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Is your story invisible? Do you put hours and hours of time and effort into creating your world, but you just don't seem to have any fans? Well, what do you do when that happens? Contact a Fanonbender, and see if we can't advertise it!

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The basis

You see, here's where we jazz up the system. Throughout the duration of each fanon promotion, any users are able to submit their thoughts about the fanon being advertised. It can be a review, but if you don't want make it that long just write a bit about a favorite chapter, character, scene, or maybe give a recommendation to the author. Anyone who does will be put into a drawing.


The winner of the drawing, who will be announced when the current promotion ends and the next one begins, will receive:

  • A special userbox
  • Recognition in the next Ba Sing Se Times
  • A tribute to their name, posted at the bottom of this page forever
This user is a winner of the F.A.S. Contest for reading Helping One Another.

Typing in {{FASAward|Fanon}} will you give you this userbox, with the "{{{1}}}" being replaced with the name of the Fanon transcribed above.

And finally, something Minnichi decided to throw into the mix:

  • Consistent participants of the fortnightly Fanon Advertising Contest who show genuine effort to aid a promoted fanon will receive an original character illustration of their choice from a professional artist at, via Minnichi. The dates of awards and their frequency will be unannounced and completely at Minnichi's discretion. Samples of illustrations can be seen here, here, and here.

Post your thoughts for asylum

To be considered for any of the above prizes, post your thoughts about the current fanon promotion below. You can write it here, give a link to it written in a sandbox, or post that you've emailed it to one of the Fanonbenders, but contact them first. As long as we can get a hold of what you think about the fanon currently being advertised across the wiki, you will be put into the drawing. But to make it easy, just stick your way of delivering it to us on a bullet below and add your signature at the end.

  • Example: I like this fanon because [insert epic reason] and believe it could improve on [insert epic advice]. It definitely deserves more attention and should be praised for its author's dedication. -- [Your signature here]

Past drawing winners

This is the list of past users who have submitted their thoughts about old fanon promotions, been put into the drawing, and won. Maybe someday you could be a part of this Hall of Fame.

Illustration Winners

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