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Avatar: Emblem of the Outlaw
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August 29, 2011 - March 15, 2012






Avatar: The Legend of Korra




Three years after the death of Avatar Korra, three years after the Avatar was reborn into the Earth Kingdom, a powerful bender opened a portal into the spirit realm. An imbalance between the worlds came, causing several more portals were torn open: one in the Earth Kingdom, one in the Fire Nation, one in the Northern Air Temple, one in the Southern Water Tribe, and one in the middle of Republic City. Spirits poured into the human world through these portals. Most of the spirits who passed through were lesser spirits, but some malignant spirits came through and wreaked havoc on the humans. Likewise, some humans would stumble into the spirit realm and disturb the more powerful spirits--most humans never came back from the spirit realm. Overall, the result of these portals was that humans suffered more than spirits. The humans cast all the blame for these incidents upon the spirits, and being blamed for an incident that was obviously the humans' fault irritated the spirits. Thus tensions began to rise.

When a powerful evil spirit crossed into the human world and completely destroyed a village, humans became terrified of the spirits. They foolishly began to believe that the benders were "spies" for the spirits: any known benders were taken away, and none would return. Bending was deemed illegal--seen as a method of communing with the spirits. Police worldwide were given the task of tracking down and arresting all known benders; but bending was as natural to the people as breathing. The bending world quickly went underground; over time the underground bending world became a world of crime, violence, and villainy. Bending matches became brawls, bringing the deaths of many talented benders. And with crime on the rise, the Police began to take any small child to any old man who showed sign of being a bender and locked them away.

The series takes place in a modern Avatar world. It follows the life of the young Earthbending Avatar, succeeding Avatar Korra, and his friends as he strives to make the world a better place. In the storyline, there are a mixture of intense martial arts, bending, and firearm battles as well as developed character backgrounds and awesome adventure.


Events before, of, and after Emblem of the Outlaw


New New Team Avatar
Ishio - Liwei - Frost - Ai Shi - Haneul
Police Force
Chief Sumi - Inspector Tang
Moshui - Donghai - The Corsair - Kurayami
Other Humans
August - Meelo - Tuzo - Kiri - Junjie - Miwa - Master Bingwen - Master Geming - Liwei's Mom
Jo - Avatar Korra - Avatar Aang - Naga - Yoru - Shinrin - Lifu


There have been two formal reviews conducted by the Fanon Review Squad. The first, by user BlackMonkey was released after the first six chapters had been released, and was still positive. The second, conducted by Millennia2 with the Review Squad as well, was released after twenty chapters had been posted. The review was very positive.

"If you are looking for a way to pass the time while Korra draws nearer, read this story. It feels that much like the real thing."
Millennia2, Fanon Review Squad
"I wasn't very excited about reading this, but I forced myself to look at the posted six chapters of it. They were really good. For a new user, it is amazingly written, and the story flows perfectly. It's creative and full of twists, and makes you keep reading chapter after chapter. It would be good even if it wasn't written by a beginning author. I liked it."
BlackMonkey, Fanon Review Squad

Emblem of the Outlaw has also received Fanonbending recognition and has gotten several positive comments from users on the chapters.



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