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Is your story invisible? Do you put hours and hours of time and effort into creating your world, but you just don't seem to have any fans? Well, what do you do when that happens? Contact a Fanonbender, and see if we can't advertise it!

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The Fanon Advertising System is a program once created by Rassilon of Old and revived by BlackMonkey. It is meant to advertise growing fanons that do not have much interest so they can get fans. To do this, every two weeks we have a different fanon promotion that is advertised across the wiki. You can also request for ads on other author's pages in exchange for an ad for someone else on your page, or permanent advertisements at the bottom of this page any time you wish.

To find info, get directions, or request for an ad in any of our three systems, please click on one of the links in the boxes above and go on from there.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the Fanon Advertising System, please feel free to message or email any of the current fanonbenders about it. The same can be done if you want to help out running and updating the system. If you want to help out by putting an ad for the current fanon promotion on a page of yours (group, fanon, user page), feel free to stick the {{FanonPromotion}} template on it and that page will be mentioned on our Fanon Promotion page. It would be much appreciated as it both helps our system and the popularity of unknown fanon.

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