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Fanon Award for Outstanding New Series

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Avatar: Guardian (2009) - My Own Savior (2010) - Heiress of the Nile (2011) - Scarf (2012) - Nirvana (2013) - The White Lotus (2015)
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Fanon Award for Outstanding Fanon Series

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Avatar: Better World (2009) - Avatar: Better World (2010) - Avatar: Energy Saga (2011) - Heiress of the Nile (2012)
Silent Hero in Emerald (2013) - Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes (2015)

Please note that this fanon is currently undergoing major revisions. The current chapters will be rewritten before new content will be published. Although story progress has as such been seriously delayed, the fanon is still alive and will be completed ... eventually ^^".

Heiress of the Nile is a fanon story written by Lady Lostris, revolving around a power struggle within the Fire Nation that will drastically change the lives of everyone involved.


Set in a world that bears resemblance to the culture of the Ancient Egyptians, the citizens of the four nations are spread out over the land. While bandits roam the desert, Princess Lostris finds herself suppressed by Lord Naja, Grand Vizier of the Fire Nation and her legal guardian until she turns eighteen. With Taita at her side, Lostris is forced to meet him head on if she wants to keep the throne. A clash of political power and the blood-given right to rule will determine the fate of the world.

When the dark truth about her past is revealed, Lostris is forced to rediscover herself. Meeting friend and foe, trust and betrayal, peace and war, Lostris embarks on a journey towards destiny.

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Main characters

Characters' category

  • Lostris Tamose: She is the stubborn Crown Princess of the Fire Nation; forced under the rule of her regent and struggling to maintain her own will, she has trouble with people telling her what to do. Despite Naja's actions and the hardship, Lostris's kind hearted and loving personality makes her liked by the people of her nation.
  • Taita: First the servant of Queen Amanra, who he loved deeply, he now serves her daughter, offering her wisdom and friendship when needed. He is a skilled physician and artist, with a reputation that precedes him in the world.
  • Tanus Harrab: Blessed with great physical strength, Tanus had quickly risen through the ranks of the Fire Nation Army, becoming the youngest captain of the Royal Fire Guard the nation had ever seen. Proud, just, honest, and loyal, Tanus would do anything to protect those that need him.
  • Meren Cambyses: Second in command after Tanus, he is best friends with his captain. Bluntly honest, Meren likes to tease people. He's loyal and strong, a clever tactician, and a great friend.
  • Seraphine Apepi: Daughter of a general, she has been raised in the army. Confident and skilled, this firebending wonder can't resist the thrill of a challenge. She also has inherited the full measure of her mother's celebrated beauty.
  • (A)Sami: A nonbender of Water Tribe origin with a vast knowledge of the workings of the human body, which allows her to block one's chi. She is devastatingly honest with her feelings, sensitive, caring, patient, loving, understanding, and giving.
  • Naja Kiafan: Once the right hand general of Fire Lord Tamose, Naja is the grand vizier, the highest political function in the Fire Nation, and the regent of the under-aged princess. Unmatched as a firebender, Naja is ruthless in dealing with those who cross him. Having a hidden agenda, he will do whatever it takes to claim power.
  • Intef: Naja's right hand and the commander of the Fire Nation's armies. There is nothing he would not do, no act so reckless, that he would not undertake willingly to hasten Naja's ascension to the summit of power, the throne of the Fire Nation.
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Fanon Award for Best Main Character (Female)

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Lian (2009) - Lian and Mina (2010) (tie) - Seraphine (2011) - Rokan (2012) - Nalia (2013) - Ratana (2015)
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Fanon Award for Best Villain

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Mitsuki (2009) - Mitros (2010) - Yuan Chong (2011) - Onjing (2012) - Naja (2013) - Azula (2015)
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Fanon Award for Best Supporting Character (Male)

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Sokka (2010) - Reeaki (2011) - Gaidan (2012) - Hiroshu (2013) - Meren (2015)


Main article: Heiress of the Nile chapters

Book One - Lost and Found

News and subscription

For more news and details concerning my fanon, go here.

Important message

Although the main character of the fanon and myself share the same (nick)name, we are not intended to be the same person; I am not and never will be writing a story about myself. The usage of the name "Lostris" is a testimony of my love for the book "River God" written by Wilbur Smith. I fell in love with the setting, the character and the story of Lostris, and have used that name ever since as an alias whenever I needed one. Using the name now for the main character came naturally as the story is heavily inspired and influenced by Smith's books.

Egyptian influences

Even though the world knows bending and an Avatar, the story is set in a time resembling that of the Ancient Egyptians, because I am fascinated by their culture. The Ancient Egyptian culture worshiped a multitude of deities, so as the story merged with the Avatar influence, these gods were transferred to spirits; some of the well known Egyptian gods will pass the revue as a spirit. The river Nile has always played a huge role in the life of the Egyptians, and it will do so as well in the lives of the characters in the story.

Much to the annoyance of one of my editors, Seliah Jade, a graduated historian with ancient cultures as specialty, I have used my artistic freedom to change some key elements in history to make the story flow better.

Author's notes

This is my first written story ever, especially in English. The foundations of the story came to be after I had read River God, back in 2005. Mesmerized by Smith's words and nothing better to do during my summer job, I started to fantasize side stories featuring the main characters of the book. When I rediscovered Avatar: The Last Airbender later that year, the elements soon merged and formed the story which later would be known as Heiress of the Nile.

Source of inspiration

  • Wilbur Smith's "River God" and "Warlock": These two books, the former being my all-time favorite, have laid the base for the story. A lot of the setting, names, and customs are inspired by one of these books, so I hereby would like to give Wilbur Smith the credit for the following names: Lostris, Taita, Tanus, Meren, Intef, Naja, Apepi, Tod, Tamose, and Memnon. (More names may be added to the list when the story progresses.)
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra: Obviously, ATLA and TLoK play a huge part in the story as it revolves around bending and the Avatar. Being rubbish with thinking of names, I have made it easy for myself and borrowed some names of the show now and again, but the character that sports the name has nothing to do with the show's namesake. As writing went on, I realized that ATLA has sunk deeper into my subconscious than I thought and I've unknowingly written some scenes that bear close resemblance to scenes from the series. This was often unintended, but after I realized what I wrote, I sometimes exploited the occasion and gave the character a line that was used in the series. This will be pointed out in the trivia section of the relevant chapter if it occurs.
  • Disney: Disney movies just rule. I love Disney, and there will be plenty of references, some more subtle than others, in my chapters.
  • The Ultimate Waterbender with her When Air Nomads Walked the Earth: Unintentionally, Ultimate has inspired me more than she knows with her story; she was a true inspiration for me to do better and due to her usage of vivid, descriptive and colorful words, I have rewritten the story multiple times. My writing would never have become what it is now were it not for her story, so I truly thank her.
  • Theavatardemotivator and her A Bird Could Love a Fish: I like to use metaphors, and after reading TAD's beautiful story, it made me reinvent the metaphors I was already using, to make them more descriptive, more meaningful. Everything I've learned from using metaphors comes from reading ABCLAF.
  • Seliah Jade and her being awesome: Having talked a lot about the story with her, she has become a true help for when I'm stuck. Her vast knowledge about the Egyptian culture always comes in handy as well.

Thank yous

  • I'd like to thank my three editors, Seliah, TAD and ARG, as without them, Heiress of the Nile would be infested with so many spelling and grammar mistakes, even Grammar Ozai would die of a heart attack by just witnessing the error infestation.
  • French Froglegs for coming up with the name of the story.
  • Theavatardemotivator for helping me to adapt the logo of Smith's Warlock to fit this story.
  • The Ultimate Waterbender and Seliah Jade for the reasons mentioned above.
  • AvatarRokusGhost for the coding layout of the reception section, and Master Ratava for the navbox coding.
  • Wilbur Smith, for "letting" me "borrow" so many elements from his book. The same goes for Mike and Bryan. Seriously, thank you guys, you rock.
  • My readers, as a story is nothing without its readers.



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  • Outstanding New Series - 3rd Awards
  • Outstanding New Author - 3rd Awards
  • Outstanding Drama Series - 4th Awards
  • Best Villain - Naja - 5th Awards
  • Best Supporting Male Character - Meren - 6th Awards


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Book 1 - Lost and Found
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