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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Honor Thy Father
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Honor Thy Father is a story that provides a dramatic segue between Books 2 and 3 of Twilitlink's "Avatar: Wanted" story.


Honor Thy Father is a drama series which is a spinoff/subseries of Twilitlink's Avatar: Wanted story. The series occurs during the decade-long conflict between the combined forces of Team Avatar, The Four Nations, and The Order of the White Lotus against the ruthless Black Lotus Assassins.

The story focuses on Aang's growth as a person and as a leader through the experience of fatherhood, with Katara and Sora as main supporting characters.

Main Characters

Supporting Characters (Under Development)


Book 1: Mother

  1. Hope Against Hope - Katara discovers her pregnancy. Mai helps her keep it together.
  2. A Change of Pace - The team decides to remove Katara from the frontlines to protect her and the baby. She does not take the news well...
  3. Tainted Sanctuary - Home base has been compromised.
  4. A New Home - The Masters protect the Avatar and his Family
  5. Uncovered - Aang connects the dots, making an ominous discovery...
  6. Recovered - Aang learns how to save a life.
  7. Empowered - Aang accepts Tengu's past in order to defend the Northern Air Temple in the present.
  8. When in Doubt - Aang gets some advice from the aging Dragon.
  9. The Hunt - Tengu realizes he must head south.
  10. Full Moon - Lian's push south comes to shove.
  11. Reckonings - Lian is shocked at her survival, as is her boss.
  12. Sora - Aang learns what he is truly fighting for.

Book 2: Daughter

  1. The Love of the Daughter - Aang experiences some parenting issues while learning of his new role.
  2. The Wasted Warrior P1: Cycles - The Avatar's family receives tragic news.
  3. The Wasted Warrior P2: Regrets - Hakoda confesses the desire for his future, given his past.
  4. The Charade, Part 1: The Shadow - Aang and Tengu receive an inconvenient mission, one that keeps the Avatar from his family.
  5. The Charade, Part 2: The Beast - Katara deals with a true monster of the South Pole, creating a beast out of Aang.
  6. The Charade, Part 3: The Fool - Aang leaves the South Pole with the intent of clearing his name.
  7. The Breakthrough - The World is given hope of the return of balance - through a five-year-old girl...
  8. Redemption, Part One: Dejection - When masters pass on, Aang's decisions have far-reaching consequences.

Tone and Themes

Overall tone and style for this series is more dramatic, with much less action and plot twists than the original Wanted series. This work, however, intends to be a complement to the original series, rather than a verbatim extension. The story explores topics and situations similar to those of the canon and Wanted series: moral conflict, redemption, and the ubiquitous theme of honor. Other themes are family values, love, friendship and pride. As usual, Aang has more questions than answers, and the strength of his values and principles often exceed his vision or sense of direction. However, the added responsibility of fatherhood imbues him with a new sense of purpose which will become key in his development as the Avatar.


  • Twilitlink is the author of the original Wanted series. It is his wonderful work that has inspired me to undertake this effort. I appreciate his trust and input.
  • The Bos is the author of the hit fanon series, Guardian. He has become a valued collaborator, critic and tech savior.
  • AcrobatFan is the author of the fanon series The Darkness Revealed. He is the first person in this wiki to think I was good enough to do this. I am in his debt.

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