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A New Day
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Around the World (Again)



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December 30, 2011

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A New Day

The sun was rising. The sky was orange. It was a new day.

Aang walked out of the house and looked out. There it was: Republic City.

It was a large metropolis, located next to several mountains. There was a large bridge and several sky scrapers, and there were even some cars moving throughout the city.

Aang inhaled and thought of how the world had changed in the last forty-seven years. It had been forty-seven years since Long Feng's defeat.

He looked around and found himself staring at himself, in statue form. They had created a statue of him, because he and Fire Lord Zuko had created this location out of the Fire Nation colonies. Here, people of all nations could gather and live in peace together, as one.

And then his mind returned to Long Feng. It had been an interesting story with him. After the battle, Aang had sent him back to the jail in Ba Sing Se. And Long Feng had made not any attempts to escape.

After Republic City had been built, Long Feng was moved to its jail house. Aang visited him last week and let him go. And though Katara criticized him for this, Aang knew that what he did was right. Long Feng was free to roam the Earth as he pleased. His days of evil were over. It was a new life for him.

"You ready to go?" asked Katara's voice. Aang turned to face her.

Her hair was growing white. But she was still Katara, his wife.

"It was great to have you here, Mom and Dad," a deep voice said.

Aang turned around and hugged his son.

"Thanks for letting us stay, son. We'll be back some other time," said Aang.

Tenzin was bald, like Aang, and had a mustache. He had an arrow on his head, as well as on his hands and legs; he was an Airbending master and Aang and Katara's youngest son. And next to him was his wife, Pema; they had been married for nearly a year.

Yesterday, Aang went to talk to Tenzin and Pema and asked them when they were going to have children; it was crucial that they did, because they were the world's only chance of repopulating the Air Nomads. They told them that Aang and Katara would be seeing grandchildren when Tenzin and Pema were older. And Aang left it at that.

"We better get going." Aang started walking toward a giant bison. Appa was growing old as well. But he still had a lot of life left in him.

Aang and Katara climbed up Appa's side, and walked over to his head. They took a good luck at Air Temple Island, which had been made so Tenzin and his family could live peacefully, away from the city. They saw the male bison that Aang had given to Tenzin and Pema as their wedding gift. He was different from Appa; his stripes were thinner than Appa's and it had brown fur on his ears instead of the white Appa had on his.

Aang remembered finding the new herd of flying bison. He was traveling from Ba Sing Se to the Southern Water Tribe and, looking down, he saw giant fluffy white creatures. He flew Appa down and there they were. Aang took them to the Eastern Air Temple, where they could live peacefully.

Aang also found a new species of winged lemur; the ring-tailed winged-lemur. One day he was visiting the Southern Air Temple for old time sakes. And he found them. They had dark and white rings on their tails, hence the name given to them, as well as dark patches of fur around their eyes. Aang let them stay at the Southern Air Temple, where, like the sky bison at the Eastern Air Temple, the could live in peace. Aang let Momo stay there as well so he could be with other winged lemurs. He hadn't seem him in a long time. He thought he'd pay a visit to him and the other lemurs one of these days.

Aang waved at Tenzin and Pema. "Yip Yip!" Appa flew into the sky, over Republic City.

"Hey look!" said Katara. "It's Toph."

Aang looked down and saw that it was indeed Toph and her teenage daughter. Toph was chief of the Metalbender cops, who were the law enforcement team of Republic City, and her daughter wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps.

They were thinking of flying down to say hi, but knew that Toph was busy searching the city for criminals, while saying goodbye to her daughter, for she had to leave for school. Plus, they had already seen her the morning before.

Aang thought Toph deserved to be chief of police. She had done quite a lot in her life.

After the battle at the Southern Water Tribe, Aang placed the Dai Li under Toph's command. She went back to the school in Ba Sing Se, where she taught Earthbending to Earthbenders. She took the Dai Li there as well to straighten them out, and she had even decided to teach them Metalbending, so the art wouldn't be lost.

When Republic City was built, Toph offered her and her Dai Li agents to patrol the city and keep it safe. Toph even invented a sport called Pro-Bending, which is played in Republic City. It involves two teams of three benders of different bending disciplines, battling each other to see who will win the match. Toph was too busy to play in it nowadays, but she had done it quite a lot in her early adult years.

But, the Dai Li agents moving over to Republic City left Ba Sing Se vulnerable. At least until Suki asked the Kyoshi Warriors if they wanted to be the police of Ba Sing Se. They accepted, and Suki and Ty Lee became co-leaders.

Now, Aang and Katara were going back to their home in the Southern Water Tribe.

They had helped re-build it, and now the Southern Water Tribe's population had doubled since the battle they had there. It was still no where near as big as the Northern Water Tribe. That would take a long time to accomplish.

Aang and Katara continued to look around as Appa neared the Southern Water Tribe. But Aang said nothing. He was busy looking at all the achievements the gang had made in the last forty-seven years.

Sokka was now the chief of the Southern Water Tribe. He used to visit the Mechanist to work on inventions. The Mechanist and Sokka had even managed to create the vehicles the former was working so long on. And they gave several of them to Aang and Zuko to sell to merchants in Republic City, and used the money to buy food for the Mechanist. But now the Mechanist was dead, and Teo had taken his place and was inventing things along with the other people at the Northern Air Temple.

Though they were now married, Sokka and Suki rarely saw each other due to their different jobs; Sokka said he had no business in Ba Sing Se and Suki wouldn't leave the Kyoshi Warriors and her job. But, Aang had given Sokka a bison, so he was free to visit her as he pleased. Eventually, Aang knew, they would settle down together.

As for Zuko, well, he continued to be a great Fire Lord. He and his wife, Mai, were helping with rebuilding the world as promised. A statue would've been made for Zuko at Republic City, but he went against it, saying that only a statue of the Avatar belonged in a place where all four nations could gather in peace. Aang even gave him and Mai a flying bison, so they could visit any of their friends whenever they'd like.

Everything was as it should peace.

And yet, there was this weird feeling in him. It was as if there was still a problem in a world. Someone somewhere was angry at him, at benders, or at the world in general. Aang knew this could eventually become a major conflict.

There will always be conflict in the world, no matter what. No one can end it permanently. But they can put it on hold. Conflict will always exist. All that matters is that a hero will be there to stop it. It's the Avatar's job to maintain peace in the world.

Aang will face that upcoming conflict, whether it be in an Air Nomad's body or a Waterbender's body. He'll guide his next re-incarnation to the right path, to help them end this conflict. That Avatar, like all, will be emotionally attached to the world, but it'll have to sacrifice its own spiritual needs to do whatever it takes to protect the world.

And there it was, the Southern Water Tribe. There were several igloos and tents spread throughout the frozen tundra, inside a large gate, meant to keep out animals. Appa flew down to the tribe.

As Aang and Katara jumped off Appa, the former had a new problem to worry about. They began to walk toward their house.

Aang thought, What if the Avatar succeeding me won't be able to end this conflict, this revolt? And why am I worrying so much about a problem that probably doesn't exist.

Katara seemed to read his mind, for she grabbed his hand and smiled at him.

They embraced each other.

Coming out of the hug, Katara looked at her husband.

"Don't worry, Aang." She paused.

They walked into their house.

Katara stared into Aang's eyes, the blue meeting the gray. "No matter what, I believe- no. I know that the Avatar will return to save the world [again]."


  • The line "That Avatar, like all, will be emotionally attached to the world, but it'll have to sacrifice its own spiritual needs to do whatever it takes to protect the world." is a reference to Avatar Yangchen's line in "Sozin's Comet, Part 2: The Old Masters."
  • The last line of AtWA, "No matter what, I believe- no. I know that the Avatar will return to save the world [again]" is not only a reference to the last line Katara said in the original Avatar: The Last Airbender opening sequence, but to the fanon's title.

Author's Note

Wow! Here it is. The final chapter of AtWA. Wow. I can't believe it. I remember when I first started this fanon back on February 2nd, 2011. It's changed a lot since then. But, I've still got a little something left for AtWA. You'll be seeing it soon enough.

And I can't believe that I managed to release the final chapter on my birthday, as I had originally planned about a month or so ago. I didn't think I would be able to finish it, but I did. So, this is a birthday gift to myself: The final chapter of my first fanon.

Thanks so much for sticking with AtWA through to the end. It means a lot. And I can't wait for EaE. But that's going to have to wait as I still have to work on that little something left for AtWA.

Thanks for so much reading,

--Aang20791 Aang DOBS Sprite AtWA - EaE 18:55, December 30, 2011 (UTC)


This chapter is dedicated to....Well, first of all to Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, for creating my number one obsession. And thanks to everyone who worked on ATLA and LoK. You've brought so much happiness to me and every single fan of the show. Thanks for creating something with heart and something that everyone of all ages can enjoy, and for creating my favorite show of all time!

This chapter is also dedicated to Gene Luen Yang for writing "The Promise." We fans, after about four years of waiting, will finally be able to read the official continuation of Team Avatar's story. Can't wait for it to come out. And, a little bonus, it comes out on my one year birthday here on the wiki.

Thanks to Dark Horse Comics for creating "Avatar: The Last Airbender—The Art of the Animated Series," the best art book ever (though I wish there was one book per season, so we could get more in-depth things), "The Lost Adventures," so I could finally read the part I was missing of "Divided We Fall" (Hehe) and all the other comics I wanted to read, and "The Promise." Thanks for creating all these.

Thanks to Nickelodeon, for airing "Avatar: The Last Airbender" on their channel (though not treating it with the respect it deserved) and for asking Bryke to create "The Legend of Korra" (Stop delaying it!). I've got a lot of complains for you, Nick, but thanks for approving ATLA and asking for LoK. Since I was about seven when the show first aired, I would've never seen it if it hadn't been on Nick, which was my favorite channel back then (and it probably would still be, if you would show something 'Korra' relating on TV already).

And finally, thanks to Avatar Wiki and all its users for, well, everything! I learned so much while here, and I've met so many great users who love Avatar as much as I do. I've been able to write a fanon here and learn so much about Avatar that I didn't know before. Thanks to the users for being so kind and helpful. Avatar Wiki, you are truly awesome! You've brought so many Avatar fans together, to a place where we can all spaz out about the same thing. Thanks for everything you've done and will do!

--Aang20791 Aang DOBS Sprite AtWA - EaE 18:55, December 30, 2011 (UTC)

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