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Days of a Wild Card Battler
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The Legend of Korra

The Days of a Wild Card Battler is the stories following a single team of people fighting Republic City's growing corruption in the absence of people that could have helped. This team is not really trying to be heroes, but somehow they may have what it takes to save the day.


After the Red Lotus Incident, Avatar Korra disappeared, but not only that many of the people that should protect the city are caught up in the politics and danger of Grand Uniter Kuvira that they fail to see what goes on in the lowly slums. If they did, they would notice the many gangs were put together under one leader: a man claiming to be destined to become "The Ideal Ruler".

Though it seems fate is not cruel enough to leave them to such a destiny and has entered in a group of people that may not be the glorious heroes of old, but they are the only people that fight for those that can't fight for themselves. By claiming themselves to be The Tyrant Smashing Fighters, they set out to fight the bad guys and save people, though for a minimal fee.


The Tyrant Smashing Fighters

Kiryu (The Wild Card Battler) - A man that at a time was the heroic type, though years of fighting made him realize that he enjoyed the fighting itself not the heroics. Thus he decided to travel the world, taking on its greatest fighters to try and see if he can relieve boredom. Somehow, later down the road, he was swindled into helping Yuria and now started the TSF to see if there is fun fighting that way.

Yuria (The Nonsense Stopping Planner) - She was tired of politics stopping those that could create justice and decided to try and fight it at its source. Thus she started The TSF in order to enter right where the criminals live and fight them out of their cities. Later decided the best place to start would be Republic City. Alongside Kiryu, she now attempts to get it going and hope that she can make a dent in the fight against crime and the newly formed "Indra Gokudo".

Sanzang (The Cloud Minded Provider) - She provides them the living space known as The Dayan Ta Building to live in and where they can talk to clients. She does all this in exchange for them working in the Huaguo Restaurant as entertainment.

The Four Devas

Tripitaka (The Battle Hungry Challenger) - One of the four high-ranking members of The Indra Gokudo. Most of the time, she is what deals with the street level thugs and keeps them in their place. But other times, she wants to find someone that can fight her on equal footing to make her life more interesting.

Anasui (The Scorching Loyal Guard) - Another high-ranking member, he is the one in charge of dealing with the more sophisticated rich people looking for a thrill and often is what keeps them satisfied. Other times, he believes in Tora's ambition and has made it his only goal in life to make that dream a reality.

Yasuho (The Uncaring Gaudy Pirate) - The third high-ranking member, she deals with crimes in the seas outside of Republic City. She gives most of her riches to her men or to Indra as she herself cares very little of what she gains outside of the thrill of it. She only keeps enough to live and that is it.

Sakra Tora (The Charismatic Ideal Ruler) - The Leader of The Indra Gokudo and he is often what keeps the others in line with his powerful charisma and power. He is under the belief that he is destined to become "Chakravartin", a myth of one man being the Ideal Ruler of both the physical and spiritual. He claims that he has a few things that would make his destiny true, though such a thing has not appeared yet.


Day 1. A Day Started the Wrong Way - Our protagonists enter the city and lay done the ground work to help the people around them. So far it seems that may not be a problem, so far anyway. Though the man that hide in the secrets may already be planning their destruction.

Day 2. A Day of Escalation - Our hero has started his first mission and as he goes through with such a day he begins to understand what he is fighting against. He also begins to learn what he is fighting for. All the while he is trying to shrug off an old title given to him in the past.

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