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Is your story invisible? Do you put hours and hours of time and effort into creating your world, but you just don't seem to have any fans? Well, what do you do when that happens? Contact a Fanonbender, and see if we can't advertise it!

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The basis

This system is based off an older one created by Rassilon of Old. Basically, you can sign up for an ad, and unlike fanon promotions there are no requirements. Any fanon may sign up. The ad will be posted in a box on the side of a page, on another author's story. In return, on your page, an ad will be put for someone else's story. Basically, each fanon that signs up will be put in a rotation and each fanon will have an ad for the next story in the rotation. So the point of this is rewarding fanons with an ad for helping advertise other unpopular ones. Also, every week, one ad for a fanon in the rotation will also be featured on the fanon main page. The next week, the ad on the fanon main page will change for the next fanon in the rotation.

Sign up to be in the rotation

As mentioned before, any fanon story can be put in the rotation. Just put the name of your fanon on a bullet below and include the story's tagline, as that will be put into the ad as well. Say whatever you like, but we suggest for the good of the ads that each tagline only be two short lines, and around 15 words at most.

This section of the FAS has been discontinued until further notice. It will be re-enacted at some point in the future—just add your fanon here to stay updated!

The bolded fanon is currently being advertised on the fanon main page. Each week it will change to the next one in the rotation.

Gallery of Fanon Stories:

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