This page is the place to submit an official request to be on the Fanon Awards Council. The five-member council selects a portion of the nominees for each of the categories in a ceremony, and is responsible for formatting and maintaining the page for the awards, moderating the process, and answering any relevant questions users might have along the way. Generally, the ceremony should be created within two months of the council’s selection, and requests will be opened one month prior to that.


  • Sound and fair judgment, along being impartial and unbiased in their decision-making.
  • Being well-versed with contemporary fanon stories that are new and eligible for nomination.
  • Reachability, and being able to coordinate and meet with their fellow councilors enough to fulfill their duties.
  • Element of diversity: the Fanon Awards Council should bring different approaches to the table, as well as collectively encompass knowledge of separate genres. They should mostly be experienced, but at least one of the council should be a newer user.


  • Add your name in a sub-header of the “Current requests” section, and give a few lines on why they want to be on the Fanon Awards Council and why they sufficiently fit the criteria above.
  • Alternatively, another user may nominate you for the position. In this case, the applicant should state that s/he accepts the nomination. This does not hold extra advantage or disadvantage over users who nominate themselves.
  • When the time comes for requests to close, the active administrators will select five willing and capable users to be on that year’s council.

Current requests

Requests are currently closed.

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