Day 2. A Day of Escalation
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Days of a Wild Card Battler

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November 1, 2014

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Day 1. A Day Started the Wrong Way

Now with a home firmly secured our hero attempts his first mission. As he attempts to achieve success he gets the ball rolling on the series of events that will show just what sort of danger his enemies are.

Day 2. A Day of Escalation

A good way to start the day

He was up on the roof, the Dayan Ta was finally fixed up and as an office it worked out, the rooms even more so with Kiryu gaining access to the roof. It was a great place to do simple Katas and though it may surprise a few, he as an earth bender moved through each motion slow and somewhat gracefully. Others would have been fast and forceful but as his master taught him, it would always lead to better odds if he was light on his feet and deliberately powerful on his fists.

With his coat off he went through the motions with concentration, and thinking over the many scars he earned through his many battles. The largest one was the spiral one around his right arm. This once was earned from a crazy party of a battle after a run in with police.

He needed to be ready when Yuria eventually gain her first case, As the door opened to the roof he realized he thought of this right on time.

"It's a simple job, a man needs his shop watched over for a week, they are moving away but want to make as much profit before they high tail it" He stopped grabbing his coat and as he put it on she spoke up on something he didn't like to hear.

"Just play the hero and make sure any of thugs don't try and extort from them" He let out an annoyed sigh as Yuria realized her mistake. She handed him a file as he started to turn away from her.

"Look Yuria, I'm not going to play anything, I stopped playing hero a long time ago, and I'll just be passing the time with this little task" He stepped down from the side of the building, a pillar of earth was there to meet him.

As he slowly went down he saw the people leaving to their car, he assumed they were the people he was supposed to meet and followed them after stepping down from the sinking pillar.

Wishing to turn the beat back

As he turned the corner, a man just started setting up shop.

"So you're Tong" he turned to him with a small look of fear and anger.

"I don't own The Indra anything!" After that yell there was a moment of awkwardness and Kiryu probably should have been more considerate. He scratched the back of his head as he let he man know what he was here for.

"Um okay, I'm Kiryu, I was hired to protect your shop, and the only person you're going to be paying is Yuria" He let out a sigh as Tong started to gain an understanding. He quickly opened up shop and let Kiryu inside. Kiryu got a good look at the shop; it was a simple store with miscellaneous items from Blankets to small toys around and about.

He was actually impressed with what he saw, he needed a few blankets anyway. he might spend some coin here, Tong noticed him looking around.

"If you wanna buys something I suggest doing quickly, I'm tired of punks thinking they can just run in here thinking that because they joined a monster they can do whatever they want and in a few days I don't have to deal with this" He rambled on as he started rummaging through the counter.

"If that's what you want to do" As Kiryu said this he felt as though his past self would have told the old man not to fear them and that he didn't have to run away, now was a different story.

"How much for the blankets?" Tong was going to answer but then one thug walked in with a smug smirk outright ignoring Kiryu.

"I hear you're moving away, after Indra offered to bring you safety" The owner was having none of it as the thug put his arms on the counter and stared at Tong, that smug grin never leaving his face.

"I don't know what that Tora guy put into your head but if you think threatening me was protecting me then clearly a lot of Indra has lost it" The smug grin faded but his stance did not.

"What makes you say that? I was telling you all that could befall your little shop if you didn't let us protect you" Tong moved to the door bypassing the thug as he opened the door.

"I think it's time for you to leave!" He angrily pointed out the door as the smug thug walked closer to him and held up his hand.

"Case and point, you might anger the wrong customer and he might burn down your shop" A small flame burst from his hand. Then swift running was heard and as the thug turned to the noise all he saw was two boots flying to his face.

He flew out the door hitting a car on his way out, Kiryu landed on his back but quickly moved to his feet as the car outside opened up with two more thugs moving out.

"Now we can get this party started right" Kiryu said as he walked out to the open, a large grin on his face. The other thugs were surprised as he suddenly charged forward.

One defensively created a ball of water before flinging it into a quick sectioned blast. With a quick spin he dodged out of the way and quickly created a wall of stone to make sure the shop was still protected.

He then quickly raised a large stone throwing it at the thug so that he would dodge to the left not noticing that Kiryu had something else planned as he suddenly raise a pillar of earth with the thug standing on it.

As he rose Kiryu jumped up to the car and quickly dissolved the rock as the thug fell down suddenly impacted by a powerful uppercut.

The other guy landed as the last thug made his move. With a quick blast of flame he was going to stop this interfering mad man.

He was quick to move behind the fire bender and with a firm grasp around his waist Kiryu pulled him back into a suplex. With quick thinking sections of rocks clamped over his neck and arms leaving him stuck to the ground.

Kiryu stood over him with pointing down at his fallen opponent.

"Tell this to your boss, and I'm going to say this once, this little shop is on my watch, if you guys come here again I will clobber you twice as hard and you won't want any of that" The thug grimaced at his threat.

"You can tell that to her yourself" Kiryu was about to ask what that meant but then looked around and down a corner was a woman sitting on a car, her twintailed brown hair and large face scar stood out to him. She merely glared at him for a few moments.

"What!? You want a part of this party? Then bring it!" He waited for her to make a move. The only move she made was quickly jumping into her vehicle and driving off.

"That, all that, Are you that battle hungry? Well thank you anyway" Tong stepped out of the shop as Kiryu gave him a thumbs up with a proud grin on his face.

"Now about those blankets."

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