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"Shadows are rising once again.
But that's not the
greater problem..."

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Fanon Award for Outstanding Fanon Series

WinnersNominee List
Avatar: Better World (2009) - Avatar: Better World (2010) - Avatar: Energy Saga (2011) - Heiress of the Nile (2012)
Silent Hero in Emerald (2013) - Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes (2015)
"Ooh! I just read a historical saga where the heroine fell in love with the enemy general's son, who's supposed to marry the princess. You should do what she did!"
"She rode a dragon into battle and burned down the entire country. Then she jumped into a volcano. It was so romantic!"
— Jinora


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Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


Avatar: Energy Saga

When the granddaughter of Avatar Aang mentioned the historical saga in passing conversation with current Avatar Korra, the ghost of Avatar Roku was happy that she counted it amongst her favorite stories, for it was one of his favorite stories as well. It involves suspense, adventure, war, conspiracy, deception, action and, of course – romance.

However...the ghost of Avatar Roku was not fully-satisfied by Jinora's telling. While she touched in on some of the best bits in her brief overview, she also skipped over a lot of important parts in between...and she may have left her audience with the wrong impression.

The ghost of Roku decided that he could not sit by and let that happen. Thus, he began a venture of his own, to dedicate a portion of his time, energy and sanity to giving this tale a full and proper telling. To accompany on this journey, subscribe below and follow along as he brings the pieces of this story back to light, one chapter at a time!





General Iroh

LATEST: No Turning Back

Lu Ten


Sun Warriors


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Fanon Award for Best Main Character (Female)

WinnersNominee List
Lian (2009) - Lian and Mina (2010) (tie) - Seraphine (2011) - Rokan (2012) - Nalia (2013) - Ratana (2015)
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Fanon Award for Best Main Character (Male)

WinnersNominee List
Nero (2009) - Chen (2010) - Tengu (2011) - Yuhan (2012) - Wake (2013) - Lu Ten (2015)

  • Ratana – The "heroine" of the story. She is a world-renowned earthbending fighter currently serving in the Earth Kingdom military in the war against the Fire Nation as a member of the Terra Team.
  • Lu Ten – The "enemy general's son." Since he is a member of the royal family, he often goes to the front alongside his father to invade new and unconquered regions of the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes.
  • Tooru – Ratana's earthbending partner. As a trusted comrade of Ratana, he is seen by her side frequently in training and on missions for the Earth Kingdom.
  • Brawki – Ratana's earthbending teacher.
  • Iroh – The "enemy general." As Crown Prince of the Fire Nation, he is destined to be Fire Lord someday. When he's not off fighting, he enjoys a refreshing cup of exotic tea.
General Iroh

The fanon is set prior to and during the Siege of Ba Sing Se.

  • June – A bounty hunter.
  • Heidze – An urchin from the Fire Nation.
  • Roshune – A non-bender Dorunian warrior. Originally from Munn, the province-kingdom to the north of Ba Sing Se.
  • Prince Lizen – A noble from the Fire Nation.
  • Princess Jaya – The "princess." Prince Lizen's daughter.
  • Shang – Chief of the ancient and reclusive Sun Warriors.
  • Ran and Shaw


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Other stuff:

Vortex title
Avatar: Vortex is an original crossover series of multiple fanon on Avatar Wiki. Vortex revolves around the non-canonical interactions between characters from a couple fan fiction.
Energy Saga Title
Avatar: Energy Saga takes place after the end of the television series. It begins at the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender, but some darker themes become introduced as it goes along and it becomes more PG-13 than the canon show.
v - e - dDragons, Sieges and Volcanoes Chapters
Book 1 - Dragon
Earliest of Lessons - Stone Walls, Wooden Doors - The Day's End - The Death of a Fire Lord - At the Marketplace - The Dragon Chambers - An Invitation to Dinner - The Prince's Secret - Raid on Gujuhmin: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 - Another Day's End - Striking Meditation - New Mission - House of Tooru - Guangcheng - Leaving Home - Gangkouz: Part 1, Part 2 - Finding Shelter - Struggles - Khomin Square - Chase - Strangers in a Teashop - Proverbs - Surprise - Separation - Confrontation: Part 1, Part 2 - Withdrawal - Recovery - Stalemate - On the Road - Gathering Storm: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 - Campfire - The Crown Prince's Dragon - Sons of the Comet: Azulon, Lizen - Back on Track - Detour - Nongkun - Valley of the Ancient City: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 - Fixation - Scaling - Cave of the Dragons - Trance of Solitude - The King of Munn - Returning Home - Trapped Again - Cottage in the Woods - Battle of Munn - Record from Gujuhmin - Aftermath of Conquest - The Court Martial - Earthen Duel - Legacies Left Behind - Identities Taken Up - The First Day of Many
Book 2 - Siege
Darkest Hour - Sieges Bring Changes - Off to Battle - Songs of the Past - Sidetracked - Agni Kai in the Village - Crater of Death - Return to the Outer Wall - Tough Reunions - New Leadership - From Outside the Outer Wall - To Inside the Inner Wall - Fresh Foes - Lucky - In Foreign Lands - Prelude - Charge - The Tale of Oma and Shu - Present - New Duties - Daydreams - Nightmares - Seeds of Rebellion - Challenge of the Body - In Other Parts of the World - Twilight - Challenge of the Spirit - Lingering - Breaking Point - Terra Team Party - Broken Ties - Solo Mission - Showdown - The Bloody Line of Lizen: Part 1, Part 2 - Unusual Bonds: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 - No Turning Back - The Princess of Munn - TBA
Book 3 - Volcano
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