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This page contains an overview of all the chapters of the story Heiress of the Nile.

Book One - Lost and Found

Chapter # Overall # Title Original publishing date Rewrite
1 1 "Dream of a Distant Past" January 10, 2012 June 7, 2015
Seventeen-year-old Lostris has a dream about her past, about a fateful day in the Earth Kingdom province of Gebel Nagara. During the assault on the city, Lostris, her sister, Tayla, and their caretaker Taita managed to escape, parting from Queen Amanra forever. Their escape did not last, and in the commotion of the ensuing battle, Taita was knocked out cold, and Tayla was grabbed, her ultimate faith unknown to Lostris.
2 2 "Sun Rise, Sons Fall" January 28, 2012 June 30, 2015
Kun gets a bow for his eighteenth birthday, a gift that ends up saving his life as it takes him out of Palm Spring when the Shrikes, under leadership of the siblings Tegan and Seraphine, attack the village to either enslave the people or murder those who resist during their training session. After the battle ended, a confrontation with Seraphine at the burned-down village teaches Kun that, while his parents and brother died, his sister is still alive and in the hands of the Shrikes. Seraphine gave him her word that she would not be harmed, though was intended to be sold as a slave in Thebes.
3 3 "Colors of Fire" February 25, 2012
A day in the Fire Nation. Lostris is training in secrecy, but finds herself having trouble with a certain firebending move, causing Taita to feel guilty toward her and her parents like he has failed them all. She manages to cheer him up and they return to the palace where Lord Naja is watching their approach. The Grand Vizier utters thoughts of treason and regicide at the address of the young princess and takes the necessary measures to ensure that his secret was safe. In the evening, Tanus and Meren are training their swordsmanship together under the encouragement and cheers of the soldiers of the Red Tiger division, and Lostris and Taita have an argument after Lostris lost her composure in a meeting of the Phoenix Council and proposed to go to war.
4 4 "Lucky Encounters" April 23, 2012
To calm her mind after reliving the fateful day when her mother died once again in her dreams, Lostris takes a relaxing swim in the Nile and goes fishing to procure some breakfast for Taita to make amends after their argument the previous night. However, on her return, she bumps into Tanus, who had stripped down to take a swim as well. Flustered, she hightails out of there.

Meanwhile, the Shrikes are having a party to celebrate the good profits of that day's slave-sale. However, Seraphine finds out that Hahn is up to no good with the remaining slave girls, and gets into a fight with him, during which he informed her that her father has accepted his offer to marry her.

Back in Thebes, Tanus has told his encounter with Lostris to his best friend, Meren, who passed it on the rest of the Red Tiger regiment, causing much hilarity during that night's drink. However, trouble is lurking in the shadows.

5 5 "Confrontations" June 5, 2012
The Shrike army is on the move, heading toward Thebes. After ignoring her father's messenger, Seraphine has a heartfelt talk with Tegan, who had been sent to get her instead. She tells him what truly took place with Hahn and the slave girls, much to his rage. When gazing in the somehow familiar-looking eyes of the girl she save, Seraphine is overcome with guilt and vows to set things right for the young girl. However, she gets into a fight with Hahn during which she injures her shoulder badly. Apepi brakes up the fight, but after blaming Seraphine, she takes off without further notice.

Meanwhile, Lostris is training her agility under Taita's watchful eye when she is summoned to attend an emergency meeting called by Vizier Lord Naja. His sources had alerted him of Lostris's run-in with Tanus by the rived, and uses that information to persuade the Council to strip Lostris of her privileges to walk around freely, restricting her to constant supervision of two soldiers. Angrily, she confronts and blames Tanus for what happened.

6 6 "Out of Place, Part 1" November 10, 2012
A severely wounded Seraphine is found in the desert by Sami, who takes her in and tends to her wounds. Constricted by her injuries, Seraphine finds herself in a situation where she is forced to hide her true identity in order to receive the necessary medical care. Spending her time with the friendly Sami, the gentle and kindhearted nature of the girl makes Seraphine open up and reveal part of her past, much to her horror. Subsequently, she decides to leave the camp, disregarding the discomfort of her injury.
7 7 "Out of Place, Part 2" December 18, 2012
Sami follows Seraphine as she leaves the camp, and in the darkness of the night, the warrior almost kills the kind girl, though diverts her attack at the last second for reasons she cannot fathom. Enraged by her ensuing confusion, she lashes out toward the girl and is enticed to enter a bet with her: If she wins the fight with the good-hearted healer, she can go; if not, she has to accept the help Sami offers her. Her arrogance being her downfall, Seraphine is easily taken down by Sami's surprising ability to chi block. Another heated conversation between the two girls the following day leads to Seraphine agreeing to train Sami to hone her unique skill so she can defend herself.
8 8 "Royal Pain" March 23, 2013
Five days have passed since Naja outed Lostris' alone time at the river and persuaded the Phoenix Council to restrict the Princess's freedom as much as possible, leaving her with nearly nothing left to do. Lostris is determined not to let it all get to her, a decision that irks Naja into taking extreme measurements. Intef proposes that Naja betroths himself to her, a move that would guarantee the Fire Lord's headpiece on his head would something befall Lostris. Sabah overhears the Vizier's plan, however, and puts everything on the line to warn her Mistress. Lostris find herself unable to do anything about her dark future, as that would mean that she needs to sacrifice Sabah's life, something she would not do. Breaking down at last, she seeks comforting refuge in the stables with the horses, while Tanus, Meren, and Taita come up with a way to give Lostris a relaxing day off: a visit to Rairet's Festival.
9 9 "Friend and Foe" May 13, 2013
Five days have passed since Seraphine agreed to train Sami. In that time, the two girls got to know each other better, but the closeness was wearing Seraphine down. Sleep-deprived, she starts to remember things about her past that she rather left in the past, the most important memory being that of Siam, her best friend, the girl she looked up to like a big sister. Confused and tired, Seraphine runs away to give herself the space to sort things out. However, while she is confronting Siam's memory, she is interrupted by Hanbao, a desert robber. Anxious to prove to herself that she has not gone weak, she provokes the man into a fight and ends up killing him. However, after Hanbao's demise, she realizes that he is a Shrike, part of Tegan's scouting party, the Desert Dwellers. Knowing that the Desert Dwellers always operate in group, she hurries back toward the camp, dreading that something terrible would befall Sami, as she has come to view her as a friend.
10 10 "Betrayal" October 1, 2013
Her own promise, strengthened by reluctant feelings of friendship toward Sami, prompts Seraphine to come to the Water Tribe girl's aid when she finds herself in mortal danger. In order to keep her treachery below radar, Seraphine tries to sneak away, though is discovered by Khadashi, the Desert Dwellers' leader, leaving her no other choice than to stay and fight, lest she would be outed as a traitor to General Apepi, a crime punishable by death. However, the revelation of Seraphine's true identity puts a strain on her relationship with Sami, which ends in the girls parting ways after Seraphine made sure that no Desert Dweller was left alive.
11 11 "Fate and Trust" August 25, 2014
Knowing about the impending marriage to Naja, Lostris struggles to deal with it all, finding herself to be consumed by a loneliness and rage she cannot shake off. Taita helps her to calm down and with Sabah and Kori's help, she is dressed to impress at Rairet's Festival. However, realizing the danger her friends are placing themselves in, Lostris refuses to go. An emotional outburst of Sabah, who felt guilty over the princess's situation, changes Lostris' view on the situation, though spending time with Tanus is bound to unravel some old feelings she has tried very hard to bury within herself.
12 12 "A Bad Day" January 15, 2015
Although it took her five days longer than expected, Seraphine arrives at Thebes, where she sets out to search for the slave market frequented by the Shrikes, hoping to encounter Kun, the brother of the young girl she wants to help. Finding herself horribly lost in the enormous metropolis, she is found by Mama Odie, an old bloodbender, who used to be part of the Shrike army. Mama Odie is determined to help Seraphine out of her current predicament over having killed fellow Shrike soldiers. Despite learning that the elder is Siam's grandmother, Seraphine stubbornly keeps refusing her help and ends up being bloodbent. Angry, she confides in Mama Odie and find, much to her shock, that the elder is the answer to her problems.
Heiress of the Nile
Book 1 - Lost and Found
1: Dream of a Distant Past2: Sun Rise, Sons Fall3: Colors of Fire4: Lucky Encounters5: Confrontations6: Out of Place, Part 17: Out of Place, Part 28: Royal Pain9: Friend and Foe10: Betrayal11: Fate and Trust12: A Bad Day

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