Legend of Korra Book 2 - Shadow - Chapter 1: A New Threat
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Legend of Korra Book 2 - Shadow





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October 21, 2012

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"MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Requesting assistance! I'm under attack by some sort of firebreathing bird!!!" A biplane soars over the ocean on its way to Republic City. All of a sudden, a bolt of fire whizzes past the plane and explodes just inches away from it. A black and red bird descends upon the plane. "Hello. Ground control. Is anybody there? I need help". Boom. Another explosion goes off just inches from the plane's right wing. "God frigging....". The pilot is cut off as his left wing bursts into flames and explodes. His plane begins to descend rapidly into the ocean. The pilot evacuates the plane and attempts to pull the string on his parachute, but the bird swoops down and grabs his pack. The pilot falls down to the ocean as the bird flies away.

Meanwhile, in Republic City. A cloaked man is waiting in an alleyway. "God dangit!" he says. "Where's my contact? He was supposed to be here an hour ago. I need that information so I can get my revenge on the firelord!!" He looks up to the sky to see if he can spot the plane.

All of a sudden, a voice comes from behind him. "Alright, we've caught you red handed!"

The man turns around to see the metalbending police force along with Mako. The man sneers. He produces an array of knives and throws them at the offices. They attempt to metal-bend them away, but it's no use. Most of the officers are struck down.

"What the hell was that?" Mako yells. "How can thrown knives reach the metalbenders?"

The man only laughs, and then responds "Metalbenders can't do nothing about Irridium. It only found in space!" He turns and runs. He is about to dart around the corner when a loud sound jets from the top of a building. The man's right arm is blown off by some unseen force. All of a sudden, a figure wearing a modified Fire Nation military uniform appears in front of the man, kicks him down, and aims his hand towards his head. Mako fires a bolt of lightning at the figure and hits him square on in his faceplate. The figure fires a soundwave into Mako's chest knocking him down. He then proceeds to grab the man, and vanishes into thin air.

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