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"A man will rise.
A legend will be born.
Justice will be brought."

Risks: Laughing, Questioning, Breaking into Tears, and Rolling on the Floor

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Elements of Life
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September 1, 2012 - January 1, 2013


Ty, Momo15 (Poet Laureate), Yodaman293(Illustrator)




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The Man Behind the Words

Hi, you may call me Ty. I write because I like to voice my thoughts and opinions. I write independently of what people think; that's why I hate graded essays and molding to a certain format. I believe writing is meant to be an expression. Who am I to criticize another person's writing? I think of myself as a unique writer because I am inspired by Hemingway, Steinbeck, Edgar Allan Poe, Ray Bradbury, Mark Twain, and Shakespeare. I have my own style, but I continuously aim to adapt and learn.

"I read and walked for miles at night along the beach, writing bad blank verse and searching endlessly for someone wonderful who would step out of the darkness and change my life. It never crossed my mind that that person could be me."
— Anna Quindlen

What Plot?

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I actually started to think for once. I thought about all sorts of things: future, happiness, world issues, fate, living underwater, and my place in the world. Like sweet music, the ideas flowed from my mind, and I thought to myself, "This kinda tickles!" Anyways, I wanted to share my insane "hallucinations" with you amazing, patient people.

Avatar is a unique show. It has humor, adventure, heck, it even has romance! Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph, and Zuko grow up right before our eyes and witness real-world problems like war, death, and justice. I will attempt to use the Avatar world and link it with ours, shedding some light on realities. With a collection of one-shots, I will illustrate the elements of life that I have come to know.

So What Exactly Is This Thing?

Elements of Life is a collection of one-shots written using characters and places in Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. The stories are to be read leisurely and in no particular order, although they are arranged chronologically to make navigation easier. There is no concrete plot, but each story is inspired by some experience in my life. Elements of Life is most essentially my creative writing outlet! Regarding the actual content, some stories stand alone with no ties to the canon story, others may explore the thoughts of characters in the scenes from the show. One-shots vary in genre from drama to humor to romance; some are dark, others are light. It's hard to illustrate life with one color. Warning: you may laugh hysterically, question reality, or roll on the floor in tears.


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Elements of Life won its first Fanonbending Award on September 16th, 2012.

Elements of Life won its second Fanonbending Award on April 10th, 2013.

Elements of Life won Featured Fanon series -December 2012

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The wonderful art featured in Elements of Life is created by a real life friend of mine, Yodaman293. I've been consistently impressed by his mastery of different styles. He is open for all design and illustration commissions, and works predominantly in digital art. Don't hesitate to contact him for his services as he is willing and excited to work with other fanon authors. Check out his Deviantart Profile to see the rest of his amazing work and where he's headed.

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