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Southern Water Tribe



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Jian, bending

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Water Tribe Warrior style, Water bending, Swordsmanship (Jian-fencing)


Aang,Southern Water Tribe, Tia, Zura, Ami,Hai Sky, Mizurai, Mizu The Phoenix Bombers more...


The Phoenix Islands

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  • Prince of the Southern Water Tribe
  • Swordsman
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The Southern Prince

Mian is the current Avatar and main protagonist in the fanon, The Phoenix Chronicles.


Mian was born to the chief of the Southern Water Tribe, Mizurai. So, he was treated well and respected but he lived like a normal kid. He trained with his dad and played in the fountains, he also made friends easily due to his personality. He met the Earth Kingdom Princess and Fire Nation crown prince in a world summit, where he also met with a friendly daughter of an Air Nomad council member. They all became fast friends, especially since their parents and grandparents were friends as well. The foursome often visited each other, and hung out. When Mian was 13 it was discovered he was the Avatar. His father did not want to tell him until he was 16, but Mian overheard him talking to his mother. So, he confronted them and was upset yet excited. Upset that his parents had not told him, but excited that he was the Avatar. So, he began to train harder with water bending, much harder then before. Thus he became quite proficient. He recently started Earthbending training, along with his friend, Tia.

Mian was first seen hanging out at his friend's house. Due to the recent hostilities with the Phoenix Islands, he had to go back to the Water Tribe. He then went to help out a Water Tribe settlement, along with his Friends. With the help of Admiral Min, he began to move towards an Islander base. They met several allies along the way, called the Phoenix Bombers. The day before the attack, they were attacked. Thus they retreated to Air Nomad territory, where they relaxed for several days before moving to help out his hometown. Mian helped take down several airships, then went into the Avatar State and ousted the Islanders.

The Phoenix Islands

Mian and his friends came to the Phoenix Islands, on a small boat. There plan was to take the down Islands from the inside. On their second night there they found a stowaway, Ami's pet, Mojo. Team Strike then rented an apartment in the City of Jai Ko. While the girls are shopping, Zura and Mian joined the Protectors a suspicious group similar to the Dai Li. They found an ally in Hai, and he invited them to his home. There Zura and Hai teach Mian, about Firebending.

The Fire Nation and Omashu Defenses

When Zura hears of the dire state of his nation, Mian helps his friend in the defense of his homeland. Nonetheless, they are forced to retreat to Omashu, but after an accident in flight, Mian finds himself abandoned in the woods. He eventually finds his comrades, and they soon make it to Omashu. Mian prepares the city for it's defense against the invading Islanders, and opposes Hai's plan to ambush them. He is heart-broken when Hai begins to date Tia, and despite saving everyone in battle, is captured by Jeong.


Mian has a fun-to-be-with personality. He is often found playing with kids, and helping out the Water Tribes. As a child he would often play in the fountains of the city. Yet, he is serious when the situation requires it.


As the Avatar, Mian is a natural bender. Though he still has to learn the other 3 elements he is proficient in Waterbending, he is also beginning to learn basic Earthbending. He is a skilled swordsman, an art he learned from his father. He uses his grandfather's sword, and can be considered good at swordsmanship.

Ancestors from the Original series

Name Relation
Sokka Grandfather
Aang Great-Uncle, former Avatar
Katara Great-Aunt

Non-Canon Appearances

Mian appeared in the Crossover Special, Fanon:Avatar: Clash of Worlds. In Part 1, and Part 2 Mian had a minor role being occasionally mentioned, and helping hold back the crazy Shiungi. In Part 3, he gets a much larger role and helps all the other rebels out. He gives a prophecy that tells everyone that they need to find a Balance gem, to get back to their own world.

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