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Engagements is a fanon mini-series written by PSUAvatar14. It focuses on the plans of Zuko and Aang to propose to Mai and Katara, respectively, in the years following the war.


A few years have passed since the end of the Great War. Zuko is enjoying a great start to his reign as Fire Lord, partially fueled by Mai. Despite a couple of spats, Mai and Zuko have really enjoyed their relationship. The next level for them is coming. The two are closer than ever. In 103 AG, Zuko decides to think things through. He is very happy with Mai. He's ready to make his next big decision.

Meanwhile, Aang and Katara have been the same way. With the world at peace, save for a couple minor issues, the two have been able to settle down. The two live at the Southern Water Tribe, where the rebuilding process continues. Katara now works with Master Pakku to help young Waterbenders enhance their skills. Aang travels every so often to see the world leaders to make sure everything's in balance. Around 104 AG, though, Aang begins taking craftsman's classes. Katara is curious as to why. Could he be making something big for the love of his life?


Zuko and Mai (June 103 AG)

Aang and Katara (December 104 AG)

Characters Involved

Ages at the time of stories.

  • Zuko - The 19-year old Fire Lord has enjoyed both a successful reign so far and a great relationship with his current girlfriend, Mai. It's going so great that he is closing in on asking the biggest question of his life.
  • Mai - The 18-year old girlfriend of Zuko. She is anticipating the question, but does not know when it will come or how to react.
  • Aang - The 17-year old Avatar helped bring peace to the world. Very few threats to peace have come since he defeated Ozai. Now lives at the Southern Water Tribe with his girlfriend, Katara. But he feels like Katara should be more than that to him. He is making plans for his big question.
  • Katara - The 19-year old Waterbending Master has combined with Master Pakku to teach new Waterbenders. She has helped rebuild her broken tribe. She and Aang have enjoyed a successful relationship to this point. She gets curious, though, when he begins taking craftsman's classes. Is he planning something big?


The majority of the chapters received positive reviews.

The first chapter of Maiko, "Zuko Thinks", had reviews more towards the mixed side. Skybender101 called it "a wonderful beginning" and Lady Lostris called it a "wonderful debut" for the author. However, French Froglegs called it "way too short", albeit "wonderful".

"One More Date", chapter 2 of the Maiko arc, garnered a handful of positive comments. Lady Lostris, as part of her comment, remarked that it made her feel "All warm and fuzzy inside", a sentiment later echoed by French Froglegs, who also added that he wanted to "Smile at the world." The Ultimate Waterbender said the chapter was "Romantic and sweet", and AvatarRokusGhost described the writing as "good emotions and details." However, not all reviews were positive. The Bos believed Mai to be out of character, saying she "wasn't happy-go-lucky."

Wrapping up the Maiko arc was "Zuko Makes His Move". Users French Froglegs and Natsu11 each called it "romantic". The Ultimate Waterbender called it very sweet, and AvatarRokusGhost said he "liked the way [the author] mixed the crisis in the middle of it, as [Zuko] still has his life and stress as Fire Lord" to deal with."

The Kataang half of the series opened with the chapter "Craftsman's Class: The Final Lesson". Tara22 called it a "Great chapter" along with RageOfFluffy calling it (and possibly the whole series) "one of the best fics [he] has ever read". T-Dawg posted that he "Will be most interested in the design Aang puts down".

The second Kataang chapter, "Crafting His Masterpiece", was somewhat of a co-op work between the author and Vulmen. Both were praised, as Natsu11 said that Vulmen "showed his magic" and told the author it was "Another masterpiece". Moph93 praised the chapter as "amazing" and Skybender101 called it "beautiful and incredible".

The final chapter of the Kataang arc, and thus the whole series, was "It All Comes Together". Skybender101 said "It made [her] tear up" with The Ultimate Waterbender said it was "Sweet and touching...extraordinary." AvatarRokusGhost added that "[He] liked the way [the author] incorporated both their thoughts the whole way", and Vulmen remarked that "[It] was very very well worded". "It All Comes Together" was named "Featured Fanon Article" for September of 2011, nominated by the aforementioned AvatarRokusGhost.

In the 20 August 2011 edition of the Ba Sing Se Times, Dcasawang1 reviewed the fanon, praising the Kataang portion. He said that "Aang's feelings were accurately shaped" and "Katara's thoughts were also perfectly written", and he feels that "This would have really happened". The full review can be read in the issue, linked at the start of this paragraph.

On 17 September 2011, Engagements won the author the title of "Fanonbender", after a successful nomination from Natsu11. On 29 August 2012, it became a double fanonbender. If you wish to kick off a run at triple fanonbender, go here and vote! :)

In 2012, Engagements was a nominee for Best Romance Series in the Third Fanon Awards ceremony.

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