to do this. I am in his debt.



  • Featured Fanon - July 2010
  • "Kinda in the same category as Wanted, but this continuation of Tengu's story from lonely child turned assassin is just too good! It's amazing to even be a part of it!" - The Bos
  • "This series was truly remarkable, and above all is what inspired me to join the wikia and contribute my own series. Thank you for such a compelling story, Dragon of The West, sir." Lovelyb0nes

The Wall, Part 3: Apollo

  • All I can say is, the former title you held of best Iroh writing, was just destroyed by this. You have just written the best Avatar chapter I have ever read. Iroh's entire past of calmness is shown in this chapter, he is deeply effected by this loss, and you have captured him perfectly! - The Bos
  • If this isn't already nominated for a Featured Article it's going to be. - Twilitlink
  • ...Wow. That of the best fanon chapters that this wiki has ever scene. It was unquestionably the most emotional piece of work that I have ever read. Nice work, Dragon of The West. This chapter has certainly gotten my vote for Featured Fanon Article. - Vaznock
  • Featured Article, August 2010

The Northern Air Temple, Part 2: Rebirth

  • This chapter is also amazing. The series itself was perfected in this chapter. Phenomenal job! That vision with Aang's aura almost being overwhelmed signaled the power of Tengu's evil deeds, and was perfectly described! - The Bos
  • Wow... just Wow! I've been getting the rough drafts to this chapter and I'm still speechless at how it turned out. Great job on the energybending sequence. - Twilitlink
  • I'm freaked out in a good way. - Evatar114

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