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Into the Ink is a fanon story written by Fruipit. It was written to appease her own fanon wishes, and to buck the trend with romance stories on the wiki. This story is about acceptance, of yourself and others.

Minor Notes

This story follows a romantic relationship between two females, however it also looks into the mechanics behind friendships, and kinship. It is a challenge to myself to write in-character, and a challenge to develop a relationship that hasn't yet been established in canon. It has become a larger fanon project than I had anticipated, because it's something I feel I need to address to myself.


As the gaang meet up in the week preceding the wedding of Sokka and Suki, new friendships will be forged and old ones tested as two young girls find themselves, and find each other. New secrets will be discovered as the girls come to terms with their own feelings, and the realisation that they can be different together will put a strain on the friendships they already have.


Toph has always seen things differently to the rest of her friends; she had no idea that it could cause such a problem. When forming new friendships with old enemies, she discovers new things about herself that she's not sure she can handle, and it seems that other people have just as much, if not more difficulty coming to terms with who she is than she does.

Ty Lee

Ty Lee knows exactly who she is, but she can't help but wish she were someone else every once in a while. Being of Fire Nation descent isn't the only thing different about the newest Kyoshi Warrior, but she may finally have found the piece she was missing; that little spark of confidence to throw off her insecurities (small and hidden they may be) about herself and her differences.


Characters (one)


Toph is a sixteen-going-on-seventeen year old earthbending master, who uses her own unique sight to perceive and understand the world. Growing up secluded, in the upper echelons of Earth Kingdom nobility, her own view on society is far different then that of her friends. She is a strong girl, however as with all teenagers, she sometimes feels left out when surrounded by her friends, all of whom have found their own other half. She would never dare to let them know, however, that underneath the dirt and the rough-and-tumble earthbender really is just a little girl, who is trying to understand herself and find her place in the world.

Katara is girlfriend to the Avatar, and best friends to Toph. She has a severe mothering streak, a protectiveness of her friends occasionally bordering on manic. Growing up in the Southern Water Tribe, she has a very defined view on the world, and is stubborn to the end. Once Katara has made up her mind about something, it's extraordinarily difficult to change it. This aspect of her personality has the potential to both forge great friendships, and break them.

Characters (two)

Ty Lee

Ty Lee is the newest Kyoshi Warrior, and the first outsider to be inducted officially into their ranks. Skilled at an unusual art, and with an ability to see beyond the outside of a person, she understands people. This ability to read people influences her own open attitude, although she has secrets just like everyone else. At eighteen years old, she's extremely self-confident, and very sure of who she is. He self-esteem comes in spades, however it's tempered with a modesty that she attributes to her home life growing up. She finds a simple love of Kyoshi Island, and the Warriors, and appreciates their easy acceptance of her.

Soon-to-be-newlywed, Suki loves her simple life on Kyoshi Island, and loves that Sokka has chosen her to spend his with. Extremely observant, Suki can make connections that few other people wouldn't even consider, and her ability to form close relationships with people put her in the perfect position to develop and hone these skills.


This story began developing during a particularly in-depth conversation with Lady Lostris regarding the possibility of a Toph-centric homosexual fanfic. It was decided that Azuloph wouldn't work due to the strong nature of both girls, and Katoph was even less likely due to Katara's mothering of the independent earthbender. Ty Lee had the most compatible personality, it seemed, and thus a minor plot was born. It has since spilled over into a full-length fanon, with the first chapter's writing being finished, and the editing nearing completion. There are currently nine chapters outlined, however due to the complex nature of the story, there will be many more that are as yet not in any form of development.


Into the Ink, by The Jezabels

The Jezabels - Into The Ink

The Jezabels - Into The Ink

The title of this story is one I've wanted to use for some time. It is the name of a song I listened to extensively when planning out this story. It was written by an Australian band called The Jezabels, who have also somewhat inspired this story. The song, as with most, are fairly interpretive, but to me it is about a missed opportunity, and that those with power are always powerless to something. There is something to be said about the title, too; ink is black. It's murky and undefined, and doesn't have any shape. Ink can cover things, or stain them. And I suppose that if you jumped into a pool of the stuff, you wouldn't be able to see two inches in front of you. You wouldn't have any idea where you were, or where you were going, and you'd have to trust someone who could see that they were leading you in the right direction.

A Jezebel is another word for a shameless or immoral woman, and I feel as though (or I hope) that theme will be evident in this story. The word actually came from the Hebrew Bible as Jezebel, the wife of Ahab, king of Israel. She was denounced by introducing the religion of Baal into Israel; for believing in something different. That is also another theme I want to play into this story — and one I don't believe will be quite so difficult.


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Chapter 1: Winter Chill

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