Welcome to the Fourth Fanon Awards ceremony! The Fanon Awards are award systems meant to honor excellence in the field of fanon works and publications. The nominees of the award are, as decided upon by a small council of five fanon users, along with the greater fanon community, among the finest of their field in their selected category. Please note that the awards are not meant to say that any story is better than another. If your story does not win or is not nominated, it does not mean that the council is discriminating against it, only that is has not been selected. The Fourth Fanon Awards officially begin on August 12th, 2012.

The following process is to be followed in all award ceremonies;

  1. There will be a maximum of five fanon nominations per category.
    1. The Council lists three of the five nominations.
    2. The Avatar Wiki Community lists the remaining two nominations.
  2. The nominees must be eligible for the category they are nominated for, according to the date of eligibility.
    • Stories and users nominated must have published or revised new content during or after December 2011.
    • Stories will be considered "new" if they were created during or after December 2011. Authors will be considered "new" if they made their debut onto the fanon portal during or after December 2011.
    • Previous winners of a given category may not be nominated again.
  3. After the announcement of the Council nominations, the community has five days to propose other nominations on the current ceremony's talk page, until August 17th, 2012.
    • Community may not nominate a fanon that is already nominated by the Council for the same category.
    • Nominations of own work are not allowed.
    • The community may nominate multiple fanon pages of the same author, even of the same series for a category, but note that only the best of these "double nominations" will proceed to the official nomination stage.
  4. After this, another five day period will start in which voting on the community nominations will be opened. A Council member will close voting on August 22nd, 2012.
  5. The two fanons for each category with the most community support will be added on the official nomination page with the Council's suggestions.
    • No fanon may be officially nominated twice, so if the top two voted fanons are of the same fanon, the one with the fewest votes will be replaced by the first runner up of another fanon.
    • If there is a tie between fanons for the second nomination spot, the Council will decide which one proceeds to the official nomination stage.
  6. Once voting is opened, the community has a seven days per category to support one of the suggested fanons in each category. The voting process shall take place through commenting. Votes on your own work will be disqualified.
  7. After voting is closed, the winner(s) will be announced.
  8. Winners receive the corresponding template on their fanon pages.

Award Categories

Outstanding Drama Series

(August 24-31)

Winner - Heiress of the Nile - Lady Lostris

Outstanding New Series

(August 24-31)

Winner - Scarf - Theavatardemotivator

Outstanding Comedy Story

(August 24-31)

Winner - The Gaang Watches The Legend of Korra - chilary

Outstanding Short Fanon

(August 24-31)

Winner - A Minute - Lady Lostris

Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series

(August 23-30)

Winner - MibuWolf - Emblem of the Outlaw - "Misfortunes Carry Sorrow"

Outstanding Writing in a New Series

(August 23-30)

Winner - kuzonkid7 - The Lost Air Temple - "Siege of Sages"

Best Female Main Character

(August 23-30)

Winner - Rokan - Avatar: The Legend of Rokan

Best Male Main Character

(August 23-30)

Winner - Yuhan - Silent Hero in Emerald

Best Female Supporting Character

(August 22-29)

Winner - Ursa - Air

Best Male Supporting Character

(August 22-29)

Winner - Gaidan - Avatar: The Sole Woodbender

Best Villain

(August 22-29)

Winner - Onjing - Avatar Brek

Single Achievement Award - Outstanding Author

(August 24-31)

Winner - AvatarRokusGhost

Single Achievement Award - Outstanding Editor

(August 23-30)

Winners - Acer Indonesia and Lady Lostris

Single Achievement Award - Outstanding New Author

(August 22-29)

Winner - Minnichi

Single Achievement Award - Outstanding Illustrator

(August 22-29)

Winners - Master Ratava andOrigonalavatarnerdling

Honorary Honorable Mention

This year, the Fanon Awards Council is giving an Honorary Honorable Mention to the fanon series Book Four: Air, by the talented author FrodoTheHutt. This is an “honorary” and not “normal” because technically speaking, Book Four: Air is not eligible for this award ceremony, having been completed back in 2010. However, the series has been one of the most well-received adventure stories and was unable to be nominated for anything when it first came out. Today, Book Four: Air gets some long-overdue recognition from the Fanon Awards. Congratulations, Frodo!