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LEGO Avatar: The Last Airbender is a hypothetical LEGO action-adventure fantasy video game developed by TT Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It is the first game the Lego Avatar series, adapting Book One: Water and Book Two: Earth of Avatar: The Last Airbender. A sequel, Lego Avatar: The Last Airbender: Into the Inferno, would be released sometime later, adapting Book Three: Fire.

As of 2020, it would be released for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.



LEGO Avatar: The Last Airbender is a direct adaptation of the first two seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender, with each of the 40 episodes being adapting into their own levels. Each level is first played through "Story Mode", including cutscenes and a limited character array. Once a level is completed in Story Mode, "Free Play Mode" is unlocked for that level. Free Play Mode allows players to replay a level with access to any character they have unlocked and purchased, allowing them to access previously restricted or inaccessible areas of the level.


Starting with Lego Star Wars: The Video Game, virtually every Lego game has a "Hub", in which levels can be accessed, locations can be explored in greater detail, and more content is provided outside of levels. For example, in Lego Marvel's Avengers, whose Hub consists of various prominent locations in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, accessible through a globe of the Earth.

The Hub of Lego Avatar works similarly to that of Lego Marvel's Avengers, but instead of a globe of the Earth, the player selects locations on a two-dimensional map similar to that seen in the show's opening sequence. Initially, only the Southern Water Tribe is accessible, but more locations are unlocked as progression through levels in made.

Similarly, in Ba Sing Se, monorail stations are located throughout the city for faster travel.

Originally, the Hub for Lego Avatar was going to function similarly to that of Lego The Hobbit or Lego The Lord of the Rings, in which the Hub consists of a very condensed open-world landscape, with key locations accessible by foot or eagle. However, those games have an advantage because the source material is set over a specific stretch of land, whereas Avatar takes place all over their world, including islands way out in the sea and temples high in the mountains. With the Hub mechanics of Lego Marvel's Avengers, that open-world idea is still preserved, especially in larger areas like Ba Sing Se and the Water Tribes, and it does not all have to be greatly shrunk to fit on a single rendered area, as is the case in the aforementioned Lego Middle-Earth games.

Here is a list of notable locations accessiblevia the Hub, in order of level progression:

Book One: Water

Book Two: Earth

Character Wheel

AS in previous LEGO games, the Character Wheel is a mechanic that allows access to a character's other weapons, equipment, and bending styles. In Story Mode, it also shows the list of pre-selected playable characters. In Free Play Mode and the Hub, it instead shows the most recently chosen and played characters and an option to view the complete roster of characters the player has unlocked, locked, or available to buy.


  • Studs are the currency of the game. They can be found everywhere across levels and the Hub, and are also collectible through breaking brick-built objects and completing puzzles and objectives. Studs can be used to purchase unlocked and collected character tokens and red bricks.
    • In each level, there is a certain number of studs a player must collect to fill a bar of studs that gets slowly filled as more studs are collected. Once this number is reached, the player will attain the "True Avatar" status for that level.
      • The "Fully Realized Avatar" status is reached upon 100% completion of the game.
  • Avatar Relics are ancient toys and artifacts important to the history of the Avatar. They serve as Lego Avatar's version of Minikits; there are 10 in each level, some accessible in Story Mode and others in Free Play Mode. Upon collecting all 10 in a level, a Gold Brick is gained.
  • Library Scrolls, lost from Wan Shi Tong's Library, can be found in each level as well as in various locations throughout the hub. Every 5 scrolls collected is equal 1 Minikit, and each scroll found features a purchasable description about a piece of lore, including characters, locations, items, bending moves, etc.
  • The Cabbage Merchant in Peril must be rescued once per level and at various locations throughout the Hub, and studs will be given in reward.
  • White Lotus Tiles are Lego Avatar's version of Character Tokens. They can be found in various locations throughout the Hub after being unlocked through Story Mode.
  • Red Bricks can be unlocked and bought. These are the equivalent of easy cheats in non-LEGO games.
  • Gold Bricks are rewarded for various things like completing a level, rescuing the Cabbage Merchant in Peril, achieving the "True Avatar" status, collecting all 10 minkits in a level, completing the map in each level, unlocking a red brick, or completing an activity (like a race or assisting someone) in the hub.

Battle Mode

Similar to a minigame, Battle Mode is a game mode in which two players select a nation from the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, and Fire Nation, in addition to a battlefield. In Battle Mode, the two players must try to capture towers, bases, buildings, etc. and fight off the troops, vehicles, and mounts of the opposing side. Only a few constructs are present to start with on either side, but more can be constructed on visually specific Lego baseplates. Construction costs studs, which are gainable through defeating enemies and completing objectives.

In addition to a nation and battlefield, each player can choose two commanding officers from a list of playable characters with the "Command" ability, such as Zhao, Hakoda, and Fong. Characters with this ability are able to lead and command their respective nation's soldiers. This is where characters with the "command" ability come in, as they are able to lead or "command" soldiers of their nation. A player can switch between commanding officers to accomplish tasks at different locations across the battlefield.

For example, if a player selects the Fire Nation, they can choose their two leaders to be Azula and Qin. That player you can switch between the two. Each of them commands their own battalion; as the battalion grows stronger and collects more studs, they can expand their quantity of bases and towers captured and constructed, vehicles and mounts leading soldiers ride, etc. The battle ends after either all bases and towers have been captured or the timer runs out, which can be set to 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 minutes.


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Mounts and vehicles

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Book One: Water

"The Boy in the Iceberg"
Aang in the iceberg

Characters: Aang, Katara (Parka), Sokka (Parka)
Enemies: Shipwreck Rodents
Unlockable Characters: Aang, Katara (Parka), Sokka (Parka), Sokka (Slimed), Kanna, Southern Water Tribe Boy, Southern Water Tribe Girl
Locations: Iceberg, Southern Water Tribe, Penguin sledding tunnels, Shipwreck

Cutscene 1:
The opening sequence for "The Boy in the Iceberg" plays, with narration by Katara, but, of course, interjected with Lego slapstick.

Cutscene 2:
Katara and Sokka are fishing in their boat. While Sokka tries to fish, Katara captures a fish in a bubble, but Sokka raises his spear at the wrong moment, bursting the bubble. Sokka ignorantly comments on Katara's waterbending. The rapids pick up. Sokka tries to steer, but the boat is shattered between two icebergs, stranding the siblings on one of them. Sokka makes a sexist remark at Katara, who flips out and angrily promises to never help him again, accidentally causing an iceberg to crack. This causes another iceberg ("the" iceberg) to rise from below. They see someone trapped inside, so Katara grabs Sokka's club and bashes it open. The iceberg explodes as it depressurizes, sending a brilliant beam of light into the sky.

Elsewhere, Prince Zuko sees the light from aboard his ship. He angrily refuses his uncle's offer of calming tea, reasoning that the light must have come from an incredibly powerful source. He orders his helmsman to set a course for the light.

Back at the iceberg, Sokka and Katara see a boy with glowing tattoos emerge, and promptly faints and tumbles down into Katara's arms. The boy opens his eyes and excitedly asks Katara if she will go penguin sledding with him.

Act 1: The first bit of gameplay takes place on the iceberg. Through in-game dialogue, the boy introduces himself as Aang. Because of his recent emergence from the iceberg, Aang is still weak (also to preserve the reveal of his airbending abilities), so his passive Airbending abilities (namely his Super Jump and Super Speed) are the only abilities initially present. Likewise, Katara only has access to basic waterbending abilities, and Sokka is carrying his spear, club, and boomerang. During a cinematic, Aang tries to Super Jump over the iceberg wall, but tumbles down again. The objective is to get around the corner to see Appa.

After they get around, Aang will introduce Katara and Sokka to a sleeping Appa, who will grumble, but not wake up. The second objective is to get Appa to wake up. Doing this will involve airbending, revealing Aang as an airbender (instead of Aang sneezing himself high into the air). Katara and Sokka will react appropriately through in-game dialogue. Once Appa is awake, a cinematic will play involving Appa grumbling, getting up, shaking, and sneezing on Sokka.

Cutscene 3: Aang offers to give Katara and Sokka a ride home, which they accept (one more reluctantly than the other). Appa tries to fly, but lands in the water, to which Sokka responds with sarcastic amusement. Aang explains that Appa is tired and will be flying once he gets some rest. Appa continues swimming as the sun sets.

Iroh tries to get Zuko to sleep, but the prince refuses. Iroh tries to explain to Zuko that his forefathers tried to capture the Avatar and all failed, but Zuko rebuts with the fact that, unlike his forefathers, his honor depends on such a feat.

Aang has a nightmare of him and Appa flying over the ocean during a rainy storm and get swept underwater, triggering the Avatar State and freezing himself and Appa in ice. Katara wakes him up, informing him that they are in the village. Aang tries to look for his staff, but Katara pulls him out and introduces him to the village.

Act 2: The player will get to control Aang and Katara and explore the Southern Water Tribe as Kanna, through in-game dialogue, mentions that they believed the airbenders to be extinct. The first objective is to find Aang's staff, which would likely be hidden in one of the tents or in Sokka's watchtower. Once the staff is located, they will need to construct a Glider Point for Aang to take off from, and the player will get to fly around for a bit through a series of checkpoints, concluding with a cinematic of Aang crashing into Sokka's watchtower.

Cutscene 4: After Aang pulls himself free, Sokka gets buried in snow. Getting up, he mentions that Katara is a waterbender. Kanna leads Katara away to do her chores, and they briefly chat about Aang.

Zuko trains with Iroh and a couple armored Firebenders as Iroh explains how firebending is supposed to work. Zuko angrily explains that the Avatar has had a century to master the four elements and orders his uncle to teach him the next set. Iroh complies, but must finish his roast duck first.

Back at the tribe, Sokka is giving a lesson on fighting and courage, but turns around while speaking to find all of the boys playing with Aang and Appa. He berates Aang for playing with a war going on, to Aang's confusion. Before Sokka can continue, Aang sees a penguin and speeds off in its direction. Katara goes to meet him, and they discuss bending and the North Pole. Aang tells Katara to think about it, and in the meantime, she will show him how to catch a penguin.

Act 3: The player, controlling Aang and Katara, will get to explore the areas around the Southern Water Tribe with the objective of obtaining two fish and catching two penguins. After this is complete, they will need to get up high to a suitable spot to begin penguin sledding, clearing out snow and ice along the way. Once they start, the player will get to control Aang and Katara as they slide down the mountain. There will be a minor difference in how they control; Aang will move faster in the air and will get a bit of a boost the longer he stays airborne, and Katara will move faster along ice and will get a bit of a boost the longer she stays on icy areas.

Cutscene 5: Aang and Katara emerge from the bottom of the tube at the site of the shipwreck of a Fire Navy cruiser. Katara explains that it is a bad memory of her people and warns Aang against entering as the airbender steps toward it. Aang convinces her to join him, but they notice no easy way inside.

Act 4: Aang and Katara must find and clear a way inside the Fire Navy shipwreck. From there, they will explore the shipwreck from room to room, corridor to corridor. For added challenge, they will have to fight the rodents that infest the ship.

As they explore, Katara will further explain the ship's relevance to her tribe's history and Aang. At some point, their discussion will lead to Aang realizing that he has been stuck in that iceberg for 100 years, to his dismay. After that conversation through in-game dialogue, they will go to leave the room, but they will activate that trap. A cinematic will play of whoever touches the wire tripping and falling, followed by all exits being shut. The cinematic will end with Aang rhetorically asking, "What's that you said about booby traps?"

Cutscene 6: Aang and Katara watch in horror as all of the pipes, nozzles, and other mechanisms suddenly come to life and make a flare go off. Aang will grab Katara and Super Jump them to safety. This will be seen through telescope, specifically Zuko's, who orders a guard to wake his uncle. Zuko comments on the Avatar's agility and, as he watches Aang and Katara make a run for it in the direction of the Southern Water Tribe, notes that he has also found the Avatar's hiding place.

Unlocked: Completing "The Boy in the Iceberg" unlocks access to the Hub, specifically the Southern Water Tribe, and access to "The Avatar Returns".

"The Avatar Returns"
Avatar Aang waterbends

Characters: Aang, Sokka (Battle Armor), Confused Guard, Katara (Parka), Sokka (Parka)
Boss: Zuko (3 hearts, then 3 hearts, then 5 hearts)
Enemies: Fire Nation Soldiers (Sword), Fire Nation Soldiers (Spear), Firebenders
Unlockable Characters: Sokka (War Paint), Sokka (Battle Armor), Zuko, Zuko (Battle Armor), Iroh, Fire Nation Soldier (Sword), Fire Nation Soldier (Spear), Firebender
Locations: Southern Water Tribe, Zuko's Ship

Hub Activity: After "The Boy in the Iceberg" is completed, the player will have partial Hub access to the Southern Water Tribe. They will spawn at the base of the Shipwreck and must make their way back to the village. Once

Cutscene 1: As the flare disperses, Katara and Aang return to the Southern Water Tribe, where everyone has gathered and is awaiting their arrival. While the children are happy to see Aang, Sokka steps forward and accuses Aang of being a traitor. Katara says that it was an accident and Aang takes responsibility. Sokka banishes Aang, and, to Katara's anger, Kanna agrees, but Sokka and Aang convince her to stay. As Aang and Appa leave, Kanna tries to cheer her granddaughter up, but Katara snaps at her and angrily walks away.

Sokka preps the boy of the tribes for battle and disallows potty breaks.

Aang lays in an iceberg above Appa, looking sad, but sits up as he sees Zuko's ship approaching the village. He tells Appa to wait there as he takes off in the direction of the village. Appa grumbles in response.

Sokka prepares himself for battle, replacing the necessary minifigure parts and applying the war paint. Zuko has his servants do something similar as he prepares to fight the Avatar. Zuko notices a torch flicker and waits outside for a ship to approach. He soon sees the ship through the mist, and everyone else flees as everyone feels the ground quaking. Sokka reacts with disappointment when the quakes crumble his watchtower but he and Katara react with fear when the ship, in its full glory, crashes through the ice. Sokka is knocked aside as the ship stops and the bow is released, and in strolls Zuko in his battle armor, flanked by multiple Firebenders and nonbending guards.

Zuko interrogates the village on the Avatar's whereabouts and Sokka tries to "sneak attack" him, but is swiftly defeated. Sokka throws a boomerang and scores a hit on its return, to Zuko's anger. Before Zuko can do anything else, however, when Aang comes riding in on an otter penguin and knocks the prince over. As they both get up, Aang greets Katara and Sokka and asks Zuko, "Looking for me?" Zuko reacts with "You're the Avatar?!" and Katara and Sokka react in disbelief.

Act 1: This is the first boss fight against Zuko, who has 3 hearts, in this level. The player will control Aang and Sokka and defeat guards and Firebenders in between barrages of fireballs from Zuko. Once Zuko's third heart is knocked out, in a rage, he will fire a blast at Aang, who disperses it with his staff, but the flames almost hit a few residents and catches a tent on fire.

Cutscene 2: Aang, seeing what the fight is causing to the village, promises Zuko he will go with him if the prince promises to leave the village alone. Zuko agrees and, against Katara's cries, escort Aang onto the ship, which pulls out and sets off for the Fire Nation capital.

As the village picks itself back up, Katara tries to convince Sokka to help her rescue Aang, but Sokka reveals a packaged boat. Kanna steps in and surprises the siblings by offering a sleeping bag and several slapstick items, explaining that the return of the Avatar has brought her hope and that they found the Avatar for a reason, so their destinies are intertwined with his. Katara remarks that they are not going to be able to catch up with a canoe, at which point Appa appears over a nearby hill.

Zuko confiscates Aang's staff, noting that it will make an excellent gift for his father, and rudely hands it to Iroh, who hands it to another guard as Zuko walks off, ordering the Avatar to be taken to the prison hold. As Aang is escorted, he tries to goad the Firebenders to no avail. The guards try to open the door, but notice that they have lost the keys, and slapstick ensues. Seeing his opportunity, Aang sends out a massive blast of wind that knocks one guard forward and one backward that hits his head so hard, he is confused and starts seeing Aang as a fellow guard and the actual guards as other Aangs.

(Compare this to the level "Riddles in the Dark" in Lego The Hobbit; with no other options for co-op play, they revived the goblin that fell with Bilbo to Gollum's lair and instead ruled that he hit his head hard enough to see Bilbo as a friend instead of an enemy. I am ruling something similar here, as, really, what other realistic option is there for co-op play?)

Act 2: Aang and the Confused Guard will have two primary objectives: find a way to get Aang's ropes off and locate the airbender's staff. As they search the ship, they will fight their way through guards and Firebenders. At some point, they will even encounter Iroh in the middle of a nap; they will not be able to enter normally, as disturbing Iroh will scare characters away, but a character with the Stealth ability will be able to sneak in and snatch an Avatar Relic.

The staff will be located in Zuko's bedroom, where another boss fight against him will ensue. To defeat Zuko, who has 3 hearts, the player must both directly fight him and use objects around the room (such as a banner and mattress). Once Zuko is defeated, a cinematic will play of Aang briefly knocking the prince out with the mattress.

From there, the player will make their way to the bridge and the high deck(?), where a glider point must be built. Once constructed, another cinematic will play of Aang activating his glider and starting a flight to freedom, but Zuko appears from behind, jumping and catching Aang by the leg, sending both tumbling to the ship's main deck. Zuko and Aang get up and prepare to face off, but Appa suddenly appears from around an ice wall, to Zuko's confusion and Aang's glee. Appa will briefly fly out view and then appear on the ship as Katara and Sokka slide off to join the fight.

For the final boss fight against Zuko of the level, he has 5 hearts. Katara and Sokka will now be playable (as the Confused Guard will, by now, have gotten over his concussion). Once again, Firebenders and Fire Nation guards will be fought against. Once Zuko is down 3 hearts, he will unleash a series of powerful attacks against Aang, who will be overwhelmed and knocked overboard.

Cutscene 3: As Aang falls into the water and is briefly knocked out, Katara will shout his name in worry a few times until Aang enters the Avatar State. He will summon a huge funnel of water and rise above ground, rejoining the fight, to Zuko's horror.

Act 4: This is no so much a full "act", but rather the remainder of the fight. Aang, now in the Avatar State, will be the one to finish off Zuko with select controls and knock him overboard while Katara and Sokka focus on the guards and Firebenders.

Cutscene 4: As the funnel dissipates, Aang briefly faints, but is caught by his new friends. Sokka goes to retrieve Aang's staff and banks Zuko downward when the latter tries to grab hold of the staff. Katara accidentally freezes Sokka and then the remainder of the guards before the trio flies off. At that moment, Iroh, having woken up from his nap, helps Zuko up and the two unleash a huge blast of fire in their direction. Aang bats it away with his staff like a home run into an adjacent snow-covered cliffside, causing an avalanche to swallow the front portion of the deck.

As Zuko swallows his defeat, he orders his men to dig the ship out and follow the trio, as soon as they are finishes thawing out the guards Katara froze.

As the sun sets, Katara fangirls about Aang's waterbending and asks Aang how he did it, who responds uncertainly. Katara asks why he did not tell them he is the Avatar, and Aang solemnly responds that he never wanted to be. The rest of the episode plays out as normal, if abridged for time.

Unlocked: Completing "The Avatar Returns" unlocks two Hub locations: Campsite and the Earth Kingdom harbor.

"The Southern Air Temple"
Southern Air Temple outlook

Characters: Aang, Katara (Parka), Sokka (Parka), Sokka (Book One), Monk Gyatso
Enemies: Rodents
Unlockable Characters: Sokka (Book One), Monk Gyatso
Locations: Southern Air Temple

Cutscene 1: Upon selecting the location "Campsite" (the campsite at the very start of the episode), a brief cutscene will play involving Aang and Katara packing up their campsite. Aang is excited to show Katara the Southern Air Temple, but Katara warns him how much things can change in 100 years. Aang notices that Sokka is still asleep and tries to get him awake, but Sokka won't budge.

Hub activity: The player will be able to control Aang and Katara and explore the Campsite. In order to progress, they need to find a way to get Sokka up and moving, namely grabbing a nearby stick to prank Sokka into thinking a prickle snake is in his sleeping bag. Once Sokka is awake, he will voice his disgruntledness at having to get up early, but join the roster of playable characters. After that, the player needs only jump on Appa to begin to unlock the Southern Air Temple on the Hub map.

Cutscene 2: Upon arriving at the Southern Air Temple via Appa, a cutscene will play of the gang flying on Appa. Katara tries again to warn Aang of what he may see, but Aang is still holding hope. Sokka, who, in the background, was searching through multiple bags, interrupts and asks if either of them had eaten his blubbered seal jerky. Aang admits to using it to start the campfire the previous night. Sokka laments over the smell of the campfire's flames.

Aang warns Katara and Sokka to hold on tight as he shouts "Yip-yip!" and takes Katara and Sokka high over a mountain peak, revealing the view of the Southern Air Temple, to Katara and Sokka's amazement.

Act 1: A short cinematic plays of Appa landing and the gang jumping off. The goal of At 1 is simple: explore the temple. Aang, Katara, and Sokka will make their way up the winding paths at the base of the temple as Aang, through dialogue, narrates tidbits about the temple.

Cutscene 3: Once the gang reaches a certain point, a short cutscene plays. As Aang continues to point out which bit of the temple served what purpose, such as the bison beds and airball field, he trails off and notes how everything used to be lively, but now he only sees a bunch of weeds. To cheer him up, Sokka asks how they play airball.

Act 2: Aang and Sokka are posted on opposite sides of the airball field and must attack the ball and hit it in the general direction of the goal to score points for studs. After some time, Aang scores a goal and knocks Sokka out of the ring.

Cutscene 4: Aang scores a goal, knocking Sokka out into a pile of weeds and snow. As Aang celebrates his victory, Sokka spots an ancient Firebender helmet and beckons Katara over. Katara calls Aang over to see, but changes her mind at the last minute, waterbends a pile of snow onto the helmet and Sokka, and claims to have wanted to show Aang a new waterbending move. Aang compliments it but reminds her that they have the rest of the temple to see. As Katara watches him, Sokka gets up and tells Katara that she cannot protect him forever.

Act 3: Aang, Katara, and Sokka continue to make their way up and through the temple. They eventually make it onto a deck with the statue of Monk Gyatso. Through in-game dialogue, Aang introduces Gyatso, and the level switches to a flashback sequence. In the flashback, the player can control Aang and Gyatso. The objective is to finish a total of four cakes through a short series of puzzles, all the while Aand and Gyatso converse through dialogue Aang's reluctance in his purpose as the Avatar and how, once he is ready, there is someone he will meet in the Air Temple Sanctuary. At the end of the sequence, the player, through Aang and Gyatso, will use airbending to launch the cakes in the direction of the other Head Monks. Through another cinematic, Aang and Gyatso will laugh and bow before the sequence switches back to the present.

The objective is now to make it to the sanctuary door. Once there, Aang will have to use Airbending to unlock it. Once open and the player enters, another cutscene will play.

Cutscene 5: The gang enters the Sanctuary to see, to Sokka's disappointment, a large and seemingly endless gallery of statues. Aang feels like he knows them and he and Katara notice how they are all lined up in the order of the Avatar Cycle, showing that the statues all represent his past lives, with the most recent being a Fire Nation Avatar named Roku. As Sokka makes a comment on Aang's strangeness, the three hear a sound behind them and the shadow of a figure approaching, which they assume to be Fire Nation as they hide behind the statues. When the figure enters the Sanctuary, Sokka jumps out to ambush but pauses when he notices that the figure is nothing more than a winged lemur. Aang turns around, sees the lemur, and thinks "Pet!" while Sokka thinks "Dinner!", and the two give chase.

Act 4: A chase sequence begins as Aang and Sokka go after the lemur (Katara is not playable, as she remained in the Sanctuary room). The chase sequence ends when Aang enters the curtained courtyard where Gyatso's skeleton lies.

Cutscene 6: Aang enters the room while trying to call the lemur out, only to see, to his shock, the corpses of dozens of Firebenders and, laying against the wall, to his dismay, the skeleton of Gyatso, recognizable by his necklace. Aang drops to his knees and cries, at which point Sokka enters, mouth-watering for lemur meat but ends the joke when he sees a sobbing Aang surrounded by the corpses of Firebenders and Gyatso. He tries to cheer his friend up, but at that point Aang enters the Avatar State.

Back in the Sanctuary, Katara is exploring the room and watches the Roku statue for a second before its eyes glow, and soon the rest of the statues' eyes glow. Katara senses something is wrong with Aang and run out to find him.

Elsewhere across the world in Avatar Temples in the other three nations, the eyes in artworks depicting Avatars also glow. In the Earth Kingdom, a mural of Earth Kingdom Avatars glow, startling a man who was humorously sitting and sleeping in front of it. In the Northern Water Tribe, the roof piece of a temple glows while two individuals watch. Finally, in the Temple on Crescent Island, the roof piece is glowing as well as a Fire Sage tells another to send word to the Fire Lord immediately that the Avatar has returned.

Back at the Southern Air Temple, Sokka tries to get Aang to snap out of it, but he is ignored and blasted back as Aang starts to levitate. By this point, Katara arrives and, when Sokka explains what happened, decides to try to calm Aang down.

Act 5: The objective of Act 5 is to get Aang to calm down, which will be done by Katara through dialogue. However, the player must reach Aang for him to hear Katara through the wind and debris ripping around them. Katara and Sokka will have to approach Aang a total of three times, and each time Katara will shout something in Aang's direction that will calm him down enough to bring him closer to Earth, but the wind will pick them up and knock her and Sokka back in a different area. Rinse and repeat, and at the end of the third round of calming him down, Aang will lower to the ground and exits the Avatar State. A cinematic plays of Katara and Sokka approaching Aang as Sokka promises that they will not let anything happen to him.

Cutscene 7: Aang collapses into Katara's arms as he apologizes. He mentions that, if Firebenders found his temple, they found the others as well, indeed making him the last Airbender. Katara hugs him while Sokka puts a hand on his shoulder.

Back at the Sanctuary, Katara finds Aang staring at Roku's statue, wondering how he will contact his predecessor. At that moment, the lemur from before arrives and presents to Sokka an armful of food, to Sokka's delight. The lemur jumps onto Aang's shoulder.

At the base of the temple, Aang tells Appa and the lemur that, as the last of their civilization, they must stick together. Aang introduces the lemur as the newest member of the group to Sokka and Katara. Katara asks Aang what he will name him, and as the lemur steals a peach out of Sokka's hand, Aang settles on "Momo".

Unlocked: Completing "The Southern Air Temple" unlocks full access to the Southern Air Temple as a Hub location. Once it and "The Commander" are completed, the player will have Hub access to Kyoshi Island and, subsequently, "The Warriors of Kyoshi".

"The Commander"
Commander Zhao

Characters: Zuko, Iroh, Zhao, Zuko (Duel), Zhao (Duel)
Boss: Zuko (8 hearts) vs. Zhao (8 hearts)
Unlockable Characters: Zhao, Zuko (Vest), Zuko (Duel), Zhao (Vest), Zhao (Duel)
Locations: Zhao's Harbor

Cutscene 1: At the harbor, Zuko and Iroh are walking off the parked bow of the ship. Zuko wants the repairs to his ship made as quickly as possible so as not to lose his trail. Iroh asks if he is talking about the Avatar, prompting Zuko to hiss at him not to mention the Avatar by name or else there will be major competition on his search. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Captain Zhao, who asks what they were referring to. Zhao reveals that he has been promoted to Commander and notes the extensive damage to Zuko's Ship. Zuko and Iroh quickly make up a story about how they crashed into an Earth Kingdom ship. Zhao invites them to have a drink, which Zuko initially refuses, but Iroh reprimands him for his lack of respect and accepts Zhao's invitation, much to Zuko's frustration.

Act 1: The player controls Zuko, Iroh, and Zhao as walk across the harbor. The objective is simply to walk over and enter the compound. Once inside, they will make their way inside, through a few rooms to the map room.

Cutscene 2: As Zhao finishes his speech regarding the plans for the end of the war. Zuko voices his opinion over his father's foolishness in thinking the rest of the world would follow him willingly, and Zhao notes that two years at sea did little to temper his tongue. Zhao changes topics and asks Zuko how his search for the Avatar is going. During this, in the background, Iroh is messing and posing with a few weapons resting against the wall, and accidentally topples all of them over. He apologizes and backs out of frame.

Zuko lies and claims to have not found anything. Zhao tries to get Zuko to admit anything he may have found, but Zuko reasserts his claim and concedes that, like Zhao said, the Avatar most likely died years before. Zuko gets up and orders Iroh to join him as they are leaving, but his exit is blocked by two guards. At that moment, another guard enters and reports to Zhao that they interrogated Zuko's crew as instructed, and Zuko's crew revealed that the prince has the Avatar in custody but let him escape. Zuko is led back to his chair as Zhao asks again how his ship was damaged.

Zuko is forced to reveal what happened while Iroh fills in the blanks. Zhao says that Zuko turns out to be even more pathetic than he believed, allowing a 12-year-old child to beat him. Zuko tries to argue, but Zhao cuts him off and tells him that hunting the Avatar is too important a task to leave in the hands of a teenager, so he will be taking over. Zuko tries to attack him out of anger but is quickly restrained by two guards. Zhao orders the guards to keep them there and leaves, prompting Zuko to kick a desk in half as Iroh placidly asks for more tea.

Act 2: Zuko and Iroh are forced to wait for some time until Zhao returns. The only thing to do here in Story Mode is to explore a small portion of the compound, but much more is accessible in Free Play Mode. After Zuko returns to his seat, the next cutscene begins.

Cutscene 3: Zhao returns, announcing that his search party is ready. Once he departs, Zuko and Iroh will be escorted back to their ship. Zuko goads him by asking if he is afraid he will worried he will stop him, to which Zhao laughs. Zuko stands up and warns Zhao not to underestimate him, but Zhao is unbothered and mentions his hundreds of warships under his command, compared to Zuko, a banished prince with no home, no allies, and a father who does not even want him. Their back-and-forth continues until Zuko challenges him to an Agni Kai at sunset, which Zhao accepts. Iroh, shocked, asks Zuko if he has forgotten what happened the last time he dueled a master. As the camera ominously pans over to Zuko's scar, he responds that he will never forget.

At sundown, Zuko and Zhao kneel at opposite ends of the area. At Zuko's end, Iroh reminds him to remember his basics. Zuko simply states that he will not allow Zhao to win as he stands up. Zhao also stands, promising that the fight will be over quickly. Both shed their vests as they wait for each other to make the first move.

Act 3: Similar to the end of the level "Darth Vader" in LEGO Star Wars, both sides of the duel are playable as Zuko and Zhao each have 8 hearts. During the fight, Zhao and Zuko will goad each other while Iroh shouts encouragement and advice to his nephew.

Cutscene 4: The very beginning of the subsequent cutscene depends on who won the Agni Kai during gameplay. If Zhao wins, the cutscene will start with Zhao standing over Zuko and starts to finish him off with a final blast of fire before Zuko twirls back onto his feet and breaks Zhao's root as Iroh smiles. Zuko unleashes a series of blasts that Zhao has an increasingly hard time blocking until he is knocked back. If Zuko, wins, the cutscene will simply start at Zuko breaking Zhao's root and eventually knocking him back.

As Zhao groans, Zuko stands over him, stance ready to deliver the final blow, but hesitates. Zhao yells at him to "do it!", but Zuko fires beside Zhao's head. Zhao insults Zuko for what he perceives as cowardice, but Zuko promises not to hold back on their next encounter. As Zuko calmly walks away, a furious Zhao tries to attack Zuko, but Iroh intervenes with only a hand and throws Zhao back to the ground. Zuko is provoked but restrained by Iroh, who warns his nephew not to taint his victory. Iroh lectures Zhao about the disgrace he has brought upon himself through his actions in defeat and states that Zuko, even in exile, has more honor. He thanks Zhao for the tea and turns away from him, leaving Zhao to groan as he watches them leave.

As Zuko and Iroh exit the arena, Zuko asks Iroh if he meant what he said. Iroh says of course he did; ginseng tea is his favorite. Zuko smiles as they head back to the ship.

Unlocked: Completing "The Commander" unlocks full Hub access to Zhao's Harbor. Completing both the level and "The Southern Air Temple" unlocks Hub access to Kyoshi Island and, subsequently, "The Warriors of Kyoshi".

"The Warriors of Kyoshi"
Suki and Sokka train

Characters: Aang, Katara (Parka), Sokka (Parka), Sokka (Book One), Suki, Sokka (Kyoshi Warrior), Kyoshi Warrior
Enemies: Fire Nation Soldiers (Sword), Fire Nation Soldiers (Spear), Firebenders
Boss: Zuko (5 hearts)
Unlockable Characters: Zuko (Pajamas), Iroh (Robe), Aang (Underwear), Suki, Kyoshi Warrior, Sokka (Kyoshi Warrior), Oyaji, Katara (Book One), Sokka (Book One), Koko, Painter, Foaming Mouth Guy
Locations: Kyoshi Island

Cutscene 1: A meditating Zuko quietly sits in his quarters when Iroh opens the door to deliver him news about the Avatar that he would likely dislike. Zuko assures his uncle that he can take whatever news awaits him. Iroh reveals that they do not have any idea where the Avatar is, angering Zuko enough to cause the candles to flare up. As Iroh opens a fan to cool himself off, Zuko grabs the map and asks his uncle how he will be able to track down someone who is a "[clear] master of evasive maneuvering".

Meanwhile, on Appa, the gang flies over the South Sea as Sokka looks over their map and indicates to Aang that he has no idea where they are going. Aang replies that he knows their destination is "near water", to which Sokka sarcastically replies that they must be getting close, seeing the endless expanse of water around them. As they fly, Aang tries to show Katara an airbending trick involving marbles, but fails to get her focused attention. Sokka advises Aang to leave Katara, a girl, alone while she sews, explaining that girls are better at sewing while men are better at hunting, fishing, fighting, etc., to which Katara replies by throwing Sokka's unfinished pants at her brother's head, causing Sokka to retract his statement and beg for her to finish his pants. Aang tells Sokka not to worry as he takes Appa to the beaches of Kyoshi Island, where he will not need pants.

Hub Activity: Initially, the player will only have access to the front beach of Kyoshi Island. Through in-game dialogue, Sokka will recommend that they should get a bit more flying done before making camp, but Aang is unconcerned, getting Appa to unconvincingly feign exhaustion. To start the level, the player must take Aang out into the bay, where he will grab onto the fins of an Elephant koi, which the player will be able to control and ride around on. After swimming through several checkpoints around the bay, the next cutscene (and the actual level) will begin.

It should be noted that riding elephant koi is always available as an activity in the Hub at this spot, but the Unagi is always a threat to sea-based mounts and vehicles.

Cuscene 2: As Aang continues to ride the elephant koi, Sokka notices a dark shape in the water and he and Katara try to yell at Aang to return to shore. Aang is soon after flung off the fish he is riding and, after seeing a massive fin right behind him, speeds across the sore to safety, headbutting Sokka into a tree in the process. The sea monster leaves them alone while the gang tries to figure out what happened. Sokka decides that is it time to leave, but at that moment, four figures drop down around them from the treetops, surprising the gang long enough to incapacitate them.

As the screen is black, a male voice tells the gang that they have some explaining to do, and a female voice instructs them to answer their questions or be thrown back into the water with the Unagi. Sokka calls them cowards and tells them to reveal themselves, and the gang's blindfolds are ripped off, revealing Oyaji and the Kyoshi Warriors. Sokka asks where the men who ambushed them are, but their leader, Suki, reveals that they were the ones who ambushed them, which Sokka doubts. Suki menacingly tells Sokka that the Unagi will eat well later, but Sokka convinces her to back down by claiming her brother is sometimes an idiot, a claim Sokka does not contest.

Aang takes responsibility for their presence on the island, but Oyaji demands proof they are not Fire Nation spies, explaining that they intend to keep Kyoshi Island out of the war. Aang claims to know the island's namesake, Avatar Kyoshi, as he is the Avatar, which everyone else doubts until Aang airbends himself out of the ropes restraining him. To further prove his status as the Avatar, Aang tries the same marble trick, exciting some of the villagers, including one particularly overzealous fan.

Word spreads around that the Avatar is on Kyoshi Island, eventually reaching the ears of Zuko.

Act 1: The entire first act essentially takes place around the town portion of Kyoshi Island, shaped similarly to its Hub counterpart. The player will be able to control Aang, Sokka, and Momo, with plenty of room to explore, both in Story Mode and Free Play Mode. To progress, the player will need to take Aang or Momo around as they lead a group of fangirls to a series of activities, including a group painting (unlocking a Relic). In-game dialogue progresses the plot of the episode, including Katara's frustration with Aang's indulgence in his status as a celebrity.

Meanwhile, the player will also need to take Sokka up to the Kyoshi Warrior dojo, where, through dialogue, Sokka apologizes for interrupting their "dance lesson", wanting to find a place to "work out". Suki apologizes for their ambush the previous day, and Sokka promises not to hold a grudge as they are just "a bunch of girls" and brags about his status as the "best warrior in [his] village". Suki mockingly requests a demonstration, and Sokka obliges. What follows is the player trying to duel Suki by mashing buttons at key moments, but, of course, Suki still gets the upper hand and embarrasses Sokka, and the player is switched back into Aang or Momo. The player needs only switch back to Sokka to access the next part of his side of the level, re-entering the dojo to trigger another cutscene.

Cutscene 3: Sokka enters the dojo for the second time, where Suki and the other Kyoshi Warriors are training. Sokka tries explaining why he is there again but stutters until Suki tells him to spit out what he wants. Sokka kneels and begs Suki to teach him. Suki notes that they do not normally teach outsiders, let alone boys, but she will make an exception is Sokka promises to follow all of their traditions, including wearing their uniform, which Sokka says makes him feel "girly". Suki notifies him that it is a warrior's uniform, so he ought to be proud, as the silk thread symbolizes the bravery in their blood and the gold insignia represents the honor in their heart. Sokka stands proud at the description but reverts back to embarrassment when Aang walks by and compliments his dress.

Act 2: For this part, the player will control Sokka (and Suki for co-op) as they train in the dojo. Through dialogue, Suki explains that their method of fighting is not about strength, but rather using their opponents' force against them. Gameplay-wise, it is a series of timed button mashing combined with the proper introduction of combos and special moves that have become a staple in more recent Lego games.

Cutscene 4: Sokka and Suki continue their sparring until he manages to knock her down. Suki, embarrassed, claims to have done it on purpose, but Sokka gets her to admit it was at least a lucky shot.

Meanwhile, Aang goes to tell Katara that he is going to ride the Unagi, but to his surprise, Katara acts like she doesn't care.

A pan-over shows the passage of time as Aang waits in the water for the Unagi to appear, but the girls get bored and leave. To Aang's delight, Katara appears behind them, telling Aang that, despite her attitude before, she was worried for his safety. Aang admits to allowing his newfound fame get to his head and they apologize to each other and Aang starts to swim back to shore. However, the Unagi shows up, and tries to blast Aang with its water jet. Aang grabs onto one of its barbels and hangs on until the Unagi thrashes hard enough to send Aang into the water, causing him to go unconscious. Katara rushes out to grab him before the Unagi does and, using waterbending, propels herself and Aang to safety. The Unagi blasts a few sprays of water in anger but quickly retreats, and Katara peaks over the rocks shielding her and Aang from view to see why: the arrival of Zuko's ship, which docks to shore as the prince and a few several guards exit on Komodo rhinos. When they pass, Katara waterbends the water out of Aang's lungs, bringing him back to consciousness.

In the dojo, Sokka and Suki are sparring as Momo watches when Oyaji appears and informs them that firebenders have landed on their shores. Sokka and Suki rush out to join the fight.

Act 3: The initial part of Act 3 is split in two; while Sokka, Suki, and the Kyoshi Warriors fight Zuko and take out 1-2 of his hearts, Aang and Katara make their way back to the village. Once they arrive, a boss fight will ensue where Zuko should have at least 3 hearts. Fire Nation soldiers and Firebenders comprise the enemies, and some of them are riding Komodo rhinos as mounts for extra spice during the fight. At some point, Aang will have the ability to add fans to his inventory, allowing him to perform airbending moves and attacks slightly differently. The next cutscene begins when Zuko is defeated.

Cutscene 5: Aang uses two fans to launch Zuko into a nearby building, buying enough time to get to Katara, who has been busy getting villagers to safety and tells a remorseful Aang that they need to leave, as Zuko will follow them and leave Kyoshi alone. Aang agrees and leaves to get Appa.

Suki tells Sokka that there is no time for goodbyes, but Sokka tries an apology instead, for treating Suki like a girl when he should have treated her like a warrior. Suki reminds him that she is both a warrior and a girl and gives Sokka a kiss on the cheek and goes to rejoin the fight, telling Sokka that she will hold the Fire Nation troops off.

Aang, Katara, and Sokka leave on Appa as Zuko orders his men to return to the ship. Katara comforts Aang, saying that Zuko would have destroyed the whole town if necessary. Aang, still sad, narrows his eyebrows and jumps off. A few moments later, the Unagi appears with Aang on its head.

Act 4: This "Act" is simply a short bit of gameplay. The player controls Aang as he uses the Unagi as a mount, directing its water jet in the direction of fires, earning studs until they are all put out. For co-op reasons, Appa is also playable and can fly around.

Cutscene 6: As the last of the fire is put out, a shot shows an unamused Zuko and his guards drenched in water. The perspective shifts back to Aang, who jumps off the Unagi and is caught in the air by Appa. This is watched in by Oyaji, who thanks the Avatar from afar. Back on Appa, Aang acknowledges the danger and stupidity in what he just did. Katara agrees and gives Aang a hug. The three fly on Appa into the sunset as the Unagi swims around in the bay.

Unlocked: Upon completion of "The Warriors of Kyoshi", most of the rest of Kyoshi Island is unlocked as a Hub location, including the main village, dojo, the bridge, and other locations featured in the episode. Zuko in his pajamas, Iroh in his robe, Aang in his underwear, Suki, a Kyoshi Warrior, Sokka as a Kyoshi Warrior, Oyaji, Katara and Sokka in their Book One outfits, Koko, the Painter, and Foaming Mouth Guy all become unlockable.

In addition, Omashu is unlocked on the Hub map, and subsequently, "The King of Omashu".

The King of Omashu
Characters: Aang, Katara, Sokka
Locations: Omashu
Boss: Bumi (4 hearts)

Characters: Team Avatar, Haru, Tyro
Locations: Mining village, Prison rig
Enemies: FN Guards, Firebenders
Boss: Warden

The Spirit World
Characters: Team Avatar
Locations: Senlin Village, Senlin Forest
Boss: Hei Bai (3 hearts)

Avatar Roku
Characters: Team Avatar, Shyu
Locations: Fire Temple
Enemies: Fire Sages

The Waterbending Scroll
Characters: Team Avatar
Locations: Waterfall lagoon, Seedy merchants pier, Pirate ship boutique
Enemies: Pirates, Firebenders, Firetroopers

Characters: Team Avatar, Jet, Smellerbee, Longshot, Pipsqueak
Locations: Treetop hideout, surrounding areas, trees
Enemies: Freedom Fighters
Boss: Jet (4 hearts)

The Great Divide
Characters: Team Avatar, Canyon guide, Gan Jin leader, Zhang leader
Locations: Great Divide
Mounts: Canyon crawlers
Enemies: Canyon crawlers

The Storm
Characters: Team Avatar, Fisherman (real time) | Aang, Air Nomad boy, Gyatso, Zuko, Iroh, Jee (flashbacks)
Locations: Harbor town, Fishing boat, Zuko's ship (real time) | Southern Air Temple, Fire Nation Royal Palace (flashbacks)

The Blue Spirit
Characters: Aang, Herbalist, Miyuki, Blue Spirit
Locations: Taku, Pohuai Stronghold
Enemies: Yuyan Archers, Firebenders

The Fortuneteller
Characters: Team Avatar, Meng, Wu Poi and Ping
Locations: Makapu Village, Mount Makapu

Bato of the Water Tribe
Characters: Team Avatar, Bato
Locations: Abbey, woods, Bato's tent, Jagged Rocks River
Bosses: Zuko (3-4 hearts), Nyla (3 hearts), June (2 hearts)

The Deserter
Characters: Aang, Katara, Sokka, Jeong Jeong, Chey
Locations: Fire Nation colony, Jeong Jeong's hideout
Enemies: Firebenders and Fire Nation soldiers
Note: It can be said that Zhao is a boss, however since Aang won by using Zhao's arrogance against him, the objective of that part of the level is to make Zhao destroy key parts of his ships. Because Aang never attacked, any attack move in the game you make isn't able to be directed at Zhao. You also have to dodge his larger attacks. Yippee!

The Northern Air Temple
Characters: Team Avatar, Teo, Mechanist
Locations: derp
Vehicles: Teo's wheelchair glider may count, but it comes with the character, Hot air balloon
Enemies: Firebenders, FN soldiers, tanks, whatever

The Waterbending Master
Characters: Team Boomeraang, Pakku
Location: Northern Water Tribe
Boss: Katara/Pakku (co-op boss battle) (6 hearts each)

Siege of the North (Parts 1 and 2)
Characters: Team Avatar, Yue, Zuko, Baboon Spirit, Koizilla, Zhao
Locations: Northern Water Tribe
Enemies: Firebenders and Fire Nation soldiers
Boss: Zuko/Katara (co op boss battle) (6 hearts each), Zuko/Zhao (same thing, 6 hearts each)
Note: This is two levels, but most of the information between the levels are similar, I decided to combine the information.

Book Two: Earth

The Avatar State
Characters: Team Avatar, Fong
Locations: General Fong's fortress
Enemies: Guards
Boss: General Fong (3 hearts)

The Cave of Two Lovers
Characters: Team Avatar, Chong, Moku, Lily
Location: Cave of Two Lovers
Enemies: Wolfbats

Return to Omashu
Characters: Team Avatar
Vehicles: Bumi's cage thing/Mailbins (indirectly)
Locations: Omashu
Enemies: Firebenders, Fire Nation soldiers
Boss: Azula (5 hearts), Mai, Ty Lee (3 hearts each)

The Swamp
Characters: Team Avatar, Due, Tho, Huu
Location: Foggy Swamp
Boss: Swamp Monster (3 hearts)

Avatar Day
Characters: Team Avatar
Location: Chin Village
Boss: Rough Rhinos (2-3 hearts each)

The Blind Bandit
Characters: Team Avatar, Toph Beifong
Locations: Earth Rumble Stadium, Beifong Estate
Boss: Xin Fu (4 hearts), The Boulder (3 hearts), other Earth Rumble VI contestants (2-3 hearts each)

Zuko Alone
Characters: Zuko, Gansu, Sela, Lee (Flashbacks: Zuko, Azula, Mai, Ty Lee, Ursa)
Locations: Plains village, Lee Family Pig Farm (Flashbacks: Fire Nation Royal Palace)
Mounts: Hybrid pigs
Enemies: Gow's cronies
Boss: Gow (4 hearts)

The Chase
Characters: Team Avatar, Zuko, Iroh
Mounts: Appa
Boss: Azula (5 hearts), Mai, Ty Lee (3 hearts)

Bitter Work
Characters: Team Avatar (except Sokka), Zuko, Iroh, Foo Foo Cuddlypoops
Location: Quarry, Abandoned house in the Earth Kingdom
Boss: Mother Saber-tooth moose lion (3 hearts)

The Library
Characters: Team Avatar, Zei
Locations: Si Wong Desert, Wan Shi Tong's Library
Boss: Wan Shi Tong (3 hearts)

The Desert
Characters: Team Avatar
Location: Si Wong Desert
Enemies: Sandbenders

The Serpent's Pass
Characters: Team Avatar, Suki, Than, Ying, Than's sister
Locations: Full Moon Bay, Serpent's Pass
Boss: Serpent (3 hearts)

The Drill
Characters: Team Avatar
Location: Ba Sing Se's Outer Wall
Enemies: Drill engineers, Firebenders
Boss: Azula (4 hearts), Mai, Ty Lee (3 hearts)

City of Walls and Secrets
Characters: Team Avatar
Location: Ba Sing Se (Pao Family Tea House), Ba Sing Se University, Pet shop, Team Avatar's house, Earth Kingdom Royal Palace Boss: Jet, Zuko (co-op boss battle)

Tales of Ba Sing Se
Characters: Team Avatar, Zuko, Iroh, Jin, Kenji, Tycho, Macmu-Ling
Location: Ba Sing Se (namely Ba Sing Se Zoo (Tale of Aang), Fancy Lady Day Spa, bridge, (Tale of Katara and Toph) Firelight Fountain (Tale of Zuko), Five-Seven-Five Society building (Tale of Sokka), alley (Tale of Iroh))
Note: The Tale of Momo isn't included as this level is long enough.

Lake Laogai
Characters: Team Avatar, Smellerbee, Longshot, Jet,
Locations: Ba Sing Se (namely Lake Laogai, Dai Li underground network of tunnels)
Enemies: Dai Li agents
Boss: Jet (4 hearts), Long Feng (3 hearts)

The Earth King
Characters: Team Avatar, Keui
Locations: Ba Sing Se (namely the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace, Lake Laogai, Outer Wall)
Mounts: Appa

The Guru
Characters: Aang, Pathik
Locations: Eastern Air Temple

The Crossroads of Destiny
Characters: Aang, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Iroh, Katara
Locations: Ba Sing Se (namely the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace and the Crystal Catacombs)
Enemies: Dai Li agents
Bosses: Mai, Ty Lee (3-4 hearts each), Azula, Zuko (6 hearts each)


Almost every character in this game has an ability, both bending and non-bending. Some abilities can do the same thing, such as cracked walls can be destroyed by Strength, Earthbending, and more powerful Ground slams. Below is a list of the main and major abilities.


Waterbending is the hydrokinetic ability to manipulate water. Unlike the show, waterbenders don't always need a source of water for manipulation (however it is much rarer to find this ability needed in places like the Si Wong Desert), implying they all carry a skin of water.

  • Freeze breath/Freezing: Waterbenders can freeze enemies in their tracks temporarily, but giving them enough time to escape or defeat them. They can also freeze water into different shapes for different tasks.
  • Cutting plants: Waterbenders can freeze water into ice discs or some other sharp ice object to cut them out of their path.
  • Melting: Melting ice to water to recover objects or rescuing people.
  • Water blast: A basic attacking move for all Waterbending characters, unless they have a more defined attack move. This can cause damage and knock opponents back.
  • Longer underwater travel: While this can't be done in the hub, some levels require underwater travel for certain tasks, and Waterbenders can stay underwater without the "bubble bar" (how long they can hold their breath before drowning) appearing.
  • Stealth: Waterbenders can make smokescreens of mist, allowing them to sneak around and/or into locations or around enemies. However, if you go near the person you're sneaking around, they will become alert of you and attack you until you move back.
  • Grappling: Water tendrils or vortexes can be used by some waterbenders as a grappling move.
  • Bending teleporting: Only high-level Waterbenders in snowy or icy areas can use this ability. It allows them to tunnel through ice or snow to different locations.
  • Bending spots: Waterbenders can make ice points for better travel across larger bodies of water.
  • Shield: Temporary shield of ice to protect against attacks.
  • Plantbending: Plantbenders can bend plants away (like Cut plants) to clear a path, trap enemies in vines, grabb and pull things with vines, grapple, and swim underwater without the bubble bar. Other than the latter, not many Waterbending abilities are available for Plantbenders.
  • Healing: See below.


Earthbending is the geokinetic ability to control earth and earth-like substances, such as sand and diamond. Metalbending, exclusive to Toph, is not really prominent in this game, but it will in the sequel.

  • Cracked walls: Earthbenders can stomp their foot on the ground, making strikes in the earth directed toward cracked walls. Gow can use his twin hammers to create a small earthquake.
  • Scaling walls: Earthbenders can also "magnetize their limbs to stone" and scale up walls on grappling points.
  • Bending spots: On certain spots, Earthbenders can make rock rise up to certain areas as a large stairway shape or a temporary "elevator", or make a path across something.
  • Teleport: Bumi can "teleport" by tunneling through the earth.
  • Pick up and throw: Earthbenders can pick up and throw large rocks at a target. This doesn't give them the "Target" ability, but they can throw it at enemies or objects.
  • Shattering crystals: Similar to the "shatter glass" ability in other LEGO games, Earthbenders can shatter crystals to get to areas otherwise blocked off.
  • Shield: Earthbenders can create shields out of earth which can temporarily block attacks.
  • Metalbending: Once learned, Toph can break down metal doors. This ability will be expanded in the sequel.
  • Sandbending: Sandbenders can't bend earth in the game, but they can bend sand. This gives them stealth (small sandstorms), speed across sand, harden it into small rocks to throw at targets, etc.


Firebending is the pyrokinetic ability to generate and control fire. Firebending doesn't really have any defensive capabilities, like in the show, but it does have the most offensive moves. Azula also has blue fire.

  • Fireballs: A basic ranged attack move for all Firebenders. Fireballs can also be aimed, giving Firebenders the target ability.
  • Blocking fire: Blocking basic Firebending attacks. One of the few defensive abilities Firebenders have.
  • Fire streams (or beams): A continuous stream (or beam) of fire. These can be concentrated on gold LEGO bricks and destroy or cut through them, and well as melt ice.
  • Blazing rings and arcs: A basic melee move for all Firebenders. When you press the attack button, the Firebender will attack with kicks and punches, with arcs of fire following the motion of the fists and feet.
  • Burning plants: Similar to the cutting plants ability, Firebenders can burn down plants or wood in the way.
  • Fire whip: The Circus trainer has the ability to create and use a fire whip. This grants him the ability to grapple and grab, combined with standard Firebending abilites
  • Lighting up dark areas: Firebenders can hold some flame in their hand to go to illuminate dark areas.
  • Cold areas: Firebenders can heat themselves up to enter particularly cold areas.
  • Jet propulsion: Azula and Ozai can hover in the for a brief period of time. This can be used to get across wide gaps or get to higher levels.
  • Lightning generation: Once unlocked, some Firebenders can generate lightning. Lightning can be aimed at specialized panels and electrocute enemies.
  • Lightning redirection: Once unlocked, Zuko and Iroh can redirect lightning. This can be aimed back at opponents to deal damage and electrocute enemies. However, this can only be used in levels, unless someone shoots lightning at you in the hub.


Airbending is the aerokinetic ability to manipulate air. Like in the show, all Air Nomads can airbend, however not all airbenders carry staffs. Only Aang, monks, or nuns carry staffs.

  • High jump/double jump: Airbenders can jump higher most other characters, and this can be combined with a double jump for further vertical height.
  • Speedrunning: After gaining enough momentum, an Airbender will gradually start running so fast that they are a blur. Also, on "elemental logos" on the ground, an Airbender can instantaneously run in circles to create a vortex, or run up a wall during a level.
  • Run up walls: Airbenders can run fast enough to run up walls, the same walls that Earthbenders can usually scale and others can grapple. In free roam, this ability can be usefd on all walls
  • Glider points: If they have a glider, an Airbender can go to a glider point and glide around in a level in a limited area to access areas, like across long gaps or rivers. The same goes for Momo, who can fly naturally. In the hub, once you have completed all the levels, you don't need glider points, as there aren't any. To use a glider in that case, double-tap the jump button, and the glider will switch to the fFy ability..
  • Air blast: A regular ranged attack for any Airbender. Can also hit Airbender doors to unlock them.
  • Agility targets: Airbenders can throw their staffs into agility targets to fill in the gaps between agility poles.
  • Agility: All Airbenders are agile enough to use agility poles, walls, and tightropes.
  • Pendulum swing: A basic melee attack move for Airbenders with staffs. If one button-mashes the attack button, after performing standard attack moves, this is the finisher of them, which knocks enemies back a few feet, in most cases defeating them.
  • Air shield: A temporary shield ability that can deflect targets for a short amount of time. Only high-level airbenders can do this.
  • Blowing away: Airbenders can easily blow enemies away with the air.

Other abilities

Some of these abilities belong to both benders and nonbenders, others are nonbenders only.

  • Agility: Characters who are agile, including airbenders, can swing across agility poles, walk across thin tightropes, and jump up walls with a blue and white criss cross pattern Ty Lee. can walk across designated tightropes, as she is very notably agile.
  • Access panels: Scholars, professors, members of the Order of the Pheonix, etc., can use their smarts or membership to use access panels. Dai Li characters can use special Dai Li access panels as well
  • Charging and cracked walls: Characters with weapons, like spears or axes, can charge at enemies and destroy cracked walls. A variant of this is characters with chained weapons can aim at the same cracked walls and destroy them as well. Earthbenders can destroy cracked walls, regardless of location.
  • Chi blocking: Ty Lee can chi block enemies, temporarily paralyzing them and preventing bending enemies from bending for a brief amount of time.
  • Command: Government and military leaders can command soldiers and troops of their respective nation in Battle Mode (see above).
  • Cutting/burning plants: Characters who can firebend or carry torches or something that can burn plants can do so. They can burn plants or wood in their path.
  • Digging: Earthbenders or characters that carry a rake or shovel can dig dirt to uncover hidden objects.
  • Farming/herbology: Characters who have this ability are able to grow plants that will aid them in going through the level, similar to the ability in LEGO Jurassic World.
  • Grabbing: Grappling characters can pull on objects with a grappling target on them.
  • Grappling points: Characters who can airbend or have a weapon or tool that can grapple, such as a whip, chained weapon, fishing pole, or boomerang, can stand on grappling points and grapple or climb up.
  • Ground slam: While all characters have this ability, if you have a certain weapon, such as a hammer, chained weapon, or axe, the ground slam will have a larger radius and enough power to destroy cracked walls on the ground. All Earthbenders have a larger ground slam.
  • Healing: Certain characters who can waterbend, make tea, or are good with herbs and spices can heal NPC's who are injured or ill.
  • Light up dark areas: Firebenders and characters with torches can light up areas otherwise too dark to see in.
  • Melting ice/Freezing water: Waterbenders, Firebenders, and characters with fire-wielding items or weapons, such as torches or fire arrows, can melt ice to collect items, rescue people, or go through the level, but only Waterbenders can freeze water to create helpful things made of ice.
  • Music: Characters with musical instruments, like drums, banjos, and flutes, can play them to distract enemies, and allowing more time to defeat or get past them.
  • Pet: Characters who have a pet or small animal companion can spawn their animal and control them. Different pets have different abilities.
  • Repair: Characters who know a lot about technology and machinery can repair or tinker with mechanical objects.
  • Shield: All benders have this ability, and nonbenders with a shielding item have it as well. Shields allow for temporary protection against attacks.
  • Size: Characters who are notably short, or have non-bird pets, can fit through small hatches and passageways to get to otherwise unreachable areas.
  • Stealth: Characters who are either particularly good at sneaking around or carry something with them that can make themselves undetectable can sneak around, and can be used to get past enemies unnoticed. However, if you get too close to an enemy, they will see you and engage in combat. Waterbenders and sandbenders can project mist and small sandstorms respectively around themselves to confuse enemies, but the same rule still applies with getting too close to an enemy.
  • Strength: Characters who have above-average strength can destroy cracked walls and lift up and throw enemies.
  • Super Build: Until you unlock the Super Build red brick, only Airbenders have this ability. It is a part of their collection of "super speed" abilities, as it allows Airbenders to rapidly build pieces of LEGO bricks, a classic part of LEGO games.
  • Super Sense/Spiritual Sense: Characters with spiritual sensing or seismic sense can detect objects otherwise basically invisible.
  • Swordsmanship: Anyone with a sword or a similar weapon can block attacks (from the front), parry, and counter.
  • Targets: Characters with certain ranged weapons, such as fireballs, arrows, or boomerangs can aim at targets to hit.
  • Teleport: Certain Earthbending characters, in addition to spirits and certain characters such as Pathik who have a high spiritual connection, can mystically between on specific areas.
  • Trapping enemies: Characters with chained or roped weapons, like whips or net arrows, can trap enemies in them. Mai can pin enemies to walls, as a result of her unique fighting style.
  • Agility targets: Slightly different than regular targets, these targets are hit by a weapon or item that resembles a pole, such as arrows, spears, and staffs, instead of a ranged weapon, though an arrow can work for both These weapons take the place of missing agility poles.



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