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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Moon Drops and Star Dust.

"If I could be any flower, I think that I should choose the Moon Flower. The shadow of adversity will make even the most stubborn ones bloom."
— Midori to Lien in Star Dust.

Midori is the second grandchild of Tenzin and Pema, great-grandchild of Avatar Aang and Katara, and only child of Jinora. Of her five airbending cousins, Midori is the first to master airbending. Her family lives at the Eastern Air Temple, in the southern territory of the Earth Kingdom. Midori is a conflicted girl. While she aspires to meet the expectations set forth by her heritage as an airbender, she also wishes to pursue her own dreams. Unfortunately, Midori resigns herself to the fact that she must abandon her dreams in order to achieve her potential as an airbender.

While dedicated to her studies and airbending lifestyle, the forced lack of self-concern has made Midori slightly bitter to others. She believes they, too, should show and practice the art of selflessness, and becomes easily provoked when they do not. Because of this mindset, it is natural that Midori highly disapproves of her cousin Bonzu's choice to accept money from their Aunt Kayok. Not only is that act itself selfish, but Kayok is—without a doubt—one of the most self-centered people in the world, according to Midori's personal assessment.


Midori is considered to be highly intelligent—a trait likely earned from her mother. She has, however, deeply struggled with the ability to fully immerse herself in the lifestyle of the Air Nomads. Midori feels quite bitter toward the Spirits as well as herself for having been born an airbender. As such, she has been forced to give up her own dreams of having a "normal" life as a simple flower shop owner. She feels the weight of the airbender plight on her shoulders and, while she does not want to let her people down, she only does the minimum expected of her. Her only consolation is that the Eastern Air Temple is abundant in exotic, flowering gardens that she tends to.

Midori has very little tolerance for her cousin Bonzu, whose successes as a pro-bender serves as a frequent reminder that there is a way to balance duty and desire—something that Midori has deemed does not exist as a result of her own predicament. She also has a deep prejudice of her cousin Lien, as it is well-known her mother serves as a tyrannical dictator over the United Republic. Midori fears Lien would follow in her mother's footsteps, and does not wish to nurture or aid such devilry in any way, shape, or form.

Many of Midori's family members consider her a hypocrite, though they may not say so to her face. For while she preaches selflessness, she acts only on her own whims.


Midori is set to inherit the title of Mother Superior of the Eastern Air Temple from Jinora in the far future. She has mastered absolute perfection of her airbending and invented the Pinwheel technique as part of her final test before receiving her airbending tattoos. Midori rarely uses her airbending outside of personal endeavors, though she would make a very capable teacher. She has a knack for growing flowers, however, and often spends her time doing that rather than meditating inside the temple or practicing her airbending forms.


  • The name Midori is a Japanese female name that means the color green. The one connection to the meaning of her name is her affinity for growing beautiful flower gardens at the Eastern Air Temple, making her a green thumb.
  • Due to her draw to flora and her relationship with Lien (which is a Chinese name meaning lotus) there is some implication that Midori is a Lotus Eater. The Lotus Eaters of Greek Mythology were one of the many obstacles Greek Hero Odysseus had to overcome on his journey home in The Odyssey by Homer. The Lotus plant in The Odyssey was shown to be narcotic and those who ate it became apathetic—much like how Midori is perceived on various occasions.
  • Midori was the last person to speak with Avatar Korra before she left the rebel encampment to confront the Supreme Ruler of Republic City.


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