Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Daoro, the Lost Avatar in the last hundred years.

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Daoro, the Lost Avatar
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The Legend of Korra


"Fire. Air. Water. Earth.

Long ago, civilization discovered the ancient art known as bending. With it, people were able to bend one of the four elements to their heart's desire. For eons, the peoples of the Four Nations used this magnificent feat to build, to hunt, to defend, and to destroy. An Avatar, one who was able to bend all four elements, was appointed to maintain balance in every era and become the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. The cycle dictates that the death of one Avatar would lead to the birth of the next, in another nation.

The existence of bending brought forth goodness as well as misery. Warlords used this power to dominate, inciting centuries of conflictone war after another. Political animals used it oppress and gain the upper hand. Madmen used it to kill. The Avatar and the ones loyal to them used bending to protect the goodness in the worldinstilling new hope into the hearts of citizens.

Just fifteen years ago, the most recent war endedculminating with the death of the previous Avatar, Korra. By that time, our world was wrought with destruction. The lands were no longer the green they once used to be. Spirits fled and no longer connected with us. People feared that we might never achieve harmony again. 

So, they saw the error in their ways, and sought a new world order. Humanity moved on. They built cities. They made families. They discovered sciences. There was no sign of any new Avatar, but people did not worry too much about it. We have reached a point in time where we have attained a different kind of balancea kind where the absence of any war translated into harmony. 

The world is changing. We have become slavesnot to warlords, but to our own creations. Dark clouds are looming upon us. The lines dividing morals and corruption are becoming blurred. I fear that we might need an Avatar once more." —Rin Lee's narration, from Chapter 1: The Boy from the Desert.


The cycle of the Avatar continues in a renewed world, set fifteen years after the passing of Avatar Korra. Daoro, a young earthbending prodigy, has just discovered that he is the Avatar. Living in a world that has forgotten bending, he pushes his duties aside, and leaves his bending skills a secret. After the untimely death of his mentor and adoptive father, Daoro gains motivation to venture northwest to the newly-reformed Republic City-States. There, he will begin his search for mentors who will aid him in mastering the remaining three elements.

Book One: Storms

Daoro's journey does not go as well as he'd imagined when he arrives at the highly industrialized Cheng-Jin, the City of Titanium. Seeing how much the world has changed from the stories he's heard, he becomes lost in a city devoid of nature and subsequently, human morals. He gains a partner in Rin Lee, a girl he saves from her own uncontrollable firebending. Together, they become entrapped in the political conflict fueled by natural resources and social corruption between Cheng-Jin and it's neighbor Cheng-Hua, the City of Flowers. This, paired with an enigmatic and unnatural storm brewing at sea, Daoro must put his training on hold to look after the troubled Republic City-States.


Team Avatar

  • Daoro- An earthbending prodigy hailing from Omashu and the next Avatar after Korra. At a very young age, he has led a life as a bandit. That is, before being adopted by Aga and taught earthbending and its subsequent techniques. After the death of Aga, he retains a heavy heart and a detachment from society. Since a run-in with sand pirates, he gains the motivation to venture to the Republic City-States to fulfill his destiny and his master's dying wish. He is a poet and an artisan at heart, rather than being a fighter. When he arrives at Cheng-Jin, he is culture-shocked by the massive structural and social differences it has from his hometown.
  • Rin Lee- An orphan girl on the run from her adoptive parents. Daoro first meets her when she accidentally unleashes a flurry of firebending attacks during a protest at Cheng-Jin. After being saved by Daoro from the authorities, she explains that her uncontrollable bouts of accidental firebending is a disorder she has been struggling with for years. She is savvy with the ways of the modern world, and even has her own mobile com (the Avatar World counterpart of a cell phone).
  • Amaya- One of the fifty remaining airbenders in the world. Her job as part of the Air Nation Justice Force (a branch of the Air Nation led by Monk Rohan) has her stationed at Cheng-Jin. She is very skilled in her craft and obtained her tattoos at a very early age—much like her mother, Guru Jinora. She, however, hides her forehead tattoo behind her bangs. She maintains a cold and anti-social demeanor.
  • To Tong- An environmentalist and leader of several anti-pollution protests in Cheng-Jin. He has a hippie personality and is extremely passionate about the diminishing tree population in the United Republic. Ironically, his father was a war veteran in Kuvira's army, which was responsible for much of the natural destruction in the Earth Kingdom and its nearby areas.
  • Kohji- A teenage waterbender from Cheng-Hua. He is a both a tech wiz and a valiant member of To Tong's environmentalist movement, corresponding with them through a secured mobile com network across the Republic City-States. He is actually a clumsy fighter.


  • Rakomah- A mysterious entity on the move only during the nighttime. Daoro has yet to come to the conclusion if he is man or spirit.
  • Prime Minister Seirin Han- Prime Minister of the City of Cheng-Jin. His family and their ruling city has retained an autonomous sovereignty from the United Republic of Nations using their wealth and affluence. Allegedly an Equalist fanatic, he despises the existence of benders in his city, treats them as a minority and openly labels them 'destructive scum'.
  • Seijun Han- The Prime Minister's son. Literally a spoiled brat with an unhinged personality.

Supporting Characters

  • Master Aga- Daoro's deceased earthbending master and adviser to the current King of Omashu. He lived his life perfecting earthbending and imparted all his knowledge upon Daoro. His lifelong dream was to know The Greater Law of the Elements, as penned by Guru Laghima in one of his books. Alas, he is unable to do so, but Daoro vows to discover it for him.
  • Juzon- A local firebending master who is the key to both Daoro's training and Rin Lee's past.
  • The Titanium Dragon- A man in a titanium suit and mask. He is the embodiment of a modern-day superhero, but his motives are shady. He even has his own fan following.
  • Queen Shao Long- The Queen of Cheng-Hua, nicknamed the Queen of Flowers. She is a waterbender who tamed the Spirit Vines which migrated north from Republic City's Spirit Wilds years ago. After winning the hearts of local swampbenders in the area, she was crowned their queen. She took this title quite literally and built her own kingdom from the roots upward. She is very kind and caring towards her people.
  • Shay Lin- Queen Shaolong's kid sister, an earthbender from a different mother. Shaolong is very protective of her and keeps her within the royal compound, but she sneaks out every once in a while in civilian clothes.
  • Hoiren- The current King of Omashu, and descendant of Bumi the First.
  • Mikoto Sato- The heir of the Sato legacy and CEO of New Future Industries. He is buff and tall, and takes from his mother's engineering talent.
  • Monk Rohan- The youngest child of Tenzin and one of the Air Nation's leaders, along with his siblings. He is responsible for the Air Nation Justice Force, a sector of the Air Nation much revered for its international presence and care.
  • Guru Jinorra- The oldest child of Tenzin and the highest of the Air Nation's leaders. She used to oversee all the Air Nation temples but her old age has now prevented her from doing so. She and Kai are Amaya's parents.


These chapters will start publishing on January 1, 2015!

  1. The Boy from the Desert
  2. A Rainy Day
  3. Mystery of the Glass Trains
  4. The Queen of Flowers
  5. Tale of Two Cities
  6. Roots
  7. Spiritual Rift
  8. His Master's Secret
  9. The Justice Force
  10. Titanium
  11. Eye of the Storm
  12. The Greater Law of the Elements


Earth Kingdom

  • Omashu
  • Si Wong Desert

Republic City-States

  • Cheng-Jin
  • Cheng-Hua
  • New Republic City
  • Air Temple Island

Air Nation

  • Northern Air Temple

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